School Board Meeting Minutes February 12, 2014

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School Committee Meeting
at the Longfellow School
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
8:30 am


Attendance: Katelyn Damon, Barbara Meyers, Kelly Sanborn
Others present: Howard Colter, Heather Webster, Ben Fulves, Phil Whitney, Ingrid Gaither

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 8:40 am.

II. Review and Approval of Voucher

III. Approval of Minutes - Discussion of uploading recordings of meetings onto the web to capture the details of any given meeting.
● Barbara moved to accept minutes from the 1/16 Workshop as amended. Katelyn seconded. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moved to accept the minutes from the 1/16 School Board Meeting as amended. Katelyn seconded. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moved to accept notes from the GCI Public Forum on 1/27/14 as amended. Katelyn seconded. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moved to accept notes from the Islesford Public Forum on 1/31/14 as amended. Katelyn seconded. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moved to accept minutes from the 1/31 School Board Meeting as written. Katelyn seconded. All in favor. Approved.

IV. Reports and Updates
Principal’s Report - Attached. Some highlights include:
● The kids will have Pajama Day on Valentine’s Day.
● February vacation is the 17th-21st.
● Discussion of installing electric heat in the back room at ABS.
● Curriculum Updates
● Facility Updates
● Quebec Trip/Fundraising
● Honda Odyssey to be brought to Northeast and barged over when David Bunker can.

Building Update:
● Ben Fulves reported the Fire Marshal’s office would not be issuing a formal deficiency report before town meeting due to the fact that once the report is issued the board has 10 days to respond with a plan before the proceedings begin to padlock the building. This cannot be done until funding is approved or voted down. The Fire Marshal’s office, however, would be sending a letter outlining the deficiencies outlining what to expect from the report.
● Cost given for option to keep padlock off door for first and second floors. Discussion on how these options would affect the building in the short-term and long-term. Lengthy discussion on how these two options are not options the school board supports.
V. Other Business:
● Discussion on Policy vs. Guidelines. Statement of Beliefs discussed and adopted. Things to consider when making or reviewing policy: Special needs of children, Age of youngest child, Population of each island, Teacher concerns, Unique talents and interests of children. Kelly made a motion to accept the Two-island School Policy of Cranberry Isles Principles. Barbara seconded. All in favor. Approved.
● Recap of both island public forums.
● Preparation for town meeting.

VI. Adjournment. Barbara made a motion to adjourn at 1:50 pm. Kelly seconded. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

Principal’s Report for the Cranberry Isles School Department
Heather Webster
February 12, 2014

Upcoming Events:
● February 14th: 100th day, Valentine’s Day and Pajama Day all-in-one
● February 17-21st: February Break

Facility Updates:
● The back room at ABS is freezing! I have notified Ben and am wondering what we can do to improve the temperature. I did purchase 2 small heaters, but I think of them as bandaids to the problem.

Curriculum Updates:
● NECAP testing results with be available shortly and send home to parents. I will summarize for the board the results when they are made public.
● Most students took the winter NWEAs. The teachers and I will be going over the results, comparing the scores to the Fall and previous scores and setting goals for the Spring test scores.
● I visited a 4th grade class at CES and attended a presentation on Stepping Stones math on Monday. This is a new K-5 math program out of Australia that aligns to the Common Core. CES is piloting it this year and Trenton will join in next year. It might be a good fit for us because it is easy to differentiate lessons both “up and down”. It is also iPad compatible for student practice.
● Julie Meltzer will be coming out for a second visit soon to observe and talk with our teachers.

● Paula Moody, the district Writing Coach, will be visiting ABS again soon to work with Lauren on the implementation of the new Lucy Calkin’s writing program units. (Additional professional development will be available this summer for this program.)
● Audrey attended the district professional day last month and met with all 6-12 math teachers. They discussed the Engage NY math initiative and our current math curriculums.
● Audrey and Ingrid will be attending a workshop together in April. This is very exciting and will strengthen our home-school communications, provide us with common language and give us additional strategies on classroom management.

Longfellow School:
● There seems to be a reoccuring problem with the heat/thermostat. Charlie from Northeast Plumbing has been here several times and is coming back today. We will make a plan as to how to proceed if (i.e. an electrician is needed).
● Tv/monitor is here, stand is here but not set up and a sound bar is coming. We are hoping that Tom, the pastor, will help us connect the apple tv to the monitor and get us up and running.
● The middle school students (Brenna, Zach, Sofie and Bea) went on a field trip with the MDES chorus to sing the national anthem at a Portland Pirates game in Lewiston on January 29th. It was phenomenal! The students did a great job singing, the game was exciting and the bus ride was the a lot of fun.
● An artist sponsored by the RLL fund visited ABS yesterday. I hear it was a great success. The children designed and created headdresses.
● The van is in my driveway, ready to be loaded up and barged. The hold up is coordinating schedules and weather.
● The TLC Quebec trip is on course. Jessie and I are discussing ABS’s monetary commitment to the trip and the teachers are working with parents to “iron out” the details of who is going, how much it will cost, fundraising that needs to be done, room assignments, etc…
● Nancy is pooling all the fundraising monies from the fall and I will have a total soon. Some of this money will go towards the Quebec trip. Richard Howland gave a $100 dollar donation for basketball court improvements and Bar Harbor Savings and Loan gave $300 for the trip.