Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes June 05, 2007

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
June 05, 2007
Islesford Neighborhood House

Dan Lief, Chairman, BOS
Aaron Gray, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Bill McGuinness, Island Institute
Nan Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Eric Dyer
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Eve Harrison, MAC
Jason Pickering, MAC
Cynthia Lief
Skip Stevens
Bruce Komusin
Phil Whitney
Karin Whitney
Richard Beal
Sally Rowan
I. Call to order: 9:45 A.M. by Chairman Dan Lief.
II. Review / Approval 05/02/07 Minutes
Aaron Gray moves to accept the Meeting Minutes for the 05/02/07 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting as written. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant #23: $ 4432.50
Warrant #24: $ 4610.89
Warrant #25: $ 30621.12
Warrant #26: $131159.42
Warrant #27: $ 12000.00
Total: $182823.93

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. Communications
A. Letter from Department of Education
Commissioner of Education Susan Gendron has sent the Board of Selectmen a thank you response letter for forwarding a copy of “A Position in Support of Our Schools”. The school consolidation plan is still being decided by our legislature at this time. The Cranberry Isles School Board and all of Union 98 are following the process closely and will continue to work for the best interest of our schools in Maine.
V. Old Business
A. Deterioration of TCI Dock, communication from Steve Ruell
Steve Ruell of Kleinschmidt Associates has been contacted in reference to the deterioration of the dock extension at Great Cranberry Island Town Dock. The recommendation is to replace the deck panels that have corroded. The deterioration was noticed in 2003 by Kleinschmidt during requested engineering inspection, and according to Mr. Ruell it appears that the visible deterioration is progressing at a rapid rate.
A sign was placed at the GCI Dock directing users to not drive onto the dock extension. It is reported that the extension is still being driven on. The sign will be updated with the word DANGER or CAUTION until the repairs can be taken care of.
Selectman Lief discusses the priorities of the situation:
1) Is it safe?
2) Estimate to fix
3) Responsibility
Dan Lief will meet with the Eric Dyer this week to discuss the dock deterioration and the steps to take further. The town office employees will try to find the specs for the original building of the dock extension.
B. PUC Letter
Selectman Lief wrote a letter to the Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.)in reference to the problems with electrical service at Cranberry Isles. Bangor Hydro’s Scott Richards has been in contact with the town office and a planned power outage occurred on May 22, 07, when some repair work to our cable was performed. Richard Beal of GCI has also been working closely with the Selectmen and Bangor Hydro. The long term fix would be the replacement of the existing cable from GCI to Islesford. Bangor Hydro must respond to the letter to the P.U.C. from our Selectmen. There also appears to be a need for some tree cutting and maintenance work along our electrical lines on both GCI and Islesford. Eric Dyer will contact Bangor Hydro about tree maintenance for the islands.
C. SHIP Grant project bid process update
No bids have been received from local contractors for construction and installation of finger floats and a gangway. The gangway intended for GCI is considered a priority. Eric Dyer will follow through with ordering the gangway.
VI. New Business
A. 2007 Tax commitment letter

Per annual Town Meeting, March 12, 2007 and Special Town Meeting, May 9, 2007, these funds are to be raised from Real Estate Taxes for the 2007 Calendar Year:
Town Operations Budget: $979,861.00
Hancock County Tax: 82, 000.00
School Budget: 394, 413.00
Less Appropriations from
Grants and General Fund: 363,663.00
IN TAXES: $1,093,611.00

The Board of Selectmen signs the 2007 Tax Commitment Letter.
B. ME/DOT Registration refund allotment-signatures
Maine Department of Transportation Registration Refund Allotments, otherwise known as Island Towns Refund, for fiscal year 2006 is $4,346.25 for Town of Cranberry Isles. Funds received will be expended for maintenance and improvements of public highways.
Dan Lief moves to sign the certification in order to receive the MDOT allotment. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.
C. Department of Conservation notice, submerged lands application for Fisherman’s Co-op
The Town of Cranberry Isles has received a submerged lands application for Cranberry Isles Fisherman’s Co-op regarding their wharf, ramps and floats on publicly-owned submerged lands below mean low water in Hadlock Cove, Cranberry Isles., and (Islesford). A 30-day public comment period for this application has been established by posting the notice which ends on June 06, 2007. Copies can also be obtained at the town office.
D. Review / Signing Facilities Supervisor contract
Eric Dyer is appointed on an interim basis as Facilities Supervisor. Mr. Dyer has been involved as Island Institute Fellow in many town projects. His experience and education fit in nicely with the position. Mr. Dyer has given notice to the Island Institute. The Island Institute Fellow is an important factor from the town government perspective.
It is expected that in January or February of 2008, the Selectmen will begin the search for a permanent candidate for the Facilities Supervisor position who can be trained during the spring season when business is slower.
Dan Lief moves to appoint Eric Dyer as Facilities Supervisor for the town on an interim basis for one year at $20.00 per hour, with a cap at $36,000.00 per year. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.
E. Review Special Town Meeting and RedZone contract
A contract for high speed internet service with RedZone is reviewed at this meeting, There is no need to borrow money from the Island Institute for the start up costs, as RedZone has signed a contract with the Town of Mount Desert, and the gateway will come from Northeast Harbor. A resident from Islesford has authorized the node on his property for Islesford. Cost for the contract is estimated at twelve thousand dollars ($12,000.00). Ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) has been authorized by Cranberry Isles voters at the Special Town Meeting on May 09, 2007. Selectmen intend to spend the additional two thousand dollars ($2000.00) needed from the Selectmen’s Contingency Fund.
Estimated costs for users are $100.00 start up fee, with $40.00 per month for the service. For part time residents, there is a $100.00 start up fee, and $20.00 per month year round, with an additional $20.00 per month for months of use.
Aaron Gray moves to sign the RedZone contract. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.
VII. Appointments
A. Constable GCI
Dan Lief moves to appoint Richard Beal as constable for Cranberry Isles. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.
B. Road Commissioner
Dan Lief moves to appoint Richard Beal as Road Commissioner for Cranberry Isles. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.
C. Shellfish Warden
Dan Lief moves to appoint Deb Wedge as Shellfish Warden for Great Cranberry Island.
It is brought to the Board’s attention that the position of shellfish warden requires a valid driver’s license. The Selectmen will follow up on this through the town office. This appointment is tabled at this time.
Dan Lief moves to appoint Cory Alley as Shellfish Warden for Islesford. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.
D. Animal Control Officer
Dan Lief moves to appoint Deb Wedge as Animal Control Officer.
It is brought to the Board’s attention that the position of animal control officer requires a valid driver’s license. The Selectmen will also follow up on this appointment and the appointment is tabled at this time.
VIII. Other Business
· There are several junk vehicles prepared for barging off Great Cranberry and Islesford. Residents are reminded to call the Facilities Supervisor to let the town know if you have junk vehicles going off. Residents are also reminded that it is important to report any exempt vehicles, as the responsibility for the vehicle ends for the owner when the vehicle is removed. A usage plan has been adopted for the GCI Gravel Pit Property. Items left on town property must have prior permission from the Board of Selectmen.
· The Municipal Officers of the Town of Cranberry Isles have received a citizen’s petition requesting that a local option liquor referendum question be submitted to the voters. The petition has been certified as legal by the Town Clerk and was signed by twenty-five registered voters. The proposed warrant article reads as follows:
“Shall the municipality of Cranberry Isles authorize the State to permit the operation of state liquor stores and agency liquor stores on days other than Sunday?”
If voters were to pass the article, it would then be legal for island stores to apply for a license to sell hard liquor.
· The Selectmen ask for details regarding the process of the Fire Warden appointment. The Town Clerk explains that the Fire Warden is appointed by the State upon recommendation from the Selectmen.
· The Town is now waiting for a reply on the application to the Department of Environmental Protection for the Islesford Transfer Station.
· The fence at the Great Cranberry Transfer Station has been repaired.
· Selectman Gray suggests that tie up limits on time and boat size at town floats be strictly enforced in anticipation of a busy summer season. At the annual town meeting in March 2007, voters accepted a new harbor ordinance with many regulations that harbor users need to be aware of. Mailings for people who have TCI boat registrations are planned to go out in the near future, as well as postings at the docks, per request of the Harbor Committee. Copies of the Harbor Ordinance can be obtained from the town office.
· The permitting process for the shoreline restoration at the Manset Property is underway.
· The town moorings have been rigged for the summer season.
IX. Audience Communications
· Richard Beal reports that the stairways at the GCI Dock are in need of bleaching and minor maintenance. The Facilities Supervisor will follow up on this report.
· Richard Beal suggests that the town office building on Islesford is in need of a coat of exterior paint and some new steps. The Town Office will check the lease and consider this suggestion further.
· A question is fielded from the audience in reference to any plans that may be coming for budgeting for a new town facility. Selectman Lief reports that there may be a special town meeting in August dealing with town property usage as Islesford is expecting a new fire truck soon.
· The Municipal Advisory Commission is scheduled for a planning meeting on June 16, 2007.
· It is reported that the float ropes and gangway at the Manset Facility Dock are in need of immediate attention. The Facilities Supervisor will contact the contractor immediately.
· The plate at the head of the Islesford Dock is also in need of repair. The Facilities Supervisor will speak with contractor immediately.
X. Executive Session
None Requested.
XI. Adjournment: 10:50 A.M.
Dan Lief moves to adjourn the meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Selectmen’s Meeting is planned for July 03, 2007 at Great Cranberry Island.
Please note: The public is encouraged to attend.

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