April 27, 2012

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Friday, April 27, 2012

Ron Axelrod, Chairman, Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Cory Duggan, Jim Amuso, Selectmen Phil Whitney, Denise McCormick, Town Clerk, Malcolm Donald and Karen Whitney by teleconference

Call To Order: 8:30 A.M.

1. Reviewed Agenda and Officer Elections

Elect Officers: Motion by Malcolm Donald to elect Ron Axelrod as Chairman, second by Katelyn Damon. Unanimous vote to elect Ron Axelrod as MAC Chairman.

Motion by Ron Axelrod to elect Jim Fortune as recording secretary, second by Katelyn Damon. Unanimous vote to elect Jim Fortune as recording secretary.

Ron Axelrod distributed the Municipal Advisory Committee Charter and welcomed new members.

2. MAC 2012 Agenda
Discussion focused on the agenda for the year and included the following topics:

A. Capital Investment Plan:
Discussion focused on having the MAC use the Capital Investment Plan from the Town’s Comprehensive Plan (pages 130-131 of Comp Plan –on town website) as a basis with the following items to be considered:
• What will be the best approach?
• Separate capital improvement plan for the Town and one for Manset, or combine them?
• Capital improvement items proposed:
- Town Office
- Roads
- LCI dock extension
- Manset drive-on dock
- Fire truck (tanker truck) for GCI
- Schools (does MAC need to be involved in this? The consensus is that the MAC does not need to be directly involved, just kept informed by Katelyn Damon (also on School Committee) and Jim Fortune.
Relative to the Capital Investment Plan update, Malcolm Donald, Cory Duggan, and Jim Amuso were tasked with the following:
1. Developing the criteria for the plan and updating for a five-year horizon or costs and priorities.
2. Manset Property: Malcolm, Jeff, and Ron would be responsible for this section of the investment plan and some preliminary assignments were determined:
a. Update cost analysis for Manset/income vs. overhead costs (Jim Fortune)
b. Provide a copy of property boundary survey to MAC (Jim Fortune)
c. Hire an appraiser to determine the market value of the Manset property
(see if Selectmen will use contingency funds to have the appraisal
one this year)
d. Get an estimate to have the appraisal done (Malcolm Donald)
e. Long-term plan for Manset property

B. Commuter Boat Service:
At March Town meeting, voters authorized continuing the Commuter Service and “to authorize municipal officers to enter into a multi-year contract if financially advantageous.” The BOS asked the MAC to study the options, solicit town input, and make recommendations to them for their July, 2012 meeting.

Two Ferry Service Agreements drafts were presented at the meeting. One contract is for separate operators for the summer season and winter season, and the other a single operator for the entire year (operating the service for both winter and summer).

Items to consider in the MAC review:

1. Extend the current commuter boat contracts for one-year while the MAC explores the possibility of having a single contract for one ferry operator to operate all the ferry services for the Town.
2. The Selectmen want to put them out to bid this summer and start the new contracts in October rather than extend the currant contracts for another year.
3. Consider adding a stop at the Manset dock in Southwest Harbor during the summer. This might encourage more ridership if there is a scheduled stop in Manset.
4. Two year contract; allow bids for separate winter and summer, and for a single operator.
5. Ask the Selectmen to extend Karl Brunner’s contract to October 14th to finish this years summer season.

The proposed schedule for the MAC:
Hold a community forum July 3rd in order to get feedback from Town residents about the ferry service. Ask the Selectmen to postpone their July meeting to the 10th.
Finalize the proposed contracts/bid documents and send to Selectmen for the July 10th meeting. Have bids back in time for the September 4th Selectmen’s meeting.

Manset Year-Round Dock:
The Selectmen would like to see continuation this year on research on the feasibility of developing a vehicle year-round and/or vehicle accessible dock. $4,000 remains unspent last year to study this. Someone from the Harbor Committee should also be involved in this. This should be done as part of the Manset evaluation and the overall long range planning. (Ron, Jim and Phil will for a subcommittee for the MAC to work with a subcommittee of the Harbor Committee). Ron will follow-up with Ed Gray, Chair of the Harbor Committee.

3. Other Business

There was a discussion of the proposal from Dennis Dever to the Board of Selectmen regarding a potential position of Deputy Harbor Master. The Selectmen are going to review this at the next Selectmen’s meeting. A consensus of the MAC is that this type of position isn’t necessary and runs counter to tradition for the Town.

The following dates were tentatively set for MAC meetings and forums:
• May 25th at 8:45 am on GCI
• June 29th at 8:30 am on LCI
• July 3rd at 9:00 pm on GCI and 1:00 pm on Islesford (Community Forums), MAC meeting to follow the Islesford community forum.
• August 3rd at 8:30 am on GCI
• September 28th at 8:45 am on LCI
• October 26th at 8:30 am on GCI (Budget Workshop)
• November (Date TBD) (Budget Workshop)
• December (Date TBD)

Audience Communications:

Adjournment: (11:00 AM.)