October 10, 2012

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Attendance: Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Cory Duggan, Katelyn Damon, Denise McCormick, Town Treasurer; and Malcolm Donald, Ron Axelrod, Karin Whitney (by teleconference)

Public Attendance: Selectmen Phil Whitney

Call To Order: 8:30 A.M.

Reviewed Meeting Agenda
Convened the meeting and reviewed the agenda

Meeting Minutes: Reviewed the Minutes of the August 3, 2012 meeting.

Motion by Cory Duggan to accept the Minutes of the August 3, 2012 MAC meeting as written. Second by Malcolm Donald. Voted unanimously to accept the Minutes as written.

Budget Workshop - 2013 Town Budget
Discussion about budget steps:
1. Approach and Process
2. Assignments
3. Schedule
4. Major areas of focus

Department 51 -Gen. Government/Administration Denise McCormick & Ron Axelrod
Department 52-Public Safety/Fire/EMS Katelyn Damon & Malcolm Donald
Department 53-Helath/Sanitatil/Solid Waste Jim Fortune & Jim Amuso
Department 54-Public Transportation/Roads Ron Axelrod & Jeff Berzinis
Department 55-Education/Schools Cory Duggan & School Committee
Department 56-Donations Karin Whitney & Cory Duggan
Department 57-Debt Service Denise McCormick
Department 58-Municipal Facilities Jim Fortune, Ron Axelrod,
Katelyn Damon, & Malcolm Donald

Each group will review the current year’s budget, expenses and upcoming expenses for 2013 for the respective departments/accounts, and draft a preliminary budget for the MAC to review. The budget worksheets and year-to-date expense report were distributed prior to the MAC meeting.

The preliminary budget will be completed at a November 19 meeting of the MAC. After the November 19 meeting, each group will revise its budget based on discussions with the MAC as a whole, and further refine the numbers. The MAC will meet December 12th to finalize a proposed budget that will be forwarded to the Selectmen for their January Selectmen’s meeting. It was assumed that the January Selectmen’s meeting will be on the 8th.

Manset Property Appraisal
Jim Fortune gave an overview of the process in finding a qualified appraiser for the Manset property. Ron Axelrod discussed the scope of work described in the Request For Proposals (RFP) that was sent to three local appraisers in August. The Town did not receive any responses from the three appraisers. Ron Axelrod and Jim Fortune have contacted the three appraisers to discuss the specifics of the work the Town wants to have done and to see if they would still be interested. After speaking with the appraisers, two declined to provide us with a proposal, while one submitted a proposal and a resume. The proposal was received from Ted Webersinn of Webersinn Appraisal Company. Mr Webersinn’s proposal is for $11,700 to complete the Manset appraisal based on the RFP sent out by the Town. The proposal is more than the MAC had anticipated. Ron Axelrod spoke with Mr. Webersinn to discuss his proposal and scope of work. In an email sent by Mr. Webersinn, he offered recommendations on an approach and methodology that would reduce the cost by 30% and accomplish what we are trying to do. The revised cost for Mr. Webersinn’s appraisal would be $8,050. After some discussion, the MAC agreed to proceed based on Mr. Webersinn’s recommendations.

Motion by Cory Duggan, to recommend the Selectmen hire Ted Webersinn (Webersinn Appraisal Company) for the Manset appraisal, based on the approach recommended in Mr. Webersinn’s proposal and his follow-up email. The cost to the Town would be $8,050, to be paid for with Manset reserve funds.

Second by Katelyn Damon. MAC Voted unanimously to recommend the Town hire Ted Webersinn to do the Manset appraisal.

Manset Yacht Services Property
Dennis Dever submitted his report on the Manset Yacht Services (MYS) property. Dennis’ report was very thorough and gives the Town a very good synopsis of the general condition and repair of the MYS property and how it might fit in to the Town’s future plans for a drive-on dock in Manset. Dennis’ report primarily detailed the condition of the dock and floats, and what would be involved in redeveloping the dock as a drive-on dock. The primary focus was on the dock itself, but the report also provided an overview of the rest of the property and potential uses. The Selectmen referred the report to the MAC and asked for a recommendation on how the Town might proceed with this before bringing anything to Town voters.

Although the Town does not necessarily intend to purchase the property, and it would need to go to a Town meeting vote before it could happen, the Selectmen want to take a look at the facility as part of exploring the Town’s options in Manset.
Three potential options:
1. redevelop the existing TCI Manset dock for use as a drive-on dock and potentially year-round use. The Town has already worked with Kleinshmidt on 3 different concepts for redeveloping the Towns Manset dock for drive-on use.
2. purchase and redevelop the MYS dock and redevelop it for drive-on and potential year-round use.
3. partner with Southwest Harbor on using that Town’s Manset dock. This is an existing drive-on dock mostly used by fisherman and loading freight, but it is not currently used much during the winter months for the same reasons that other docks in Manset are not used in wither.

The MAC would like to take the time to study this in a more in-depth way and consider all the options the Town might have. The MAC could set up a subcommittee to review these options.

Motion by Cory Duggan to form a subcommittee consisting of Ron Axelrod, Malcolm Donald, Jeff Berzinis for the MAC and Jim Fortune for Town staff to do an in-depth review for the Selectmen.

Second by Malcolm Donald. MAC voted unanimously to form the subcommittee and report back to the Selectmen.

The subcommittee will meet Friday, October 19th and have a report ready for the November 1st Selectmen’s meeting.

Other Business

Audience Communications

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 10:00 A.M.