School Board Meeting Minutes April 01, 2014

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School Committee Meeting
at the Islesford Library
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
8:30 am


Attendance: Barbara Meyers, Kelly Sanborn
Others present: Ben Fulves, Howard Colter, Heather Webster

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 8:35 am.

II. Approval of Voucher.

III. Review and Approval of Minutes.
● 2/21/2014 - Barbara moves to accept minutes as written. Kelly seconds. Approved.
● 3/7/2014 - Barbara moves to accept minutes as written. Kelly seconds. Approved.

IV. Reports and Updates.
Principal’s Report: Attached. Some highlights include:
● 4/4/14 Early release day.
● 14th-18th Art week 4th-8th graders. Whole school on Friday.
● 21st-27th April vacation.
● 5/2, 5/9, 5/23, 5/30 Swim lessons at the YMCA.

V. Discussion Item: Plans for Moving Ahead with Longfellow Building Project: Ben explained the bid documents. How to structure bid. Suggested ABS and Longfellow projects should be separate. He asked where we are with the bank loan. Discussed signing off on warrant every two weeks. Suggested making a regular schedule for signing the warrant. Ben described what he thought his process was moving forward: ABS - Provide set of projects, solicit bids, award bids, move forward. Longfellow - Solicit bids, award bids, move forward. The Board and Howard approve this process.

Ben suggested breaking down the project and providing detailed drawings for areas with must unknowns associated with it, ie the staircase, as opposed to a full set of detailed drawings. Howard suggested that could be problematic to not have an architect who is accountable and liable for the whole project. It was decided that Barbara would consult Bill Stockmeyer for clarification. Barbara questioned Howard on role of hiring a Project Manager or Owner’s Rep. Does it need to go to bid? Howard felt no. It was the same as hiring a lawyer, etc, you decide who you want. After that, the work from the Project Manager is put out to bid. Ben asked if the lawyer should be consulted to verify, but Howard said no, he was comfortable with this.

VI. Action Items:
● Acceptance of School Committee Member Resignation - Barbara regretfully moves to accept Katelyn Damon’s resignation and expresses sincere gratitude for all her hard work. Kelly seconds. Approved.
● Barbara again makes recommendation to consider a 5-member school board.
● Appointment of New School Committee Member - Kelly nominated Cari Alley. Barbara seconded. Approved. Cari will need to be sworn in by the Town Office.
● Reorganization of School Committee - Election of Officers:
- Chair - Kelly nominates Barbara Meyers. Barbara seconds. Approved.
- Recording Secretary - Barbara nominates Kelly Sanborn. Kelly seconds. Approved.
Appointment of:
- Truant Officer - Richard Howland
- Attendance Officer - Heather Webster
- School Physician - Mark Kandutsch
● Acceptance of Art Teacher Resignation - Barbara regretfully moves to accept Shira Singer’s resignation and thanks her for her years of service. Kelly seconds. Approved.
● Open Art Teacher Position - Job opening will need to be posted internally and in newspaper. Hiring Committee for Art Teacher - Heather, Barbara and perhaps Cari.
● Adoption of Policy EHB - School Records Retention - Barbara moves to adopt. Kelly seconds. Approved.

VII. Other Business:
● Adopting 2014-2015 school calendar. Will discuss calendar at the next meeting to decide whether to adopt as scheduled or make modifications.
● Next meeting to be held May 6th MDHS at 9:15.

VIII. Executive Session Pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A): Personnel Evaluation - Tabled until next meeting.

IX. Adjournment. Barbara moves to adjourn the meeting at 11:17. Kelly seconds. Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

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