November 26, 2012

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Monday, November 26, 2012

Attendance: Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Cory Duggan, Katelyn Damon, Jim Amuso, Karin Whitney, Denise McCormick, Town Treasurer; and Malcolm Donald, Ron Axelrod (by teleconference)

Public Attendance: Selectmen Phil Whitney

Call To Order: 8:30 A.M.

Reviewed Meeting Agenda
Convened the meeting and reviewed the agenda

Meeting Minutes: Reviewed the Minutes of the October 10, 2012 meeting.

Motion by Katelyn Damon to accept the Minutes of the October 10, 2012 MAC meeting as written. Second by Karin Whitney. MAC Voted unanimously to accept the Minutes as written.

Budget Workshop - 2013 Town Budget
Committee Assignments:
Department 51 -Gen. Government/Administration Denise McCormick & Ron Axelrod
Department 52-Public Safety/Fire/EMS Katelyn Damon & Malcolm Donald
Department 53-Helath/Sanitatil/Solid Waste Jim Fortune & Jim Amuso
Department 54-Public Transportation/Roads Ron Axelrod & Jeff Berzinis
Department 55-Education/Schools Cory Duggan & School Committee
Department 56-Donations Karin Whitney & Cory Duggan
Department 57-Debt Service Denise McCormick
Department 58-Municipal Facilities Jim Fortune, Ron Axelrod,
Katelyn Damon, & Malcolm Donald

Each group presented preliminary budget numbers for each department. The MAC reviewed the preliminary budget by line item and upcoming expenses for 2013 for the respective departments/accounts and draft a preliminary budget for the MAC to review. The budget worksheets and year-to-date expense report were distributed prior to the MAC meeting.

Each group will revise its budget based on discussions with the MAC as a whole, and further refine the numbers. The MAC will meet again December 12th to finalize a proposed budget that will be forwarded to the Selectmen for their January Selectmen’s meeting. It was assumed that the January Selectmen’s meeting will be on the 8th.

The subcommittee will meet Wednesday, December 12th for a joint budget workshop with the Selectmen.

Other Business

Audience Communications

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.