CIRS Minutes March 12, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Date: March 12, 2014
Time: 05:45 pm
Location: Islesford Fire Station
Attendance: 3

Katelyn Damon, Chief + Secretary
Allan McCormick, Assistant Chief
Cory Duggan, Treasurer

  1. Call to Order: Katelyn Damon called the meeting to order at 1754.
  2. Review Minutes from February 12, 2014.
  3. Cory Duggan moves to accept the minutes from February 12, 2013. Katelyn Damon seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes

  4. Financial Report:
  5. March 2014
    0 Credits
    0 Debits
    Checking account balance as of 2/31/14: $6484.06
    Reserve Account Balance as of 12/31/13: $28,707.00

  6. Old Business:
  7. a. EMS Bootcamp Update:
    April upcoming expenses: Airfare for Baltimore EMS trip. $526 for two round trip tickets, to be reimbursed from checking account.

  8. New Business:
  9. a. Sweatshirt Purchase
    Cory updates that 12 sweatshirts have been ordered. They are Navy and will have white lettering that says Cranberry Isles Rescue and will have our names embroidered on them.
    The deposit has been paid and they should arrive around March 19.
    b. Chair and Table purchase with IVFD.
    Tabled until April.
    b. Request to train and meet on GCI.
    Katelyn tells the members present that it has been requested that the service hold meetings and train on GCI occasionally. The members present are fine with this request.
    Katelyn suggests that the CIRS meet on GCI in May and in September and potentially hold one training on GCI in the summer.
    Katelyn will work on facilitating these meetings at a time that is most convenient for everyone involved.
    c. 2014 Training topics
    The CIRS has a healthy reserve budget and has wanted to host a water rescue training. It is suggested that the training take place at the end of June before the summer gets into full swing, but also before things get too chilly in the fall.
    Katelyn will look into the options of hiring water rescue instructors as well as inviting the NEH ambulance service to the training along with the IVFD, GCIVFD and possibly SWH and Swan's Island.
    Other topics include, a PHTLS class and community first aid classes.

  10. Monthly Agenda Items:
  11. Training
    Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Samoset Topics, 4:00pm.
    5-10 minutes each on a topic of interest from the Samoset.

  12. Other Business:
  13. a. Debit Card for CIRS
    There was a short discussion about whether or not the CIRS should obtain a debit card. The consensus was that it would help to facilitate the ordering of equipment, pancake breakfast materials, etc.
    Katelyn Damon moves to authorize Cory Duggan, Cranberry Isles Rescue Service Treasurer, to obtain a debit card on behalf of the service. Allan McCormick seconds the motion. Vote; Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.
    b. EVOC training April 26, 2014.
    Katelyn lets Cory & Allan know that there will be EVOC training on GCI in April. This will be a good chance to be qualified to drive the GCIVFD apparatus and the ambulance on GCI.
    c. Town Meeting Prep?
    Katelyn asks Cory and Allan if there is anything they think that she needs to do in order to be prepared for town meeting.
    It is suggested that Katelyn put together a spreadsheet of the percentages that the CIRS budget has decreased since 2013.
    Katelyn explains that she has this spreadsheet already completed.

  14. Setting of Action Items
  15. a. Katelyn to look into water rescue training.
    b. Cory to obtain a debit card for the CIRS.

  16. Future Agenda Items:
  17. Table/ Chair Purchase
    Water rescue training

  18. Adjournment
  19. Katelyn Damon make a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1838.Cory Duggan seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katelyn Damon