April 24, 2012 School Board Meeting Minutes

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Minutes from the Cranberry Isles School Board Meeting
April 27, 2012

I. Meeting called to order at 3:00 pm at Superintendent’s Conference Room at MDIHS.

In attendance: School Board members, Barbara Myers, Katelyn Damon, Kate Chaplin. Principal, Carol MacRae, Superintendent, Rob Liebow, Director of Curriculum Studies, Joanne Harriman. Community members: Phil Whitney, Bill Dowling.
Via Polycom on GCI: Ingrid Gaither
via speaker phone on Islesford: Jeri Spurling, Susan Rucozi (sp?), Lindsay Eysnogle, Melissa Amuso, Donna Isaacs

II. Voucher approved (BM moved, KD 2nd, unanimously approved)
III. Minutes approved as written. KD move, BM: 2nd. Approved unanimously: KD: when should minutes be officially posted on website? RL: Minutes can’t be official until officially adopted at the following public meeting. Could tape the meeting and post it if people want to know what’s going on. RL: How detailed do we want the minutes to be? KC: Minutes will be available to public on website after they have been approved. Will circulate the minutes as quickly as possible just to the board members for their review. They will be publicly posted.
IV. BM: Off agenda – scheduling – early morning? Evening? Regular scheduled meeting is April 24, 2:45, additional meeting date: Wednesday 16th –evening: 6:00-8:00 (Rob Liebow to bring Ben Fulves out on his boat and bring him back)
V. Action Items
a. Acceptance of Principal’s Resignation: BM Reluctantly move that we accept resignation. KD: 2nd. Unanimously approved. Public thanks and appreciation. Bill Dowling: Always a pleasure to see you on the boat, waiting to receive kids. Available anytime to hear concerns. Phil: “To cousin Carol,” will miss in official capacity. Carol: “I’ll be back. I promise.” BM: Searching for replacement. Interest expressed already within the district? RM: Maybe. Have to discuss in executive discussion. Will need to advertise quickly. Same job description time commitment. Able to keep it local (Islander/Ellsworth American). May be some internal candidates interested. JH: Will send Sharon an email to get rolling on that. CM: Will there be an opportunity for students, families, staff to have input in what they’re looking for? One of the challenges of this position, particularly in part-time, is knowing what the priorities are. Would be helpful to know what the communities priorities are. BM: Would that come from the process based on the candidate pool, or something submitted to the school board ahead of time. CM: Either way. A number of administrative tasks that have to done. Would like to see a focus on keeping the inter-connectedness among islands or with staff. Critical piece. Very labor intensive to keep TLC going. Hope that’s a priority that’s discussed. What’s the skillset required, and does it require more time. KC: Perhaps teacher, Carol, and parents submit their thoughts/priorities. Donna: structure – delineate some questions to answer. Help define and synthesize. BM: Don’t want to take time to create details. KC: Can keep it general.
b. Approval of 2012-2013 calendar. Carol: teachers would like an additional teacher day set aside to collaborate with inter-island teachers. CM: have used REAP funds to provide extra time. CM: Teachers would like something flexible to put in a “no-school” day, so they don’t have to schedule a substitute. KC: Okay to have a professional day on the same days as the AOS professional workshops? DI: We had a day in March to propose a professional day and shift student days forward one-day. A scheduled “snow day.” KC: Motion to accept calendar as presented. BM: 2nd. Discussion: Snow days for Cranberry kids? Trying to connect with technology. Students have excused absenses. Approved unanimously.
c. Approval of Gifted and Talented Mission Statement: (taken out of order). KD: Moved to adopt mission statement. BM: 2nd. No discussion. Approved.
VI. Wired/Wireless Technology – BM: Wired technology introduced to protect kids from radiation of wireless technology. Now that there is more computer use, has become an ongoing hazard with tripping. Until we are able to get the wire issue safely taken care of, we should switch to wi-fi use in the classroom. DI: Hazards are very serious, especially for someone with a head injury. Lodged a formal complaint, tried to do everything to make it safe, but still not practical. Still not safe. BM: Have to take care of the immediate hazard, but we can also work something out. Schools and research places which are hard-wired and doesn’t have to be so complicated. Ben: Instead of having wires running across the room to workstations, you have access points at various areas so that kids plug into particular areas. Ports are located in particular areas. DI: Have different ports around the classroom already. Chords are still running across the floor. Constantly checking to see what’s connected. BF: Have a jack on the floor under the table. DI: Not a good use of School Board’s time to discuss the details now. Ben maybe should come to the school to figure out. We would like to be wi-fi immediately. BD: Impressed with commitment to safety. Nobody has had any in-school accidents. We should build on that record and follow protocols to make the school safe. How often do the students use computers in the middle of the classroom? KC: If the teachers could make it safer right now, they would have. Pointless for us to try to suggest other methods. BM: More research on environmental dangers. Can do something more thorough and should. Try to resolve over the summer. Can you limit the amount of time wireless technology in use? JS: Do young children use the computers as much? DI: No – use offline, occasionally online. 2nd graders will be starting a book group that will be online. Not to the extent as the olders. However DI uses internet through teaching. BF: Short-term issue and Long-Term issue. Suggestion for long-term plan. Has to do with the infrastructure of the building. BM: Really have only one short-term solution. Consider addressing a long-term solution. KC: Long-term get someone in there to create a plan that will make a flexible, fluid situation. BD: The hazard of wireless technology is as real and present as that of the wires. BM: Move to allow the teachers to use the wireless mode of communication within the school, and seek opportunities when they can to stay wired. KC:2nd Approved unanimously. Carol: want to make sure there’s a long range plan here to address this issue this summer. BF: There are people who can design a solution. As a part of the design process, need to talk with the teachers to design a system that will meet their needs. Budget considerations and technical considerations. Several steps. School Board should make a formal motion to begin that process. BM: Do you feel you could be that person, or is there someone else? BF: Someone with more technical expertise should probably be brought in. JS: Do you have any connections? BM: I could get in touch with some contacts at universities. BD: Marty at Arnold’s TV. KD: Iann Krasnow worked as a networker. BF: I’ve had a couple of people I’ve worked with in past.


VIII. Executive Session? RL: Can be postponed until May and use that time to discuss potential options for replacement.

IX. PW: No plans to open the school on Longfellow School by the fall? IG: Can we put that on the agenda for 24th meeting? As a parent and community member, I would support the opening of the school, even if my child is the only kid in the school.

X. Principal’s Report in writing. 14th-18th. DI: Looking into a couple of local fieldtrips for youngers and kinders.

XI. Telecommunication needs – GCI connected. Need to do the bridge.

XII. Future agenda items? BM Moved to adjourn at 4:40. KC: 2nd. Unanimous.