School Board Meeting Minutes November 15, 2013

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School Committee Meeting
at the Longfellow School on GCI
Friday, 15 November 2013
4:30 p.m.

Attendance: Katelyn Damon, Barbara Meyers, Howard Colter, Kelly Sanborn, Phil Whitney, Heather Webster, Ingrid Gaither, Karin Whitney.

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 4:37 p.m.

II. New Business
Discussion on how best to videotape the meetings and make them public either upon request or uploading them to a site where anyone can access them at any time. Kelly is to look in to the hardware aspect for videotaping. Katelyn is to look into the site to have the videos uploaded.

III. Review and Approval of Minutes
● Barbara moved to approve the 10/23 School Board minutes as amended. Katelyn seconded. Approved.
● Katelyn moved to approve the 11/5 School Board/Selectmen Meeting minutes as written. Barbara seconded. Approved.
● Katelyn moved to approve the 11/12 School Board Meeting Workshop minutes as written. Barbara seconded. Approved.

IV. Reports and Updates
● Review and discussion of 11/12/13 Selectmen’s Meeting. Katelyn felt there was a misunderstanding on behalf of the public for allocation of funds requested. She felt the public thought we were asking for $560,000 for just the Longfellow School project. It had not been clearly demonstrated that we were asking for approximately $100,000 to complete the ABS project, approximately $65,000 to project manager and administrative fees, and the balance to the completion of the Longfellow School Building project. Barbara suggested a Memo of Commitment and history of funds to clear up the confusion on appropriation of funds. Howard offered to draft a memo based on the minutes from the 11/5/13 meeting. There was still question as to who owns the Longfellow building. Kelly relayed information that Richard had shared with her regarding his findings that the school building and the library were indeed owned by the school.
● 12/15/13 Preliminary budget due.
● 12/30/13 Articles need to be completed for the Town Report. Discussed a January workshop for the budget.
● 1/15/13 School budget and all warrants are due.
● Discussed whether there should be a school budget workshop and when. It was suggested to wait until the board reviewed the budget at this meeting to decide if another workshop would be necessary.

Principal’s Report - Attached. Some highlights noted below.
● 12/13 Half day.
● 12/17 Choir at MDES - older kids.
● Apple TV ordered for ABS and Longfellow Schools. Going to be receiving a large TV monitor that will be on a stand that can be moved around. A white computer will come over from ABS that will be set up at the Longfellow School to be used for school board meetings and for bad weather days for the GCI kids to connect with ABS. Ingrid will be trained on use of the Apple TV. It was discussed that the Apple TV may be capable of recording the School Board Meetings so the hardware discussed earlier in the meeting may not be necessary. Katelyn suggested looking into an external hard drive from the white computer to directly upload the meetings to YouTube or a similar site. Possibly purchasing an Ipad in lieu of the white computer may be more beneficial. Heather will discuss with Lindsay and Elaine. Heather stated this could be used for community events and not strictly school events.

School Car Update - Heather discussed how $4000.00 can be taken from the transportation part of the budget to purchase a new school car. The Honda Odyssey van that the Board has been considering is set at a firm $4600.00. Heather suggested to come up with $600.00 would not be a problem. It was decided to find a quality vehicle would be very hard to find for less than that. It was asked what we should do with the current school car. It was agreed to put the purchasing of the new car in Heather’s hands. Katelyn made a motion to appropriate up to $5000.00 for the purchase and delivery, and registration of the new car. Kelly seconded. All in favor. Approved.

Longfellow Heat Update - Ingrid will call Northeast Plumbing & Heating to try to resolve heating issues in the Reading Room.

V. Executive Session Pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. 405(6)(A): Personnel Evaluation
● Katelyn made motion to enter executive session at 5:46. Kelly seconded. Approved. Reconvened public meeting @ 5:59.

VI. Discussion Items -
● Briefly addressed forming the policy questions surrounding off-island augmentation. Barbara felt each board member should frame questions regarding policy concerns regarding middle school or individuals in terms of off-island educational augmentation. Discussed sharing list of questions with each other without trying to discuss or influence outside of the meeting setting. Howard suggested once the list if finalized we could make the list public as a starting point.
● Preliminary budget - Howard explained the preliminary budget. Three major changes in the budget over last year:
○ Pay 2.65% of salaries towards retirement for current active employees.
○ Budgeting for health insurance being up 2% from last year (increase from 8% to 10%).
○ Salary increase of 2.75%.

VII. Action Items
● JRA-Student Education Records and Information.
● JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights.
● JRA-R Student Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure.
● Katelyn made motion to approve all three items as one. Barbara seconded. All in favor. Approved.

VIII. Adjournment. Katelyn made a motion to adjourn at 6:15. Kelly seconds. All in favor. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

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