Planning Board Workshop April 27, 2006

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Planning Board Workshop Minutes
April 27, 2006
Islesford, ME 04646

Steve Philbrook
Kimberly Keene (C.E.O.)
Bill Dowling
Phil Whitney
Bruce Komusin
Nanette Hadlock
Erin Fernald-Gray
Call To Order- 6:05 PM by Steve Philbrook
Approval of Planning Board Minutes 04/07/06:
Strike variance from paragraph one of the Reese Application, as this meeting was not to consider a variance.
Steve Philbrook moves to accept the April 07, 2006 Planning Board minutes with the above correction. Bill Dowling seconds the motion, with another affirmative vote by Bruce Komusin. Motion passes.
This workshop meeting was held for informational purposes by teleconference with Code Enforcement Officer (C.E.O.) Kimberly Keene.

Some of the answers to questions include the following:
• Septic Systems are not included in calculating lot coverage.
• A septic tank must be placed at least one hundred (100) feet away from any well located on the property, or abutting the property.
• Houses, roadways, and parking areas do count when calculating lot coverage.
• It is the burden of the landowner to calculate vegetated wetland coverage by a Wetland Delineator or surveyor.
• Our Shoreland Ordinance does not include setbacks for driveways or parking areas, or a definition of a driveway or parking area.
• The Board of Appeals has the authority to vary setbacks.
• The Town of Cranberry Isles Site Plan Review Ordinance is used for Commercial, Retail, industrial, institutional, and multiple family dwelling applications. These applications usually require a visit, but it is not stated in our ordinance. Abutting landowners have to be notified.
• The Land Use Ordinance for the shorelands of the Town of Cranberry Isles is used for single-family dwellings, shoreland stabilization project, filling/earth moving, permanent (residential) piers, docks & float, home occupations, accessory structures over 250 sq. ft. applications. Districts covered with this ordinance can be found in Section VII of the Land Use Ordinance. It is not required to notify the abutting landowners do not have to be notified.
• If a Department of Environmental Protection (D.E.P.) Permit is required, the D.E.P. will usually notify the landowner within two (2) weeks if there is a problem with issuing a permit for the application.
• Site Plan and Subdivision applications need a public notice placed in a local newspaper and posted in a conspicuous location within the community.
• Building permit applications are explained in Section XII., B and C of the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands.
• The chairman of the Planning Board will decide if an application is complete and will notify the landowner within thirty (30) days of the date of receiving a written application, as stated in Section XII, D of the Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands. If the application is found complete, then a Planning Board Meeting will be scheduled for approval/denial.
• At an official Planning Board Meeting, after stating the applicant’s name and intention, it should be asked by the Chairman is there any conflict of interest with anyone on the planning board with this particular application. If so, that member or members should abstain from ruling on the building permit. Also verify newspaper ad for public hearing.

• The common practice for planning board meetings is as follows:
1) Publicize the property and state the intention of the application.
2) Assure there is no conflict of interest with members of the board.
3) Open the floor to the applicant, or applicant’s representative, for presentation.
4) Open the floor to the public who wish to speak.
5) Close the floor to the public for comment.
6) The Planning Board deliberates the application.
7) The Planning Board goes through the applicable guidelines for the application.
8) The Planning Board either denies or approves the application.
New Business
• Bill Dowling nominates Stephen Philbrook as Chairman of the Planning Board. Bruce Komusin seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Erin Fernald Gray. Motion passes.
Adjournment- 8:50 PM
Steve Philbrook moves to adjourn the meeting. Bill Dowling seconds the motion. Meeting adjourns.

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