09/05/12 School Committee Workshop

School Committee Workshop
5 September 2012

The meeting was held at the Longfellow school and began at 3:15 pm.
Present: Katelyn Damon, Barbara Myers, Jeri Spurling, Ben Fulves, Richard Beal, Phil Whitney,
Barbara Staiton, Ed Gray, Ingrid Gaither
Jeri Spurling had three floor plans for review by those present.
There were two bathrooms in every option presented.
Option 1: There is a bathroom upstairs and down. It is pointed out that the elevator location in
option 1 takes up considerable floor space in the gym.
Option 2: The elevator is placed directly behind the stairs which takes away less space from the
gym. There is no bathroom in the upstairs. There is a porch covering outside that covers all of the
ramp and stairs.
Option 3: There is an addition on option 3, that adds space to the back of the building stair and
elevator placement are the same as option 2.
The general consensus after the meeting was that Option 2 was the best if key safety features
could be addressed, such as a separate entrance for students so that children and library guests
were not using the same entrance.
Barbara Myers also stated that she would like to see a drawing that housed the elevator in an
addition to the building so that space was not taken away from the gym.
Ed Gray brought up some concerns about School Board policy and how the board would know
when to open the school. "Where are the students going to come from?" Ed was concerned with
the cost of this project and wondered why the building was being renovated solely as a school
building and not as a community building, or why it wasn't shut down completely. He did not
want to see the building fall into disrepair, but also did not necessarily see the need to do an
extensive renovation without a visible school population.
He also stated that he has not been able to view minutes online since June. Both Barbara and I
were unaware of that issue and said that we would look into and try to remedy why minutes had
not been posted on cranberryisles-me.gov since June.
The workshop adjourned at 4:35pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Katelyn Damon