School Board Meeting 04/04/13

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School Board Meeting Minutes

I. Meeting called to order at 4:20 pm, Ashley Bryan School, Islesford. Present at the meeting: School Board Members: Barbara Meyers, Katelyn Damon (with an ex utero Elliott!), Kate Chaplin, Superintendent Howard Colter, Principal Heather Webster. Community members: Phil Whitney, Ingrid Gaither, and Katy Fernald, Luke Abell, Steve Palmer (with Johnny), Jim Fortune, Evelyn Boxley, Jasmine Samuel. Teacher: Lauren Simmons.
II. Approval of Voucher – already approved last week.
III. Minutes for 3/1/13 approved. KD moved, KC 2nd.
IV. Reports and updates
a. Principals Report
i. Upcoming events – professional day in Trenton on curriculum, and other topics selected. Lauren attending.
ii. Arts Week at MDES, April break 15th-19th
iii. Facilities: Brian Booher to audit use of technology. Lindsay stepped in to discuss different uses of technology. He’ll be conducting some research to give a study on how to improve and make recommendations. Didn’t visit GCI, but spoke at length with Heather about what makes sense with GCI. Do we do used or new technology? Tanberg or Polycom? Will make recommendations to AOS Board. Smart Board in basement will be installed over April break.
iv. Lindsay will be returning April 22, 2013
v. Wanda Fernald possibly connected as school nurse for future use.
b. Crisis Plan Update – phone tag with Richard Howland. Discussed some fire drills and fire safety. Dick Bishop (Hancock County sheriff) also in conversation to answer questions and discuss safety concerns (interior doors can’t lock), visitor notification. Have a trial, see how crazy it is to have bells, maybe get some alternative suggestions from sheriff. Suggested we had “Skunk” drill – not scary for kids. “Go Bag” necessities in progress.
V. Discussion Items
a. Transportation Policy Update/Room and Board Policy discussion
i. Clipboard is working well, but so far doing well. Useful for who’s charging passage and how to budget. Ted is great and staying consistent and keeping on top of it.
ii. Transportation guidelines. Addresses kindergarten and transitions for new students among other things. Hopefully can approve and send it out in time for next year’s school year. Document is “living” at this point – open for feedback.
iii. Room and Board Policy: Terry at Central Office – time consuming and very cumbersome to investigate every charge. Proposing to pay every week. $125 per week for full-time students (4 or more days a week). Part-time students still figured on a daily basis. What are the reasons we are allowing students to board off –island. Why aren’t students using the commuter boat more? Explanation of spread sheet: weekly. Do we run the risk of double dipping in commuting. HW to check with host families to see if there’s a preference nightly vs weekly.
b. GCI Students and snow days – discussion deferred
c. Options for Policy Adoption Procedure – two options for how the district can adopt policies in an effort to expedite policy adoption for revision. First/Second readings and adoptions. Board seeing same policies twice or three times before it goes into place. Adopted with just one reading. Concerns about revision, goes back to AOS board.
d. First Reading of Policies:
i. JKAA – Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion: in response to state law requiring all schools to have a policy in place. Intent to provide procedures and training for personnel when it becomes necessary to restrain a child safely. How to avoid tension and to calm a child down.
ii. KBF – Parent Involvement in Title I Programs – also a state mandate policy. Directed to how teachers communicate to parents how the school is using funds to address students whose academic levels fall below grade level.
VI. Action Item:
a. Second Reading and Adoption of Policy: KDB – Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Access – state and federal requirement. Came into place in Maine. Boiler Plate language that we conduct business in the open. Process for how information can be requested for and given to any member of the public seeking information. BM: Are we required to have a student handbook? HC: No, but good idea. BM moves to adopt the Policy coded KDB, KC 2nds, all in favor.
b. Reorganization of School Committee
i. Election of Officers – BM as chair, KC as secretary. KC moved, KD 2nd. Slate so moved.
ii. Appointment of Truant and Attendance Officers – KC move to appoint Richard Howland as truant officer. KC moves to appoint Heather Webster, BM 2nd – all in favor.
iii. Appointment of School Physician - BM moves to appoint Dr. Painter as school physician. KC – 2nd, all in favor.
c. Approval of 2013-2014 School Calendar – KC move to approve 2013-2014 School Calendar as written. KD 2nd . All in favor.
d. Formation of Committee for School and Community Collaborative for Playground – HW: misunderstanding about basketball courts and the lines that were drawn. EB: should have a committee to address beautification of the grounds. KC: Who’s interested? EB: I would be interested. Luke Abell, Jasmine Samuel. BM: How would this look officially? HC: Committee could be formed under HW. Maybe Denise McCormick, and maybe Richard Howland.
e. Approval of Resolution Regarding Fully Funding Maine’s Public Schools – proposal to submit to governor to object to the transfer of retirement obligations to local boards. BM: Moved to support the resolution. KD: 2nd All in favor.
VII. Other Business –
a. HW – two letters of resignation: Donna Isaacs and Lindsay Eysnogle. Shira Singer requesting a one-year leave of absence. KC: Publicly say how fortunate we have been to have such strong, capable teachers with excellent teaching and have demonstrated great passion for the students. Have been blessed to have them. Given much to the community. BM: Have influenced. BM with regret and thanks, moved to accept, KC 2nd Lindsay’s resignation. All in favor. BM: With regret and thanks, move to accept resignation of Donna Isaacs, KD 2nd – all in favor. BM move to grant one year leave of absence to Shira Singer for the school year 2013-14 and request that she reply by March 15 of intent to return. KC 2nd – all in favor. Advertised as a one-year position. HW: how long do we need to give applicants to submit applications? Three weeks. KC: Explained process to general public. HW: Art position – combined position or part-time? Either or works. Notice would indicate option of part-time or full-time. BM: Community members on committee? KC: Don’t want to be exclusionary. KD: Test the waters to see who’s interested? HC: Recommends that we just pick a parent who represents the whole school community without hidden agenda, open and fair-minded. HW: have some time to see before interview process begins.
VIII. Executive Session Pursuant to 1 MRSA § 405 (6) (A): Personnel Evaluation – Moved into Ex. Session 5:50. Moved out of Exec. Session at 6:04
IX. Next meeting agenda items – transportation/boarding policy, snow days on GCI. Update on building projects.
X. Adjournment: KC moved, BM 2nd All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.