School Board Meeting Minutes October 03, 2013

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School Committee Meeting
at the Longfellow School on Great Cranberry
Thursday, 3 October 2013
4:00 p.m.
Attendance: Katelyn Damon, Barbara Meyers, Ben Fulves, Heather Webster (note taker), Howard Colter, Kelly Sanborn, Soos Kransow, Phil Whitney, Karen Whitney, Ingrid Gaither, Cari Alley, Audrey Noether, Bruce Komusin and Tom Powell

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 4:05
II. Approval of Voucher
III. Approval of Minutes 15 July 2013 and 24 July 2013 - will be presented at the next meeting.
IV. Reports and Updates:
• Principal’s Report Heather gave her report. It is attached.

• Building Project Update from Ben Fulves
Ben addressed our reporting procedure for problems at either building. He suggests that a special meeting be held or we clarify on how things are reported/fixed. At the moment, Ingrid finds the problem, emails Ben and Heather, Ben and Heather confer and Ben contacts tradespeople. He would like to be taken out of that loop. Jim is used at the ABS. Barbara said to put this on the next agenda or to talk about it later. The flaws are when people out of the loop get involved and that they know that we do have a system. We also need to make sure that there is a quick enough response. Perhaps we need to cc board members on any issue that is forwarded to the caretaker. Options are to readvertise for caretaker/janitor position, ask Jim if he wants to cover both islands or have Heather call tradespeople.
Ben addresses the budget for the building projects. Additional projects were undertaken and we are still within the budget. There are additional projects that need to be done, $34,000 left and the work left will eat up the rest of that money. He does not plan to do any work on the Longfellow building because he doesn’t think there is money in the budget. He also wondered where the architect fees were taken from, if they came out of the capital budget and Heather believes that is the case.
Barbara asked more about the budgets, specifically things that came in under budget, and also which items were undertaken and completed. (They are both referring to the attachments that Ben had sent to the board earlier in the week.) Ben explained how he separated and charged for the projects.
Katelyn addressed the status of the State Fire Marshall. Ben said that Jeri had not submitted updated sketches, as of a week ago, she was still working on the project, specifically changing the wheelchair ramp. Ben will check in with Jeri.
Ben addressed the teacher’s apartment that was renovated in 1991 and 2008. Neither project appeared finished. The apartment was notoriously cold and poor insulated. Barbara has some concern about the cost of the Islesford project this summer. Ben mentioned that having only a 6 week opening during the summer months for construction work was difficult and a considerable amount of work remains to be addressed. Ben wants to check and double check numbers with Nancy and Debbie, including figuring out which repair budget comes out of last years budget.
Karen wondered if the teacher paid rent. Comments were made about making sure that the apartment is kept up. Soos offered free housing for Ben’s crew during the days the students are on their TLC fieldtrip.
The remaining money will go into the Ashley Bryan School, basic electrical, plumbing and insulation. Ben talked about the original plan to just replace the hardware on the windows, in July that was not the case, Jeri helped find the window design and they are not installed yet but have arrived.
Jeri’s original plan did not include skirting. It was clear at the beginning of school that this needed to be installed. Skirting was designed to match the style of the school and most of that was done while the students were gone. It was a 3-day expenditure that clearly needed to be done and will draw down the $34,000.
The shingles or cladding on the outside of the building (shingles and trim) have lead paint. It was an added unseen expense. This was an unseen cost because they needed to removed, disposed of and replaced. Some exterior components need to be replaced and some need to addressed in other ways. If we leave in place, it is not a problem. If we disturb, we need to replace. Barbara is worried about it being in the soil, Soos doesn’t think it is a problem
Phil asked how much it will cost to open or finish the Longfellow School. Ben said $300,000. Phil asked how much would it cost to meet the requirements for the fire marshall. Ben and Barbara both said it would be $300,000 (water remediation, lead paint removal, elevator, etc…) Bruce Komusin asked if there was any way to get additional monies to start work on this building because it is vacant. Katelyn said that we were $66,000 over budget and that money has to go to the Ashley Bryan School. Ben said the model used by the ABS was not good for this school and recommended a larger construction company (not local builders) that didn’t have the constraints of the summer months.
The same gentleman asked about the water here at the Longfellow School. Ben said he was not aware there was a problem. Ingrid said she thought the water was fine, just foul tasting. A filter was suggested.
Karen asked if you could put vinyl siding over the lead paint. Ben told about if you disturb a larger area of the lead paint, you would need to address it.
Barbara said that she thinks we need to look at a new avenue to get the work done. Katelyn is concerned about how it was appropriated at town meeting. It was broken down by cost centers and not by building. Ben said that before Katelyn came on the board, they had talked about how to legally distribute the money. The school board has the authority of how to prioritize projects and spend the money. Katelyn thinks it might be a lack of oversight on their part, how did they miss $66,000? Ben said they were $11,000 over budget, he said that by undertaking additional projects it took money but that would not be over budget. The scope of work was increased due to what they found when in the building and Ben does not consider that an oversight problem.
Howard said his recollection from the town meeting was that the money asked for would have been spent at the Longfellow School. It is like an old car when you open the hood, you find more to work on, that is where we are now. Now looking at this project with quite a way to go, it might be prudent to send a newsletter to the community about what was done over the summer, how much it costs and then the options for going forward. He would like this to be a discussion and not just wait until town meeting. We would ask for Ben’s help in articulating the options and the advantages for each. Ben said that the original goals for the project and everyone’s roles have changed dramatically. One thing that changed was the belief that little needed to be done to open the Longfellow School and that the actual requirements are more extensive. The other thing that has changed was the redesign of the front of the building and that was never part of the original plan. Both less and more expensive options were presented and this was what was decided. The incremental budgeting made sense in 2012 and 2013, but the actual scope of what needs to be done to the building might lend itself to finish by borrowing money.
Barbara talked about how the plan has changed during the process. That many things, in both buildings, didn’t meet code due to delayed maintenance and safety concerns. Barbara talked about the buildings being very important town resources and that these are big projects that need to be done and bring the buildings into compliance.
Karen wants to know how much it will cost to finish the ABS and what has already been spent. Ben didn’t know. Is it as much as $300,000? No. Barbara said the total expenditure might be similar. Ben said he does not feel comfortable in estimating that figure. He will know more after going into the building in October. Karen wants to know why not finish this school first? Ben suggests that the school board needs to discuss this further.
Phil said to keep in mind that if you keep going in increments, that it will be at least 3 years before opening the school and people should know that. Ben said he doesn’t think incremental work is the right way to go. He said they spent $170,000 in the last two years.
Barbara also said that whether or not the Longfellow School is opened by the school, it is still used by the community and it need to be a safe place for the public.
Ben wants affirmation from the board to proceed with the projects that need to be finished and started. He said it will take the remainder for the $34,000. He would like the school board to tell him what he can do or finish. Heather would like for Ben to prioritize the list with safety in mind.
Ben suggested that they schedule workshop like meetings. Barbara reminded everyone that they had done this about a year and a half ago before undertaking the project. Phil agrees with Ben. The timing with the town meeting is a priority. Ben talked about meeting with the selectmen soon, maybe a dual meeting? Howard doesn’t see an alternative to speaking with the town’s father and the public before the town meeting. He suggested that a board member approach the selectmen to schedule a meeting.
Ben said that Heather and he could work on the priority list. Not looking for a motion, just a nod. Got the nod.

V. Discussion Item:
• iPad Internet Connectivity
Heather talked about the iPads. Questions were asked about the Apple IDs, Apple tracking the use, filtering, internet speed on Islesford, taking the computers home
VI. Action Items:
• Acceptance of School Committee Member Resignation
Publicly thanking Kate Chaplin for her years of service. And with regret they accept. Barbara made the motion. Katelyn seconded. Approved.
• Appointment of New School Committee Member
Barbara thanked the three applicants and asked them to come to all the meetings. Katelyn nominated Kelly Sanborn for the school board position. Barbara second the nomination. Approved. She won’t be active until sworn it. Barbara talked about the difficulty of this decision. Bruce wanted to know if the board was now filled, Barbara said she had proposed having five school board members, but it was never officially addressed.
• Approval of Policies:
- JJIF - Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries
Katelyn made motion. Barbara seconded. Approved.
- KBF - Parent Involvement in Title I Programs
Katelyn made motion. Barbara seconded. Approved.
• Approval of Revisions to Policies:
- JKAA - Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
Katelyn made motion. Barbara seconded. Approved.
- JKAA-R - Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion
Katelyn made motion. Barbara seconded. Approved.

VI. Other Business
Audrey wanted to talk about school in inclement weather. (school, library, Cranberry House).
Next meeting will be on Islesford, October 23rd.
VII. Adjournment
Katelyn made motion to adjourn. Barbara seconded. Meeting adjourned at 6:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Heather Webster, Principal

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