School Board Meeting Minutes May 06, 2014

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Cranberry Isles School Committee Meeting
at the MDIHS Superintendent’s Office
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
9:15 am


Attendance: Barbara Meyers, Kelly Sanborn, Cari Alley
Others present: Ben Fulves, Howard Colter, Heather Webster, Jessie Campbell, Ruth Kermish-Allen

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 9:17 am.

II. Approval of Voucher.

III. Review and Approval of Minutes.
● 4/1/14 - Barbara requested a change to the minutes in the last paragraph, 1st page to include, “or Owner’s Rep.” Barbara moves to accept minutes as amended. Kelly seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● 4/14/2014 - Barbara moves to accept minutes as written. Kelly seconds. All in favor. Approved.

IV. Reports and Updates.
Jessie Campbell, TLC Director & Ruth Kermish-Allen, Island Institute Education
Programs Director.
● Ruth discussed establishing relations with the school boards, Island Institute, & the TLC.
● Explained this is the fourth year of the TLC. Many of their acquired grants are ending this year and they are investigating ways to continue the TLC. The Island Institute and the TLC are requesting $4000.00 from each school or possibly less from the smaller schools to help with costs.
● Howard suggested putting the $4000.00 in the budget so it is always there.
● Jessie discussed the TLC at length with its history and future in mind. There was discussion on areas of strengths and areas that could use more focus going forward.
● The school committee unanimously offered support and gratitude for the TLC and welcomed both Jessie Campbell and Ruth Kermish-Allen to please attend the school board meetings in an effort to continue building relations between the three groups.
Julie Meltzer, MDIRSS Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction.
● Postponed to future date (unknown).
Principal’s Report: Attached. Some highlights include:
● 5/12-5/16 TLC Quebec Trip.
● 5/19 Bangor Symphony for olders and Discovery Museum for K-2 with Swans Island.
● 6/17 Art Show on Islesford.
● 6/18 Last day of school. Possibly to be held on GCI with picnic to follow at the Sanborn Residence.

V. Action Items:
● Approval of 2014-2015 School Calendar. Cari makes a motion to accept the 2014-2015 calendar as written. Barbara seconds. All in favor. Approved.

● Nomination and Election of Probationary Teachers. Kelly makes a motion to accept Superintendent’s nomination to move Claire Cullinane, Lauren Simmons, and Audrey Noether to second year probationary teaching status for the 2014-2015 school year. Cari seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● Appointment of School Committee member to AOS study Committee. Discussed. No action taken at this time.
● Authorization for Superintendent to Apply for and Receive Federal and State Funds. Barbara moves to authorize. Kelly seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● Review Letters of Interest from Architects and Schedule Interviews. There were seven submittals and the board reviewed each submittal and decided to interview four out of the seven. The architects to be called back for an interview are:
1. Eric A. Chase Architecture in collaboration with Jeri Spurling
2. Lewis & Malm Architecture
3. Sealander Architects
4. Stewart Brecher Architects
Ben will set up appointments with the above architectural firms for walk-throughs at the Longfellow School and subsequent interviews. Kelly will attend the walk-throughs if possible. Would like the walk-throughs to be completed within two weeks. Interviews will be held at the Longfellow School. Recommend two days with two interviews on each day. It is suggested that each board member think about criteria that is important to the project for the interviews.

VI. Discussion Items.
● Howard discussed the district entering conversations for a Consolidated Middle School.
● AOS Meetings. The next meeting to be held on May 20th. Howard discussed the importance of the islands being represented by at least one member of our board.
● Ben Fulves Report on ABS. Bid request went out for the completion of work on ABS. There has been no interest to date. The lead remediation and the cladding need to be done simultaneously. It was agreed to place the ad again in the Islander and Bangor Daily News to see if more interest could be generated.

Executive Session Pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A): Personnel Evaluation - The meeting moved into Executive Session at 11:54 am. The meeting moved out of Executive Session and back into Public Session at 12:14 pm.

VII. Other Business:
● Items to add to future agendas: ABS walkway and entrance. Discuss with possible landscape designers, i.e. Jen Macomber.
● Julie Meltzer. Reschedule a time to meet with her regarding curriculum.
● In the future need to discuss the oil situation at Longfellow depending on work that may or may not be accomplished before winter.
● Do we want to hire a custodian for Longfellow? Readdress. Contact Jesse Jameson at 659-4964.

VIII. Adjournment. Barbara moves to adjourn the meeting at 1:46 pm. Kelly seconds. All in favor. Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

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