Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes February 28, 2012

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
February 28, 2012
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
Chris Hathaway, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, MAC
Karin Whitney, MAC
Jeff Berzinis, MAC
Bruce Komusin, Planning Board
Barbara Stainton
I. Call to Order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Phil Whitney moves to approve the January 27, 2012 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
III. Financial Warrants
Warrant # 7: 6,819.89
Warrant # 8: 4,487.25
Warrant # 9: 49,335.59 (school)
Warrant # 10: 54,396.52
Total: $ 115,039.25

Phil Whitney questions the Chalmers Enterprises invoice that is included in today’s warrants. The invoice is for the entire year’s expenses for reconfiguring the Manset floats and moorings, the initial expenses for the new 80 ft. gangway. The new 80 ft. gangway at Great Cranberry Island was also unhooked and moved to storage by Chalmers Enterprises; the yearly expense for connecting, unhooking and storage of the GCI gangway is now included in the Cranberry Isles float contract price for 2012-2014.
The auditor’s letter is presented to the Board of Selectmen. Chairman Beal will sign and return the letter after review.
IV. Appointments
The Board of Selectmen signs a letter of appointment for Sally Rowan as Alternate Planning Board Member.
VI. Other Business (taken out of order)
• Richard Beal requests that the Deputy Clerk’s printer be checked for problems and that a new printer is purchased if necessary. In 2013 the town report draft will be sent to the printing company via email, as opposed to hard copy.

V. New Business
A. Bid Selection for the Islesford Road Projects
Road bids included pricing for four options. The purpose was to get pricing alternatives for both Roads (Lower Main and part of Sandbeach Road) and try to achieve savings for the Town. The main difference in the alternatives is using new material or reclaim, with some more minor technical difference. The four bid options included:
1. Main Street only (Base bid), using reclaim material.
2. Main Street (Alt. 1) only, using new gravel base material instead of reclaim
3. Main Street and Sand Beach Road together, using reclaim material for both
4. Main Street Alt. 1 And Sandbeach Road Alt. 1 together, using new gravel base material
Four bids were received:
• John Goodwin, Jr.
Option 1: $ 72,705.00
Option 2: $ 75,467.00
Option 3: $ 124,365.00
Option 4: $ 129,882.00

• Dugas Construction
Option 1: $ 96,500.00
Option 2: $ 89,700.00
Option 3: $ 156,500.00
Option 4: $ 145,675.00

• Harold MacQuinn, Inc.
Option 1: $ 97,907.00
Option 2: $ 100,410.00
Option 3: $ 161,607.00
Option 4: $ 170,910.00

• R.F. Jordan & Sons Construction
Option 1: $ 103,092.00
Option 2: $ 121,259.00
Option 3: $ 161,789.00
Option 4: $ 197,823.00

All bids include drainage work for both roads. One bid suggests that the Town working directly with the paving company could end in a cost savings. Jeff Berzinis suggests that that if a reclaimed material option is chosen, the Town may be better off excavating the shoulders and replace with good gravel for consistency. The Town right of way extends on both sides of the roads sixteen feet from the center line. A warrant article will be presented to the voters at the annual Town meeting asking to borrow up to $175,000 for both projects. The above bids are contingent on approval of funds by the voters at the meeting. The Administrative Assistant will bring the bid specifications to the annual meeting.
Richard Beal moves to go with John Goodwin, Jr, option #4, at an estimated bid price of $129,882, and to directly purchase the asphalt after approval at Town meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris
Hathaway. Motion passes.
Phil Whitney compliments the extensive and thorough work done by Ron Axelrod, Jim Fortune and Jeff Berzinis on the roads project.
B. Bid Selection for Float Maintenance Contracts
One bid was received for the care of floats and gangways at Cranberry Isles:
• Roy Hadlock
$ 20,500 annual sum
$ 25 per hour to furnish all labor for necessary repair of floats beyond routine maintenance.
The previous three year contract was $17,500 and $25 per hour to furnish all labor for necessary repair of floats beyond routine maintenance. Setting, unhooking and storage were paid separately by the Town as the new 80’ gangway was not included in the contract then.
Setting, unhooking and storage of the 80’ gangway at Great Cranberry Island is now part of this contract.
Richard Beal moves to accept the bid from Roy Hadlock. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

One bid was received for the care of floats and gangways at the Manset Facility:
• Chalmers Enterprises, LLC
$ 7,400 annual sum
$ 50 per hour to furnish all labor for necessary repair of floats, beyond routine maintenance.
$ 215 per hour for barge hourly rate for float mooring service
$ 50 per hour for additional crewman for float mooring service, plus material costs, (additional to proposed contract fee and conditional upon agreement).
The previous three year contract was $4,100 plus labor and $50 per hour to furnish all labor for necessary repair of floats, beyond routine maintenance. Float mooring service was charged at $195 per hour. Scraping and painting of floats has been charged separately in the past.
Scraping and painting of the floats is now part of this contract.
Richard Beal moves to accept the bid from Chalmers Enterprises, LLC. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
C. Bid Selection for GCI Dock Repairs
Itemized bids are needed for the following repairs:
1) Extend three ladders to or below the water line, and make all necessary repairs to improve safety and stabilization of the ladders
2) Repair wave fences between the inner and outer dock steps and on the north side of the dock
3) Replace safety rail on the inner platform
4) Replace the metal transition plate between wood deck and concrete deck
5) Fix several cross braces underneath the dock
Two bids were received for Great Cranberry Island Dock Repairs:
• J.P. Berzinis Inc. / Southwest Boat
1) Materials & Hardware $ 222.37
9.5 hours labor @ $ 38.50 each $ 365.75
2) Materials & Hardware $ 298.50
7 hrs, 2 men @ $38.50 each $ 539.00
3) Materials & Hardware $ 195.76
5.5 hrs, 2 men @ $38.50 each $ 423.50
4) Materials, Hardware & Patching Compound$ $ 282.52
12.5 hrs labor @ $38.50 $ 481.25
5) Materials & Hardware $ 323.30
14.5 hours @ $38.50 $ 558.25
Total of estimated maintenance/repairs $ 3,690.20
All materials and hardware to be “Marine Grade”
“Sparkplug” workboat mobilization and use @ $85.00 per day,
estimated to be 5 days because of tidal work zone.
$425.00 (not included w/ above)
Hourly labor price to include small tools and equipment.
Certificate of insurance in place.
Total bid estimate: $4115.00
• East Coast Contractors, John Snider
Offered the following alternative:
1) Extend ladders: For increased safety, 6 of 7 ladders need to be replaced rather than repaired.
2) Repair wave fence: Both fences need to be replaced rather than repaired.
3) Replace safety rail.
4) Replace metal transition plate: Concrete will be used to replace metal plate.
5) Fix several cross braces underneath the dock: There are 27 cross braces underneath the dock that need to be replaced.
Materials: $ 5780.23
Transportation/Fuel: $80/day x 10 days $800.00
Disposal: N/A
Barge: 1 barge @ $270.00
Option 1: Bill out $35.00 per worker for the duration of the job.
Option 2: Bid quote: 7-8 days; 4 workers
Note: This bid is based on the replacement rather than repair of ladders, wave fences, and cross braces.
Total bid price: $15,250.23

East Coast Contractors also submitted the following bid for repairs only (as outlined on the bid invitation):
Total materials quote for repairs: $ 5125.38
Labor: 5 days x 4 workers: $ 5,600.00
Barge: $ 270.00
Transportation/Fuel: $80/day $ 400.00
Total: $ 11,395.38
Richard Beal moves to accept the JP Berzinis/Southwest Boat bid of $4115.00. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
D. Parking Fees for 2012
The proposed budget for 2012 for the Northeast Harbor parking lot lease is $38,500. Snow plowing of the lot which is paid by the Town Of Cranberry Isles is budgeted a proposed $3,800 for 2012. Anticipated revenue for NEH parking in 2012 will be $35,670 (123 spaces x $290 each). In 2011 the Town paid $37,173 for the lease and $3,800 for snow plowing. The lease amount goes up each year based on the Consumer Pricing Index. The Board of Selectmen is considering increasing parking spot prices for Northeast Harbor to help defray costs associated with the lease and plowing. In an email dated February 21, 2012, Ron Axelrod asks the Selectmen to put off any changes in parking fees till the MAC has studied the whole matter: parking costs in NEH and Manset, costs to operate, long term issues, etc. In 2011, both Manset and NEH parking spots were raised from $265 to $290 per parking spot.
Currently the BOS is working with the Town of Mount Desert to extend the parking lot lease for another ten years. This item will appear on a BOS agenda in the near future.
The Manset Facility does create revenue through parking fees, overnight parking fees, and property rental income.
Richard Beal moves that people in Northeast Harbor lot pay for spots at $310.00 and to spend the income accordingly to cover the cost of lease and plowing. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
Parking spots in Manset will stay at $290 each for 2012. The MAC will further study the Manset facility expenses, revenues, needs, etc.
Enforcement expenses were discussed at the Manset parking lot and dock. In 2011, $1,200 was budgeted for enforcement. $5,942 was spent on enforcement in 2011 at Manset. $5,000 is proposed for Manset enforcement in 2012.
E. Town Office Lease
The Administrative Assistant has received an email request, dated February 16, 2012, from Eric Valdina asking if the Selectmen would please execute a one-year lease agreement to begin on April 01, 2012 so that the Valdina Family can be assured of the Town’s continued tenancy through next fall and winter.
A warrant article at the annual Town meeting will ask the voters to authorize the municipal officers to borrow funks in the original principal amount of up to $190,000 for the purpose of developing a plan for and construction of a new town office building on Little Cranberry Island, and to further authorize the Selectmen to do any and all things necessary to award and enter into necessary design and
construction contracts on behalf of the Town; expend borrowed funds; and all other things reasonable necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Article 19.
The Selectmen agree that if this article should pass, a one year lease seems reasonable during construction.
Phil Whitney moves to accept the terms of this lease as read, $600 per month, a total of $7,200 for the next year. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
F. Cranberry Isles Commuter Boat Contracts
Warrant article 20 asks the voters to authorize the municipal officers to appropriate and expend $50,700 to continue the Cranberry Isles Commuter Ferry Service; $22,000 of which will be funded by FTA grant monies, and to authorize municipal officials to enter into a multi-year contract if financially advantageous.
Both the winter and summer ferry service contracts expire this year.
Phil Whitney will meet with Steve Pagels on March 05 to discuss the summer service, shoulder season service and service to Sutton Island. The Board of Selectmen agree that the ferry service contracts will be put out to bid,
contingent on voter approval at the annual Town meeting. The Administrative Assistant is requested by the BOS to put a newspaper ad in the Mount Desert Islander and the Ellsworth American seeking interest for the commuter ferry service, contingent on voter approval. Interested parties should contact the Town office.
Parking letters are expected to be mailed out to residents the second week of March.
G. Manset Property Boundary Encroachment
Following discussion at the January 03, 2012 BOS meeting, the Administrative Assistant was asked to follow up on the property encroachment at Manset by Judith Hyers who built a fence on TCI property. An email, dated November 18, 2012, was sent to the Town attorney asking for advice on how best to deal withthe situation so that we do not lose track of it. An email response, dated January 10, 2012, from the Town Attorney. The Town Attorney gives two options:
1) secure a written agreement with Hyers that confirms the location of the boundary and grants a REVOCABLE license to Hyers to maintain the fence on Town property and make use of the area under and between the fence and the agreed upon boundary line, OR
2) force her to remove the fence and re-locate it on her property.
Richard Beal moves that the Town Attorney translate our words to move the fence onto Ms. Hyers’ own property and to repair any damages. Chris Hathaway seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
Selectman Beal will contact the Town Attorney in reference to the property encroachment and also the GCI Firehouse warrant article.
Following a meeting on February 27, 2012 by the GCI Fire Club, it was decided that the Fire Club as a whole would rather lease the building and equipment to the Town for 50 years, instead of giving it to the Town as a gift. Mr. Beal suggests that the stipulation will be made that the Town gains the rights to fix the trucks, building, etc. as needed. Selectman Beal is willing to rewrite the version of the warrant article for suggested revision at the annual Town meeting. The Town Attorney will be consulted in reference to a proposed 50 year lease. The Deputy Clerk asks what exactly the Town would be leasing and if the equipment needs fixing, why are no funds budgeted for equipment, Zone 1, for 2012? It is reported that a reserve account is available with approximately $13,500 and also a checking account with approximately $5,000 that could be used for equipment if the Club wants to buy it. Mike Westphal, Treasurer of the Fire Club has also kept up with paperwork through the Maine Community Foundation for donations through them for the Fire Club. Katelyn Damon has also applied for some grant funds for equipment.
H. Public Safety Coordinator Job Description
Article 22 of the Town meeting warrant asks the voters to authorize the municipal officers to raise, appropriate and expend $19,500 to hire a Public Safety Coordinator for the Town Of Cranberry Isles. The new position will be responsible for organizing and maintaining volunteer fire departments and EMT volunteers on Little Cranberry Island and Great Cranberry Island. Funds not expended in 2012 will be applied to 2012; this position shall be reviewed after three years.
The MAC has developed with a job description which includes duties of the Public Safety Coordinator, which are summarized as follows:
1. Monthly meeting: prepare agenda, coordinate, and draft meeting notes
2. Write operational documents as mandated by the Bureau of Labor Compliance Directive / SOG’s (Standard Operating Guidelines and keep them up to date
3. Coordinating trainings (Yearly Mandatory’s, Monthly, etc.)
4. Maintain FD / EMS inspections and records up to date (Filing, trainin records, medical records, monthly inspections, etc.)
i. Coordinate monthly-required FD inspections and verify they are completed
ii. Track training required for keeping EMT’s licenses current.
iii. Track expiration dates of equipment kept on both ambulances
iv. Coordinate weekly-required equipment checks for two ambulances
5. Work with Town Treasurer to keep track of spending.
i. Assist Fire Chiefs to facilitate ordering equipment
ii. Order equipment for the Ambulances
6. Facilitate Public Education and community fundraisers
7. Grant writing
8. Inventory Equipment
1. Work to achieve ISO Class 9 is the target classification to be achieved
2. Keep volunteers interested through training, sessions for mutual benefit
Planning for GCI & TCI:
1. Work with and develop relationship with NEH and SWH to provide mutual aid and services
2. For GCI, develop a plan to implement in order to give GCI a viable fire department or appropriate response from LCI, SWH or other entity
3. Recruit volunteers
4. Facilitate meetings and organize a structure for the department on GCI
5. Develop response procedures for GCI that encompasses GCI, LCI and off-island agencies.
The public Safety Coordinator position is to be a part-time 25 hrs. /week, 52 weeks/year position. The MAC has recommended a starting hourly rate of $15/hr. with a yearly cost of $19,500.
Richard Beal moves to accept this current job description. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
In reference to the safety coordinator reporting to a fire commission, comprised of two residents and one MAC member, Phil Whitney would rather have the safety coordinator report directly to the Board of Selectmen.
Phil Whitney moves that the safety coordinator reports to the Board of Selectmen and to not have a fire commission at this time. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.
VI. Other Business
Outstanding taxes before 2005 are not the responsibility of the current Tax Collector, as those taxes were committed to another Tax Collector. The current Tax Collector was elected in 2005, and continues the process of collecting past due taxes. Liens placed on properties mature after 18 months, then the Town may claim the property or offer to sell it back to previous owner for taxes owed. Sometime in March thirty day notices will be sent to those property owners with outstanding taxes for 2011. The Tax Collector will research how the Town may forgive or write off legally taxes owed before 2005.
12:30 P.M. The Board of Selectmen grants a five minute recess to arrange transportation for employees at the end of the meeting.
12:35 P.M. The meeting is called back to session.
Harbor Safety study plans will be addressed following the proposed approval of funds after the annual Town meeting.

In reference to the suggested hiring of Dennis Dever as on call Harbormaster for the islands, the Harbor Committee has recommended that the island Harbormaster(s) would call Mr. Dever when needed. Richard Beal asks if the BOS recommends full law enforcement for Mr. Dever or just Harbormaster. Phil Whitney recommends that the Board should go cautiously and to just ask Mr. Dever if he is interested in on call Harbormaster when contacted by the Harbormaster(s) or Selectmen.

In reference to a possible mooring violation at Islesford, it is reported that the Islesford Harbormaster has the authority to take care of this situation. It is also reported that the owner of the mooring/float has been contacted by the Harbormaster.

No further information is available at today’s meeting on the Sutton Island path research.

Phil Whitney presents the Administrative Assistant with a copy of a 2006 MAC meeting minutes where it is stated that “SWH-Gene Thurston has told Eve Harrison that our third mooring at Manset will be there next summer. Action to be taken: Selectmen will write a letter to Gene as a Memorandum of Record so a paper trail is created.”

In reference to the last pumping of the public restroom at Great Cranberry Island, the amount of the invoice has been paid to the Town by Cranberry General Store.

In reference to ramp fees, the Administrative Assistant reports that Prock Marine understands and has agreed to pay for any future use of the TCI ramps. Acadia Fuel has paid their ramp fees for 2011.

The new float for Sutton Island has a deadline for completion of April 01, 2012.
VII. Audience Communications
Katelyn Damon reports that there will be no First Responder class offered at Great Cranberry Island this spring due to lack of enough volunteers. Ms. Damon is working on trying to purchase a polycom for Great Cranberry Island.
VIII. Adjournment: 12:46 P.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Chris Hathaway. Motion passes.

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