Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes March 05, 2013

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
March 05, 2013
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Richard Howland, Fire Chief
Joe Delafield
Nick Hadlock
Michael Morrison, President, Swamp, Inc.

I. Call to Order: 8:31 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 07: 487.85
Warrant # 08: 6,207.59
Warrant # 09: 17,488.24 (school)
Warrant # 10: 5,523.23
Warrant #11: 45,130.21
Total: $ 74,837.12

All Warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
III. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Richard Beal moves to approve the Board of February 05, 2013 Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.
IV. New Business
a. Sign Hancock County Hazard Mitigation Plan
The Hancock County Hazard Mitigation Plan was reviewed by both Selectmen and signed by Chairman Richard Beal. Due to a 48 hour deadline for returning the approval, the document was signed before today’s meeting. Anyone wishing to review the plan may view it at the Town Office during business hours or go to: http//
b. Sign Appointment of Alternate Planning Board Member
The Board of Selectmen appoints Mark Alley as Alternate Planning Board Member for Cranberry Isles.
There is currently still a vacancy on the Board of Appeals. If anyone is interested in serving on this Board, he or she should contact the Board of Selectmen or the Town Office.
V. Other Business
• The Board of Selectmen signs the Management Representation Letter accepting the audit for 2012.
• The Town reports may be ready at Downeast Graphics as early as tomorrow, (3/06/2013).
• James Fortune attended the last Marine Management Committee for the Town of Mount Desert. Commercial docking licenses were reviewed. A follow up meeting may be held soon. New Coast Guard regulations have reduced some operators’ passenger limits for some boats.
• Selectman Whitney inquires if Bangor Hydro has visited the islands yet in reference to a request from the Town to repair malfunctioning street lights. James Fortune reports that this may take place sometime this week.
VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A)
None requested at this time.
VII. Audience Communications
• Katelyn Damon reports that the engineering report has been received from Andrew McCullough for the dry hydrants at GCI. She is currently working on the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permit.
• Katelyn Damon expresses concern for the fact that the early morning commuter ferry recently opted not to run the scheduled ferry from Northeast Harbor as there were no passengers waiting in Northeast Harbor to come to the islands. There was one passenger waiting at Islesford for the return trip to the mainland that same morning. Recently the Town of Mount Desert has changed its docking permissions to allow the commuter ferry to bring passengers back and forth between the island and the mainland. Selectman Whitney has spoken with Steve Pagels and is assured that this will not happen in the future.
• Selectman Beal reports that news from the recent Town audit for 2012, the Town of Cranberry Isles’ net position is $4,732,161.
• Happy 65th wedding anniversary to Richard and Helen Dudman of Islesford on Thursday, March 07, 2013.
VIII. Adjournment: 8:58 A.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Immediately following the Board of Selectmen’s meeting, a public hearing was held to discuss the proposed mosquito control program for Town of Cranberry Isles.

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