Planning Board Meeting Minutes October 30, 2007

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Town of Cranberry Isles
Planning Board Meeting
October 30, 2007
Great Cranberry Island Firehouse

Steve Philbrook, Planning Board Chairman
Sally Rowan, Planning Board
Erin Fernald Gray, Planning Board
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Will Boddy, R. Murch Agent
Karin Whitney
Phil Whitney
Beverly Sanborn
I. Call to Order: 5:02 P.M. by Chairman Steve Philbrook.
III. (Taken out of order) Review Application:
Agent: Will Boddy
Tax Map 07, Lot 03 and Tax Map 08
Great Cranberry Island
Construction of Deck

The property being reviewed is in the Low Density Residential District.

A 09/24/07 letter of authorization from Robert Murch has been received by the Planning Board. The letter authorizes Will Boddy as agent for this project.

Robert Murch has removed an old building on the Deadman Point part of his property that was in need of much repair. The deck and chimney from the old structure remain at the site. The chimney is intended to be refurbished for an outside fireplace. Some trees have been cut outside of the 75 foot buffer of the high water mark, but in no way account for 10% of the coverage. Conservation mix has been spread in the area. Any soil disturbed will be reseeded and any required mulch or silt fences will be installed. Mr. Murch proposes to build a new deck which would encompass a smaller footprint than the original building .The old deck is 220+ feet from mean high water on the south side. The new deck would be 200+ feet from mean high water on the north side. The new deck will extend 16 feet north from the old deck and extend east of the chimney the same distance as is presently on the west side, 9’ 9”. The water is still running to the site, but is not intended to be used. Electricity connection also remains at the sight, and Mr. Murch would like to assemble an outlet and streetlight on an existing power pole in the area of the deck. No house is proposed, just a deck. There is sewer at the site, but is not intended to be used.
Section IX. Area, Setback and Coverage Minimums, Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands-Low Density Residential District
1. Minimum lot size: 2 acres
meets requirements
2. Minimum frontage on abutting shore: on shore 250 feet
meets requirements
3. Maximum land area covered by buildings, including accessory buildings, parking lots and other non-vegetated surfaces: 15%
meets requirements
4. Setback for buildings:
-from normal high water, 100 feet
-from center line of town roads, 25 feet
-from any other property lines, 2 feet
-from the upland edge of wetlands, marshes and areas readily eroded, 25 feet

meets requirements
5. Minimum distance between principal buildings on the same lot, 30 feet
meets requirements
6. Height restriction for principal buildings on the same lot, 30 feet
Not applicable

Sally Rowan moves that the proposed project meets the requirements for area, setback, and coverage minimums as stated in the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands. Erin Gray seconds the motion. (3-0) Motion passes.
Section XI. Land Use Standards
A. Agriculture Not applicable
B. Beach Construction Not applicable
C. Campgrounds and Individual Campsites Not applicable
D. Clearing of vegetation
No clearing has taken place within the 75 feet setback from high water. Sally Rowan moves that the proposed project meets the requirements for clearing of vegetation as stated in the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands. (3-0) Motion passes.
E. Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Conservation mix has been spread, somewhat graded with significant growth coming through.
Erin Gray moves that the proposed project meets the requirements for erosion and sedimentation control as stated in the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands. (3-0) Motion passes.<?b>
F. Mineral Exploration and Extraction Not applicable
G. Piers, Docks, Wharves, Breakwaters, Causeways, Marinas, Bridges over 20 feet in length, and Uses Projecting into Water Bodies Not applicable
H. Road Construction Not applicable
There is an existing footpath around the perimeter of the property. No road construction is planned.
I. Signs Not applicable
J. Storm Water Runoff
Erin Gray moves that the proposed project meets the requirements for storm water runoff as stated in the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. Motion passes.
K. Septic Waste Disposal Not applicable
There is still septic at the site, but is not intended to be used.
L. Essential Services Not applicable
M. Timber Harvesting Not applicable
Less than 10% of trees at the site were cut, and none were removed within 75 feet of the high water mark.
N. Soils Not applicable
O. Archaeological Sites Not applicable
No known archaeological sites are at the site of the proposed project.

Mr. Murch has obtained a Letter of Map Amendment Dertermination Document from the Federal Emergency Management Agency which deems this property out of the 100 year flood hazard area, dated September 07, 2006.

The proposed project is not within significant wildlife habitat for shorebird and inland bird habitats.
Section XII. Performance Standards
1. Will maintain safe and healthful conditions
(3-0) meets requirements
2. Will not result in erosion or sedimentation (3-0) meets requirements
3. Will not result in water pollution
(3-0) meets requirements
4. Will not have an adverse impact on spawning grounds, fish, aquatic life, bird, or other wildlife habitats
(3-0) meets requirements
5. Will conserve shoreland vegetation
(3-0) meets requirements
6. Will conserve visual points of access to waters as viewed from public facilities
(3-0) meets requirements
7. Will conserve actual points of public access to waters
(3-0) meets requirements
8. Will protect archaeological and historic resources as designated in the comprehensive plan
(3-0) meets requirements
9. Will not adversely affect existing commercial fishing or maritime activities
(3-0) meets requirements
10. Will avoid problems associated with flood plain development and use
(3-0) meets requirements
11. Is in conformance with provisions of Section XI, Land Use Standards
(3-0) meets requirements
The Robert Murch application for construction of deck is approved.
A letter of approval from the Planning Board will be forwarded to the Code Enforcement Officer and the Town Office.
IV. Other Business
• An October 15, 2007 memo has been received from Tom Martin of the Hancock County Planning Commission as a reminder that the Commission is available to help planning boards revise their shoreland zoning ordinances to meet the new D.E.P. guidelines. Chairman Philbrook asks the Deputy Clerk to contact Mr. Martin and give him contact numbers for Mr. Philbrook. Public hearings will need to be held and the changes rewritten hopefully in time for March Town Meeting 2008. The Deputy Clerk will report back with timeframes for the warrant.
• Some terms are expiring for planning board members this March. It is reported that Erin Fernald Gray may not be seeking re-appointment.
• The Deputy Clerk is asked by the Planning Board Chairman to type a form letter for planning board decisions.
V. Adjournment: 5:49 P.M.
Steve Philbrook moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. (3-0) Motion passes.

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