GCIVFD Meeting Minutes 1/13/14

Date: January 13, 2014
Time: 4:30pm
Location: Great Cranberry Island Fire Department

Attendance: 11
Katelyn Damon
Sam Donald
Ingrid Gaither
Bruce Komusin
Michael Macfarlan
Rebecca Powell
Tom Powell
Tom Watson
Michael Westphal
Karin Whitney
Phil Whitney

    Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Phil Whitney at 4:37pm.
    Approval of Minutes

Tom Powell moves to accept the minutes from the December 09, 2013 meeting as written. Karin Whitney seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

    Financial Report:

Checking Account Balance as of December 2013: $1289.53
-$155 Cranberry Isles Ladies Aid (Lunch for OSHA training)
$ 535- Donations.
$.05, Interest
Checking account balance as of January 2014: $1669.58.
Savings account balance as of January 2014: $5553.43.
Town funds: $428- unexpended balance as of 12/31/13.
There is discussion about town funds and how expenses are paid for prior to Town Meeting. Katelyn explains that the department no longer has a budget and that we are operating on reserve funds until Town Meeting. She also explains that these reserve funds will need to pay for Tyler Kuester’s academy expenses. Mike Westphal suggests that some GCIVFD private funds be used as the department receives a $500 donation from the Maine Community Foundation every year. Katelyn suggests that the fire department cover Tyler’s costs between BOS meetings and that the town reimburses the department for those costs.
There is discussion about the purchase of an inkjet printer and where those funds came from.
Mike Westphal moves to allow Katelyn Damon to expend up to $400 for supplies needed for the office at the Great Cranberry Island Fire Department. Sam Donald seconds the motion. Vote: Yes; 9 for, 1 opposed. Motion Passes.
Mike Westphal explains fees for a safe deposit box, stating that it has the fire department deeds and the agreement with the town in the box. Mike Westphal and David Bunker both have keys. It is suggested that someone approach David Bunker to retrieve the key from him.
Katelyn Damon moves to accept the treasurer’s report. Tom Powell seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

    Other Business (taken out of order):

Cranberry House Archives:
Phil Whitney shows the group old journals from the very first fire meetings on Great Cranberry. He tells the group that the Cranberry House has archived journals of the secretaries minutes for the Great Cranberry Island Fire Club from 1948 to the 1980’s.
At the first Great Cranberry Island Fire Club meeting on March 4, 1948 the officers are listed as follows:
Wilfred Bunker- President
Elmer Spurling- Vice President
Clearance Beal- Secretary/ Treasurer
Carl Hardy- Fire Chief
There were 54 members listed at this meeting.
The Great Cranberry Island Fire Club was created after the October of 1947 Fire in Bar Harbor. Islanders became concerned about fire protection after having to we down roofs to stop them from catching fire from the sparks that were raining down from Cadillac Mountain.

    Old Business:

OSHA Training Report Summary:
Katelyn Damon tells the group that for anyone that wasn’t at the annual OSHA training there will be a few ways to catch up on what was missed. Katelyn has a slide show of everything covered by the instructor for people to review as well as a quiz they can take while viewing the slides. Once the quiz is completed, the quiz will be sent to the instructor for grading. If the person demonstrates knowledge of the slides, they will be given a certificate from the instructor.
The other option is to wait until late spring/ early summer when Katelyn would like to try and get Joe Wellman back out to do another OSHA class for summer responders.
Firehouse Use Sign:
Katelyn has posted a sign on both main entrance doors to the fire house that says “The Great Cranberry Island Volunteer Department would like to ask that the fire house only be used with a current fire department member present at all times. If you would like to use the building or have questions please contact President, Phil Whitney, by calling 244-5933.”
Possible EVOC Training on GCI.
Katelyn describes to the department the process of becoming compliant with Maine State driving regulations.
Becoming compliant means that the department would have to check driver’s license numbers to make sure that all members interested in driving the trucks could legally.
All members interested in driving the trucks would then need to take a 16 hour EVOC course. 8 hours of in class training and 8 hours of driver training with a qualified instructor. This would put everyone on a level playing field in regard to the proper way to drive a fire truck.
Once EVOC training is completed the department will need take part in a driver training program which allotts a specified amount of time which is determined by the department to be spent behind the wheel of each separate chassis that the fire department has. Once this is done each driver will need to demonstrate their ability to drive each different chassis on a pre-determined roads course. The fire chief will then have the ability, based on the outcome of the roads course to qualify someone to drive the trucks. After the initial training and road course is completed each driver will need to recertify their ability to drive each chassis every three years.
Final review/ Approval of GCIVFD By-Laws
The department discusses the by-laws with Katelyn. Phil Whitney states that there are some minor grammatical errors that need to be changed. He suggests that he sit down with Katelyn to fix these errors outside of a meeting.
Katelyn is asked where the firefighter application is. Katelyn states that she has not yet created one, but thinks it will be a simple one page application. She will create this for the February meeting.
Katelyn is asked to include sentence about requiring driver’s license checks to the By-Laws.
Michael Westphal moves to accept the GCIVFD By-Laws as of 1/13/14 with the addition of a sentence requiring that driver’s license records to be checked for members. Sam Donald seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.
Budget Review/ Suggestions
Katelyn briefly describes the proposed budget to the department.
There is discussion about why the department needs a $10,000 equipment budget. Katelyn explains that this could be spent on anything the department needs; hose, fittings, nozzles, turnout gear, etc.
There is discussion about turnout gear that was received via a grant. It is established that this gear is almost 10 years old and while it has seen very little use, the NFPA states that turnout gear has an expiration of 10 years after its manufacture date.
It is determined that there were 15 sets of gear received through this grant. Mike Westphal is going to work on locating gear from department members who are no longer active.
Tom Watson suggest that the $10,000 figure seems low. It is suggested that the department could privately fundraise if more money is needed.
There is discussion about the exclusion of a stipend for the fire chiefs. Katelyn explains that this was taken out to allow for more funds for equipment, etc.
Tom Watson feels that there should be money included in the budget to pay the GCIVFD Fire Chief even if the IVFD Fire Chief has declined his stipend.
Katelyn Damon suggests that if the department feels strongly about offering the chief a stipend that the department could pay him from their private funds.
Discussion takes place about how much to pay and why. Should this be incentive pay? If he completes certain trainings, the money will go up. Or is this based on time? Sam Donald suggests that the chief be paid based on time spent working as the Fire Chief, and not based on the level of certifications gained. Monies allotted to the Chief will increase as time spent working as Fire Chief increases.
Mike Westphal makes a motion to pay the Fire Chief $1,000 in 2014 with payments being made in June and December. Ingrid Gaither seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

    New Business:

Heating Fuel Delivery Problems
Katelyn briefs the department on what happened with fuel deliveries. The firehouse ran out of fuel mostly due to barging and bad weather. Blair found heating fuel on island and syphoned heating fuel into the fire house tanks as well as bleeding the furnace to get it started again. It was thought that fuel had still not been delivered at the time of the meeting. Katelyn informed the group that fuel had indeed been delivered and that there was not much to discuss on this topic at the meeting.
It was asked when the prior delivery was. It was mentioned that the department should try to plan ahead more and be more aware of fuel levels.
Michael Westphal explains that if the red light is on on the outside of the building that there is an issue with the heat. The red light means that the firehouse is below a certain temperature.
There is discussion about adding another heating fuel holding tank to the building.
Who would fund? Town? Department?
Where would it go? Deed with Janice?
How would it be installed- State Codes regulate placement and installation.


February 4, 2014 1600- Turnout Gear training/ inventory and fire department cleaning/inventory.
February 10, 2014- 1630 Monthly Meeting

    Other Business:

It is suggested that the department invest in a flat screen TV for training.
Katelyn advises against this, as it might not be used very much. Katelyn envisions lots of hands on training. Ingrid suggests that if a TV is needed for training that the department could use the flat screen TV at the school.
Katelyn also suggests that the group could project onto the wall if there is a portable projector on the island. This is how the IVFD currently holds their trainings.
It is suggested that curtains be installed if we are to project onto the wall.

    Setting of Action Items:

Mike will work on getting turnout gear back from inactive members.
Mike will speak with Jennifer about curtains.
Katelyn will work on getting Seacoast Security back out to the island.
Katelyn will update the by-laws to include a sentence about checking driver’s records as well as creating an application.
Katelyn will speak with Joe Wellman about setting up a date for an EVOC class on GCI.
Mike will speak with Blair Colby regarding the stipend from the department.

    Setting of Next Meeting Date:

The next scheduled meeting of the GCI Fire Department will take place on Monday, February 10, 2014 at 4:30pm..

    Future Agenda Items:

Phil Whitney makes a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:20 pm. Mickey MacFarlan seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Katelyn Damon