Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes July 15, 2013

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Harbor Committee Meeting
July 15, 2013
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
Bill Dowling, Harbor Committee
James Fortune, Harbor Committee Alternate
Nick Hadlock, Harbor Committee Alternate
Dennis Dever, Manset Dockmaster
Katelyn Damon
Elliott Damon

I. Call to Order: 6:00 P.M. by James Fortune.
II. Election of Officers
Richard Howland nominates Bill Dowling as Chairman of the Harbor Committee. Nick Hadlock seconds the motion, unanimous. Motion passes.
III. Review / Approval Harbor Committee Minutes
Minutes not reviewed at this meeting.
IV. LCI Dock Extension Sketch
The Board of Selectmen wishes to continue the plan for a dock extension for the Islesford Town Dock. An extension to the dock would provide for safer landings in deeper water. Drawings from Civil Engineering Services were reviewed previously by the Harbor Committee. None of the drawings were acceptable to the Harbor Committee. One of the design sketches was closer to what might work than the others. Some tweaking to the design may be possible.
An 80’ A.D.A. compliant gangway would be installed at Islesford Town Dock if a SHIP grant were received. The mooring field should be addressed at the same time to make it more efficient. The mooring field should be tackled first to allow for safety, a clean workable grid, a better buffer zone around the dock and organization for growth for the future.
The Harbor Committee suggests that a methodology for realigning the mooring field be clear, notices should be sent to people (involving boat owners at the start of the process), and a solid arrangement of the mooring field. Winter users, such as fishermen who moor their boats at Islesford during the winter season, should have priority for safer access. Moving some of the closer moorings to the back of the field may not be popular with those who own the closer moorings. Another option may be to move the whole field back instead. Sketch one A, may be the best option to use with some adjustments.
Richard Howland moves to recommend, that before we send any more work to CES to do for a workable plan, we need to get the mooring field straightened out. Bill Dowling seconds the motion, unanimous. Motion passes.
Dennis Dever may have access to a couple of books dealing with rearranging a mooring field. Mr. Dever also suggests that short and sweet goals of what needs to be accomplished and what the positive outcomes would be, should be created. Richard Howland suggests that safety should be the priority. He would like to see the fishing boats up front, with sailboat moorings to the south side, with power boat moorings in between in the shallower water, with all the floats maybe on the outside of the harbor.
V. GCI Dock Update
It is recommended that wooden ladders be replaced with stainless steel ladders on all docks. Richard Howland reports that one of the ladders on the Islesford Dock has been broken for two years. Steve Palmer has been hired to build a replacement ladder. James Fortune will follow up with Steve to see where he is at with the project. It is also recommended that the GCI float be reinforced to support the 80’ gangway. It may be possible to widen the pad where the gangway lands on the float. The float contractor has suggested that more flotation be added to the float. James Fortune will speak to the float contractor in regard to reinforcing the pad at GCI Dock as soon as possible.
VI. LCI Dock Update
Previously discussed.
VII. Sutton Island Dock Update
Nothing to report at this time.
VIII. Manset Dock Update
It is recommended by the Manset Dockmaster to start the process of moving the two Town moorings at Manset closer to the TCI Manset Dock, if possible. Mr. Dever also recommends that the process of obtaining a third mooring at Manset be started. Mr. Dever also believes that a fifth float could be added without extending further out into the harbor. A long term plan is recommended to get the bridge more level between the last two floats. Priority plans are for Chalmers to take the lightpole down that is broken and no longer used. The pole could potentially be a safety hazard. Depth floats should marked at all floats. Discussion about a year round dock at Manset is tabled at this time.
IX. Baker Island Update
Nothing to report at this time.
X. Other Business
None at this time.
XI. Adjournment: 7:00 P.M.
Bill Dowling moves to adjourn the meeting. James Fortune seconds the motion, unanimous. Motion passes.

The next meeting of the TCI Harbor Committee will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at Islesford Neighborhood House.

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