June 29, 2013

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Islesford Neighborhood House
Saturday, June 29, 2013

Attendance: Jim Fortune, BOS Administrative Assistant, Katelyn Damon, Jim Amuso, Ron Axelrod; Malcolm Donald and Karen Whitney (by teleconference)

Public Attendance: None

Call To Order: 8:45 A.M.

Reviewed Meeting Agenda
Election of officers occurred at the May 18th MAC meeting. Discussion of the Great Cranberry public bathroom was added to the agenda.

Meeting Minutes: Motion by Katelyn Damon to approve the Minutes of the May 18, 2013 MAC meeting. Second by Karen Whitney. Unanimously approved.

Review of the 2013/2014 work plan:

2013/2014 Work Plan:
1. Road Work. The Town has $38,000 budgeted for road in the FY2013 budget. The budget includes $18,000 for paving on Cranberry Road, GCI and general road maintenance on both LCI and GCI. Roads that will need work done in the next year or two include Dog Point Road, Harding Point Road on GCI, and Main Street on Islesford. Jim Amuso and Jim Fortune will work on a 5-year schedule and plan for road maintenance. Some work has already been done, and there is a 5-year plan developed for the Town by S.W. Cole in 2005. That plan was not adopted by the Town. Subsequent plans have evolved since that time. The MAC will use these plans to develop a new 5-year plan for the Town. The MAC will propose hiring a civil engineer to design a maintenance and improvement plan for Dog Point Road that will also fix the long-term drainage problems.

The MAC will assess the information we already have and develop a scope of work for an engineer to develop engineering design plans for all capital road improvements and maintenance. The schedule is to obtain designs, cost estimates and bid the work for Dog Pt. Rd. & Harding Pt. Rd., Islesford Main Street (Mosswood intersection to Bar Road). before the 2014 Town Meeting.

2. Town Office: Cory Duggan, Jim Fortune and Jim Amuso will work on a plan for remodeling the old firehouse (next to the Ashley Bryan School) for use as a Town Office. A site plan already exists for this (MAC 2011). Jim Amuso and Cory Duggan will do a cost estimates for the remodeling. This will provide the MAC with a comparison for the addition to the new firehouse on Maple Avenue.

3. Comprehensive Study of Ferry Service: the MAC would like to research the potential for forming a transit district, and possibly hire a consultant to do a feasibility study. Nothing has been done with this yet.

4. Manset Dock: The objective is to have a workable plan for developing a drive-on dock that could be used year-round if needed. Nothing has been done yet. A Harbor Committee meeting will be scheduled before the next MAC meeting to get input on development of a plan for a drive-on dock in Manset, including a study of environmental issues and do the following:
a) Options
b) Develop a plan, including time-frame
c) Build

5. LCI Dock extension. The MAC will work jointly with the Harbor Committee on selecting a plan for going ahead with the LCI dock extension. The Harbor Committee chose one of the 7 concept plans developed by Kleinshmidt 3 years ago. The Harbor Committee hasn’t done further work on this since November 2010. The plan agreed on needed some additional refining, but has yet to be done. A Harbor Committee meeting will be scheduled in order to get some feed-back on the LCI dock extension. Plans for the dock improvements and extension should take into account the capital improvement section of the 2013 report on the TCI commuter ferry and the 2009 Harbor Safety Study.

6. GCI Bathroom. Andrew McCullough, consulting engineer for the Town has provided a drawing for a replacement of the public bathroom on GCI. The replacement bathroom will use the Clivus Moltrum composting system in place of the vault toilet. Ron reviewed an email he sent to McCullough on May 28th that outlined a scope of work for this project. Andrew McCullough’s drawing did not include some of Ron Axelrod’s recommendations. The MAC would like to see an alternative for a smaller unisex bathroom facility to compare with the larger duel toilet facilities designed by McCullough. The MAC would like to following to be conveyed to the Selectmen:

a) Scope of work has not been fulfilled.
b) McCullough’s plan is over designed (too big).
a) Obtain an alternative design from McCullough that follows Ron Axelrod (I.e., MAC) recommendations in the May 28th memo.
b) Alternative design should be for a smaller unisex toilet facility.
c) Provide information on maintenance options.

Motion by Ron Axelrod that the MAC recommendation is to have a smaller
unisex toilet facility and a simpler design, including elimination of the enclosed
stairs to the composting equipment and having a bulkhead access instead. MAC requests that the
Board of Selectmen ask the design engineer to review the scope of work sent by
Ron Axelrod on May 28th and response on May 29th, relative to design of the
Bathroom facility, and have a unisex bathroom that is designed as economically
reasonable as possible. Second by Katelyn Damon. Motion is unanimously

7. Manset Appraisal. The appraisal will provide the Town with a basis for improving operations at the facility and finding ways to use the facility more efficiently. Ron Axelrod and Jim Fortune outlined the appraisal results for the MAC. The appraisal provides the Town with a benchmark for managing the property. The immediate result was an evaluation by the Appraiser of $1,500,000 while the Town of Southwest Harbor has the property valued at 2,100,000, and the Town should use this for a tax abatement. Other thoughts about the appraisal:

a) Which buildings do we want to maintain long-term.
b) What are the Town’s long-term needs and options.
c) What uses are permitted and where; and when are permits needed for change of use.
d) A way to look at the property in a structural way and what we can do with it.
e) Provides a benchmark of value.
f) Future management for improvements and rents.
g) Long-term parking needs.
h) Are there any portions of the property than can eventually be sold off.
i) Review bond structure for the land

Other Business
Next Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 27th at 8:45 a.m. The meeting will be on Islesford.

Audience Communications

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 10:25 A.M.