School Board Agenda October 03, 2013

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School Committee Meeting
at the Longfellow School on Great Cranberry
Thursday, 3 October 2013
4:00 p.m.


I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Voucher

III. Approval of Minutes (15 July 2013 and 24 July 2013, to be presented at the meeting)

IV. Reports and Updates:
- Principal’s Report
- Building Project Update from Ben Fulves

V. Discussion Item:
● iPad Internet Connectivity

VI. Action Items:
● Acceptance of School Committee Member Resignation
● Appointment of New School Committee Member
● Approval of Policies:
- JJIF - Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries
- KBF - Parent Involvement in Title I Programs
● Approval of Revisions to Policies:
- JKAA - Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
- JKAA-R - Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion

VI. Other Business

VII. Adjournment

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