June 20th, 2012 School Board Meeting Minutes

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Minutes from the Cranberry Isles School Board Meeting
June 20, 2012
Secretary’s note: conversation is recorded as accurately as possible to represent the
essence of comments as opposed to verbatim comments. This conversation was
recorded and is available to anyone wants to listen.
I. Meeting called to order at 2:30 at the Longfellow School on Great Cranberry
Island. In attendance: School Board members, Barbara Meyers BM, Katelyn
Damon KD, Kate Chaplin KC, Principal Carol MacRae CM, Soon-to-be-
Principal Heather Webster HW, Assistant Superintendent Joanne Harriman
JH. Community members: Ben Fulves BF, Phil Whitney PW, Ingrid Gaither
IG, Richard Beal RB, Barbara Stainton BS, Malcolm Donald MD,Patricia
Bailey, PB. Via skype at 3:00: Rob Liebow RL . Via Speaker phone from
Ashley Bryan School:
II. Approval of Voucher
III. Approval of minutes from 16 May, 2012 and 24, May, 2012 (as amended).
BM moved, KD 2nd, approved unanimously
IV. Discussion and Possible Action Items (taken out of order):
a. Proposal by Ingrid Gaither to have specials on Great Cranberry
Island. BM spoke with teachers about it. Both felt open to the
discussion. LE felt that if there were a special reason that would
make this space preferable, the teachers would be open to that kind
of arrangement. CM: tremendous dilemma to balance what is best
for children and for community. Concerned about the amount of
time involved, expense, logistics. Added expense to duplicate
supplies. How would the community benefit from having classes
here? Would we be anticipating that families would come and be a
part of the classes. KC: Defer to teachers. Time constraints, materials
in a separate location. If benefits outweigh costs, would be all for it.
Art projects are integrated with the subject. JH: Time is the biggest
hurdle. What would the purpose be? to bolster the community. BM:
was done at one time to bolster the population on Islesford.
Proposed schedule of four and a half days. Would have to get into a
lot of “brass tacks” details. BS: is this just a proposal? Have you
given up the idea of opening this building in this school? BM: Have
to maintain and update the school itself. We’ve pretty much come to
an agreement about the importance to keep the children together.
From an educational and social standpoint, there are strong reasons
to keep them together. IG: two half days would get back some time.
Saw some practical benefits. JH: are some ways to approach this.
BS: Can be difficult to integrate. Have we considered alternating
years at buildings? BM possibility in future, but this an immediate
compromise. KD: Ingrid has me sold. PB: Heliker Lahotan
Foundation wants to play an integral part. Want to salute school
system for integrating art and music into its curriculum. Studio in
School. We are a resource that community can consider. Lahotan a
dedicated teacher all his life. Structure some residencies. KC create
policy, not micro-manage. See that principal and teachers make it
happen. BM: Give them some more direction in terms of a workshop
meeting fairly soon. KC: Time situation. CM: Need to consult the
specialists. BM: Can ask teachers if they feel they could benefit from
this. BM: Do we feel the need to take any more action on this?
V. Discussion Items:
a. Buildings Operations - BF If you decide to have part-time classes in
the Longfellow building, that will change the use of the building from
its current use, and you will need to be clear on that. KD: The
proposal of half-classes here would be contingent on other buildings
which are already approved for assembly use. BF: Just need to be
mindful of the change in use. School Board should make sure that
whatever building classes are in, that the building is approved for
use. BM: asked RB to contact town attorney about use of school –
the fire marshall represents the state as it pertains to the building
codes. There have been multiple changes of use. COE must also
adhere to the codes of the state for the school. Whatever monies the
town raises, 20% must be devoted to ADA requirements. Get it
done, don’t string it out. Town seems to agree.
b. BF: Concrete decisions we need to make. RL: Voting for the school
to remain open, would only have worked if we had closed the doors
and left it. The fact that we’ve had other entities here has impacted
its use and qualifies as a change of use. Makes it more difficult to reopen
as a school. Fire Marshall has last word. BF: Potential use
affects the requirements. Larger rooms have more requirements
because greater danger potentials. Discussion followed on the
permit process – Fire Marshall will give conditional permit. They
permit the whole building. The list of projects has grown. Need for
ADA compliance. Discussion about the fire rating of the walls and
ceilings. All the problems go away if you sprinkle the building.
Getting a price on sprinkling both buildings at Maine Fire Protection
Services. Renovating front of building may need to be required in
order to incorporate both needs. Enclose Kiln. Build stairs with a
hinged portion to remove lower section in order to access septic
VI. Action Item:
a. Sign, celebration – okay to let the subcommittee take care of details
VII. Other business: none
VIII. Future agenda/meeting times: TBD
IX. Meeting adjourned 4:58 pm