Planning Board Meeting Minutes September 25, 2007

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Planning Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Great Cranberry Island Firehouse

Steve Philbrook, Chairman
Sally Rowan, Planning Board
Bruce Komusin, Planning Board
William Dowling, Planning Board
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Kirk Henriksen, Rep. for Van Dam Architects
Eve Harrison, Agent on behalf of Williamsons & Rep. for H.L. Bunker, Contractor
Sam Van Dam, Agent on behalf of Williamsons & Rep. for Van Dam Architects

I. Call to Order: 6:01 P.M by Planning Board Chairman Steve Philbrook.
II. Review / Approval 07/24/07 Planning Board Meeting Minutes
III. Review Application: (line three), Delete "Driveway and Parking Area”.
The applicant has previous approval for the driveway and parking area from the Code Enforcement Officer. This application is for a single family dwelling only.
Page 1, III. Review Application: (lines 8 and 9), rephrase, The new structure will be 22” x 26’ building with an addition of 14’x14’.
Page 2, (lines 1 & 2), Delete (Front yards 25’ Center of Town Road, side yards 25’ and Rear yards 100”- Non-water dependent uses / building).
Page 2, Section IX, Area, Setback, and Coverage Minimums, Subsection #2, (lines 16 & 17), typo errors, “large volumes of cooling or processing water and which cannot be reasonably located or operated at an inland site, and uses which primarily provide general public access to marine or tidal waters.

Bill Dowling moves to accept the Planning Board Meeting Minutes for July 24, 2007, with the above corrections. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. (4-0) Motion passes.
III. Review Application:
Mark and Sarah Williamson
Tax Map 17, Lot 03, Great Cranberry Island
Single Family Residential Dwelling
A September 10, 2007 communication from Mark Williamson has been received by the Planning Board authorizing both Sam Van Dam and Eve Harrison to act as agents on his behalf on any pending permit applications before the Cranberry Isles Planning Board and its Code Enforcement Officer, Kim Keene.
The Chairman of the Planning Board has deemed the application to be complete. Tax Map 17, Lot 03 is in a mixed residential district. The application asks for permission to construct a new single family residential dwelling with two stories, and six bedrooms, not eight bedrooms as originally planned. The existing building does not conform to side yard setback requirements, but the new building is planned to conform. Mr. Van Dam states that the new structure will be out of FEMA zones and will include breakaway panels as an extra precaution. Mr. Van Dam personally certifies that the location is within Department of Environmental Standards. The applicant already has a permit for a driveway. The plans are for a two phase project, with the garage and bunkhouse being built this year, and following summer 2008, to finish the rest of the house, and tear down the existing residence.
Section VI, Existing Uses, Expansions, Suspension o r Discontinuance, Change of Ownership, Non-Conforming Lots-Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands, Town of Cranberry Isles.
Sally Rowan moves that the application meets the requirements of Section VI. Steve Philbrook seconds the motion. (3-0, with one abstaining).
IV. Other Business
A report from the Chairman is that there may be business to conduct for the Planning Board in reference to the Murch Property and building in the Low Density Residential Zone.
V. Adjournment: 7:17 P.M.
Bill Dowling moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion (4-0) Motion passes.

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