School Committee Minutes April 29, 2008

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of 29 April 2008

I. Meeting was called to order at 1:00 P.M. by chairperson Kate Chaplin. Present: Board members Kate Chaplin, Barbara Meyers and Ted Spurling; Principal Carol MacRae; and Superintendent Rob Liebow. Norm Hill and Wendell Oppewall entered during discussion period.
II. Minutes of March 26 meeting were reviewed. Barbara requested a change in the wording about safety standards on wireless technology. Motion to accept minutes as amended (Barbara); second (Kate); vote: Yes, unanimously.
III. Principal’s Report:
A. Review of structural report from Lanpher Associates (Engineer Dennis Riley) regarding Islesford School ceilings. Mr. Lanpher recommends additional support beams and columns in both classrooms, and additional support in stair landing to the upstairs apartment. Estimated cost is $10,000. The board would like to consider the two options of wood laminate beams versus steel trusses, and plans to meet at the Islesford School on May 12, 3:00 P.M., with blueprints, for further discussion. The board intends to put the project out to bid after decision. (No action or vote taken.)
B. Longfellow School: Brief discussion; the roof re-shingling and repair has been completed by Rocket Roofing (Ben Fulves).
IV. Discussion Items:
A. Possible French foreign language program, to be funded through REAP: Discussion of hiring a teacher in conjunction with other Union 98 towns for a one-day per week position. General agreement, no action taken. Carol to advertise for the position.
B. Advertising for Music, Guidance and Physical Education: General agreement to have Carol advertise for part-time positions in music and guidance; agreement to continue with current Physical Therapy instructor as Physical Education as well. (No action or vote.)
C. Fuel pre-purchase contract: Kate suggested locking in if a savings. Carol said that the fuel company is not ready with a price, but would give the school a better price because of volume. No action taken.
D. Wireless Technology: Technicians Wendell Oppewall and Norm Hill entered the discussion and listened to the board’s concerns based on the meeting of March 26. The board wishes to eliminate or reduce electro-magnetic radiation from wireless and other sources. Discussion and advice from Wendell and Norm about laptops, cathode-ray tube monitors (CRT’s), wireless internet, as well as radiation from microwave oven and lights. They offered suggestions on how to hard-wire the computers to internet and how to shut off transmitters when not in use. They also expressed doubt as to the benefits of this, believing that internet signals are minor compared with the many other forms of radiation in our daily lives, including lighting, microwave oven, electrical power, wireless internet island-wide, sunlight, etc. They believe that flat-screen (LCD) monitors are safer than CRT’s. The board will consider options. No action taken.
V. Action Item: Discussion about adding Carol MacRae as signatory to the bank account, “Cranberry Isles Schools General Fund Account” and deleting Angela Hardy as signatory. Motion to approve: Barbara Meyers; second: Kate Chaplin; Vote: Yes, unanimously.
VI. Other Business: Barbara expressed concern about the spring boat schedule for students living on Great Cranberry Island and attending the Islesford School. Agreed to discuss this later.
VII. Executive Session: Postponed to May 28 meeting.
VIII. Renewal of Contract and Adjustment of Salary for Administrator: Postponed to May 28 meeting.
IX. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 2:58 P.M. (Barbara); second (Kate); Vote: yes, unan.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.
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