August 3, 2012

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Tuesday, August 3, 2012

Attendance: Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Ron Axelrod, Cory Duggan, Jim Amuso, Malcolm Donald and Selectmen Phil Whitney (by teleconference)

Public Attendance: Skip Stevens

Call To Order: 9:10 A.M.

Reviewed Meeting Agenda
Convened, reviewed agenda

Added discussions about the following:
1. Islesford drainage ditches, to address concerns raised by some residents about the safety of the new drainage ditches on Islesford
2. Develop scope of work for evaluating the feasibility of developing a year-round/drive-on dock at Manset

Meeting Minutes: Reviewed the Minutes of the May 31, June 29 and July 3, 2012
From the May 31st meeting Minutes, the Commission clarified that the Selectmen have given the MAC direction on the scope of work to investigate the feasibility of developing a year-round and/or drive-on dock in Manset.

Motion by Cory Duggam to accept the Minutes of the May 31, June 29, and July 3, 2012 MAC meetings. Second by Malcolm Donald. Voted 3-0 to accept the Minutes as written.

Great Cranberry Island 2012/2013 Plowing Contract
The MAC recommends that the GCI plowing contract price be based on an hourly rate. The rate would be based on a combination of labor and equipment rental. The contract for the 2011-2012 season was based on a lump sum price of $14,200. The previous three-year contracts were based on a lump sum for equipment rental plus an hourly rate for time spent plowing (labor).

For the 2011-2012 season though there was considerably less plowing due to a very mild winter and very little snowfall. This new proposed contract as recommended by the MAC (for the 2012-2013 season) will be the first that would be based entirely on an hourly rate. The Islesford plowing is paid on an hourly basis at $22.00 per hour, plus the Town pays for workers comp. insurance and FICA. The Islesford plow driver is a seasonal Town employee, and the Town owns and maintains the equipment.

The Town could save money in most years by going to an hourly rate for labor and equipment rental vs. a lump sum. This past season, the Town paid only a few hundred dollars for plowing on LCI vs. $14,200 for GCI.

Manset Property Appraisal
Ron circulated a draft Request For Proposals (RFP) for the Manset appraisal. Malcolm has found three potential appraisers qualified to do the work. When the RFP is approved by the Selectmen, it will be sent to the three appraisers. Proposals will be due August 28 so Selectmen can review them at the September 4th Selectmen’s meeting. The Selectmen’s August meeting is scheduled for the 13th. Malcolm will check to see if that is enough time for each of the appraisers to respond to the R.F.P. by August 28th.

Manset Yacht Services Property
The Selectmen have asked Dennis Dever, TCI Manset Dock Master, to take a look at the MYS dock facility and the property, and a copy of the Selectmen’s letter was distributed. The property is currently on the market. Jim and Ron met with Dennis Dever and discussed what the Town would like him to do. A letter of agreement that outlines the scope of work was sent to Dennis and he has agreed to the terms and scope of work. He will review the dock and floats and provide a report on the condition of the structures and the potential for a year-round drive-on dock at Manset. Jim will provide information on potential uses for the buildings and potential land’s for parking.

Although the Town does not necessarily intend to purchase the property, and it would need to go to a Town meeting vote before it could happen, the Selectmen felt that it would certainly be good to take a look at the facility. This would potentially be a way for the Town to explore its options in Manset.

A copy of the letter to Dennis Dever is attached with the Minutes of the meeting.

Manset Maintenance
Several years ago the Town was going to set some money aside each year for a reserve fund for Manset maintenance. There is a reserve fund that was donated to the Town (about $150,000-200,000) that was dedicated for maintenance and upkeep. How much of this money is left?

Some of the money was used in 2010 and 2011 for maintenance. About $43,000 was used in 2012 to cover interest on one of the bonds for the property.

The roof of the warehouse and the boat shop are in dire need of replacement. Jim will find out if the $12,000 that was approved for staining the siding of the warehouse and boat shop can be used for the roofing job instead. The roofing is a more critical need right now. Jim will get estimates for both metal and asphalt singles as well as see if there are available funds in the reserve to do the roofing and what restrictions there are, if any.

Other Business
Islesford Drainage Ditches: The Town received a petition and comments from approximately fifteen concerned citizens regarding the safety of the new ditches on Islesford. The greatest concern is for golf carts and bicyclists. The letter asks the Selectmen to consider altering the way the drainage has been installed to make them safer. The perception is that the ditches are too deep and pose a safety hazard for motorized vehicles and bicyclists. The ditches were part of the road reconstruction of lower Main Street and a section of Sand Beach Road.

Jim and Ron explained the reason for the specific design of the ditches. The July 3, 2012 final inspection letter from CES Engineers, the roadway engineer, explains why the drainage ditches were left open, some with rip-rap.

Four solutions were suggested that may improve road safety relative to the ditches:

1. Install a 6” PVC pipe and filter fabric and cover with gravel. This would maintain the drainage flow as designed and reduce the depth of the ditches, although it would add to maintenance costs for the Town
2. Paint a bright reflective line to mark the edge of the road. This would provide a clear definition to the road edge that would also be visible at night.
3. Install a 3’ high (pressure treated) guard rail along the road edge to prevent vehicles from entering the ditches. This could be done just along the rip-rap ditch next to the Acadia NP property, or possibly or all of the new ditches from Palmer’s to the National Park Service property.
4. Install granite blocks or stones on the gravel road edge to provide a barrier to the ditches, as an alternative to the guardrails.

After discussion and evaluating the options, the MAC recommends that the Town paint bright reflective lines on both the sections of Main Street and Sand Beach road to mark the road edge.

Motion by Cory Duggan to make the recommendation to the Selectmen and seconded by Jim Amuso; Passed by unanimous vote.

Manset Dock: The MAC at the direction of the Selectmen will develop a work plan and outline the scope of work needed to evaluate the feasibility of developing a year-round and/or drive-on dock in Manset. The NEH lease expires December 31, 2013 and will be renewed for 10 more years. The Town needs to explore options and layout plans that it can act upon by 2023 in case parking becomes unavailable in NEH after 2023.

The MAC will update the plans done by Kleinsmidt in 2005. In conjunction with this, the Town needs to do an analysis of how additional parking can be created in Manset to accommodate the Town needs if it is required in the future.

1. Evaluate the feasibility of building a new year-round drive-on dock (Kleinshmidt).
2. Explore the possibility cooperating with SWH on using its Manset town dock, which is a drive-on dock, but has limited use in winter.
3. Investigate the possibility of purchasing the MYS property adjacent to the TCI Manset dock as a potential alternative to building a new dock.
4. Evaluate the value of the existing TCI Manset facilities. An appraisal is expected to be underway this month (August 2012).
5. Develop a long-term plan for the Manset property:
a. Plan for additional parking
b. Maintenance plan
c. Year-round drive-on dock facility
d. Ferry service

Audience Communications
Skip Stevens provided comments relative to the drainage ditches and the concern for public safety.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 11:05 A.M.