Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes October 01, 2013

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
October 01, 2013
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Phil Whitney, BOS
Charles Dunbar, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Susan Valdina Krasnow
Blair Colby
Tom Powell
Tom Watson
Ingrid Gaither
Chris White
Sarah Newell
Morrison Newell
David Sordyl
I. Call to Order: 8:45 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 44: 6,768.87
Warrant # 45: 88,414.94
Warrant # 46: 6,717.07
Total: $ 271,900.88
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
III. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: September 17, 2013
Section III, Other Business, page 3, Emergency Safety Coordinator should read “Public Safety Coordinator”.
Phil Whitney moves to accept the September 17, 2013 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes with one amendment. Charles Dunbar seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
IV. New Business
A. Bid Selection – GCI Public Restroom Bid
There were no bids received for the GCI Public Restroom bid.
Richard Beal moves to re bid the GCI Public Restroom, advertising in the Mount Desert Islander, the Ellsworth American, and the Bangor Daily News. The start date will be no later than April 01, 2014, starting earlier if need be. Bids will be required to be returned to the Town Office no later than December 01, 2013. The completion date will be June 01, 2014. Funds budgeted in 2013 for this project will go into a reserve account. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Charles Dunbar. Motion passes.
B. Bid Selection – GCI Road Paving
One bid was received for the Road Paving a portion of Cranberry Road at Great Cranberry Island and pot hole patching at Islesford.
• Rings Paving Co., Inc.
#1: Islesford Road Patching: Repair 54 potholes as outlined in specifications by TCI Price: $16,500
#2: As an option and for future budgeting considerations, two areas of Main Street on Islesford, one 660 linear feet and one 400 linear feet overlain with new Hot Mix Asphalt as outlined in specifications by TCI.
#3: Paving two sections of Cranberry Road at GCI, one being 750 linear feet and the other being 350 linear feet , as outlined in specifications by TCI.
#4: As an option, paving a section of Cranberry Road between the above noted two sections (#3), which is 350 linear feet, as outlined in the specifications by TCI.
Total price for proposed contract jobs (#1 and #3 above): $92,200.

Available funds for TCI roads as of today’s meeting are $25,784. Currently the Municipal Advisory Commission is working on a four year roads maintenance plan with S.W. Cole. The previous roads plan by S.W. Cole is being updated for current road conditions. An overview of what needs to be done on TCI roads will be prepared for consideration of the voters.
Richard Beal moves to accept option #1 from Rings Paving Co, Inc. for patching pot holes on Islesford. Charles Dunbar seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
The Selectmen point out that the pot hole patching is a band aid approach to road repair and further work is needed.
Blair Colby suggests some pot hole patching on Great Cranberry Island to get through the winter season.
Charles Dunbar moves that, following a survey by James Fortune and Blair Colby, that Mr. Colby present a proposal that does not exceed $5000 for making the most urgent repairs on Great Cranberry Island roads. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.
C. Bid Selection – Manset Warehouse Painting and Repairs
Two bids were received for painting and repairs at the Manset warehouse.
• Paul Fernald
Materials: $ 5200
Labor: $30,400
Total: $35,600
Mr. Fernald cannot have the job finished this fall, so the job would not be completed until 05/31/2014.
• Harville Painting
Total: $21,900
Charles Dunbar suggests that pressure treated wood replacement should be utilized where possible (approximately 75 feet) which might constitute an increase in cost. This could be treated as a change order.
Richard Beal moves to approve the bid from Harville Painting for $21,900, with the understanding that there is a possible change order with an approximate increase of up to $4,000. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Charles Dunbar. Motion passes.
D. Islesford Pothole Work – Estimates
Previously discussed.
E. GCI Gravel Pit Clearing
Two bids were received for clearing brush at the Great Cranberry Island Gravel Pit:
• D.E. Sordyl
This estimate includes cutting of wood, spreading of wood chips and mowing grass and bushes when done. This estimate does not include any mowing of the prepared area next year.
$1,750 – $2,150 budget
• Blair Colby
Up to 20 hours labor, removing alders and burning them
The Selectmen discuss the removal of wood and burning vs. chipping and spreading of chips. Richard Beal inquires if Blair would be willing to clear the brush using the same specifications as stated in the D. E. Sordyl estimate for the same amount estimated in the Blair Colby bid. Mr. Colby
Phil Whitney moves that we accept the estimate from Blair Colby for no more than $1700 to be completed by December 01, 2013. Charles Dunbar seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
F. 2014 Budget
The Town Treasurer presents the Selectmen with expense detail reports for funds spent so far this year from the approved budget for 2013. These reports show what has been spent, and what is left in each account. This is the beginning of the 2014 budget process. One or two workshop meetings will be held on what is proposed for 2014. The Selectmen express their desire to have input from the School Board earlier in the process than has been experienced in recent years. In February 2014, the Board of Selectmen will formally accept a proposed budget to be presented to the voters.
V. Other Business
• In regard to the busted pilings at Great Cranberry Island Dock, Richard Beal suggests that the Town share the cost of Kleinschmidt Associates with Rodman Ward for getting an engineer to come to the island to inspect the dock. Mr. Ward is planning to have Kleinschmidt come and inspect his private dock in the very near future. It is also suggested that the cross members underneath the Town Dock be thoroughly inspected for any needed repairs. Norman Sanborn II has related to Mr. Beal some things that have been done at Isles Au Haut that maybe should be considered and discussed with Kleinschmidt, (pulley system that raises the ramp in inclement weather conditions, easier transfer of goods from the floats to the docks, etc.).
VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A)
None requested.
VII. Audience Communications
• Mellissa Amuso was intending to attend today’s meeting to discuss the future of Islesford Post Office. Due to illness she could not attend. A survey regarding the post office will be sent to Islesford residents in the near future.
• Susan Valdina Krasnow reports that the railings for the Town Office front porch are currently on order.
• In reference to a chicken noise complaint, Blair Colby reports that the roosters crowing between 3:00 A.M. and 4:00 A.M. cause a lack of sleep for the neighbors. He would ask that the owners manage their birds so that they do not bother others. Mr. Watson, another neighbor has been advised by the Code Enforcement Officer has stated that this type of complaint is not in her purview; the Watsons are encouraged to call the Department of Agriculture in an email to the Watsons from the C.E.O. Mr. Watson does not wish for other authorities to do anything at this time. At last month’s Selectmen’s meeting a motion was made by Phil Whitney:
“Phil Whitney moves the Town reiterate the request to the Code Enforcement Officer to come out and inspect the Bunker / Radcliff property to check for any possible code violations, and to have the Animal Control Officer to come out and inspect the properties and talk with adjoining property owners to see if there are any violations under his jurisdiction. Written documentation will be expected following the visits. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Charles Dunbar. Motion passes.”
Phil Whitney feels that if the CEO and ACO came to visit the property in question, there would be written documentation that the Town is trying to resolve any conflicts amongst residents.
• Seacoast Security has submitted cost estimates for security locks at the GCI Firehouse:
Option 1: A simple weatherproof keypad locking system for the overhead truck bay door and the side door between the truck bay and meeting space.

Option2: An option to install another weatherproof access control keypad for front door to meeting space

Option 3: A more complex control system that requires each user to carry a key card to gain access to the building.

None of the options include barging of materials.
Richard Beal moves to accept options #1 and #2 of the Seacoast Security cost quotes. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Charles Dunbar. Motion passes.
Chairman Richard Beal signs the acceptance on behalf of the Board of Selectmen.
• Katelyn Damon reports that the last GCI Fire Club meeting was well attended. The following slate of officers were elected:
GCI Fire Chief: Blair Colby
President: Phil Whitney
Treasurer: Michael Westphal
Secretary: Katelyn Damon

Morris Fire Protection visited Great Cranberry Island recently to hold fire extinguisher inspections for Town owned and resident owned extinguishers. Town fire extinguishers that are needed are already on order.
The next Fire Club meeting will be held on October 14, 2:00 P.M. at the GCI Firehouse. A subcommittee of Chris White, Katelyn Damon, and Mike Westphal will be going over the Fire Club by laws for any needed amendments.
• Katelyn Damon has been able to get in contact with Paul DePalmer in reference to the placing of dry hydrants on his property at Great Cranberry Island. Mr. DePalmer reports that he is in the process of trying to sell the property however, it has not officially changed hands yet. If the sale falls through, Mr. Palmer would be fine with the dry hydrant being located on his property. In reference to the fire pond on GCI, it has been heard indirectly that the proposed new owner of the property would not allow the GCI Fire Department use the pond or place a dry hydrant on the property. This is unsure as of today’s meeting.
• There is no further information on the Sutton Island path research at this time.
• James Fortune will consult with the new Town Attorney in regard to the Manset Property Boundary encroachment regarding a maintenance easement.
• The November Board of Selectmen’s meeting will have to be scheduled on a different day of the month due to elections being held on the first Tuesday.
Phil Whitney moves that the next Board of Selectmen’s meeting will be held on November 12, 2013 on Islesford. Charles Dunbar seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.
• Katelyn Damon (School Board Member) reports that the Ashley Bryan School has obtained I pads for the primary grades. An Apple ID is required in order to download applications. The AOS is currently re-writing rules for use of school computers. Parents can synchronize a credit card with the Apple account, but don’t have to.
• An Elected Officials Workshop will be held by the League of Towns on October 16, 2013 in Somesville. Phil Whitney and James Fortune will attend on behalf of Cranberry Isles.
VIII. Adjournment: 11:12 A.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Charles Dunbar. Motion passes.
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