Planning Board Meeting August 10, 2006

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Planning Board Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2006
Great Cranberry Island Lady’s Aid Center

I. Call to Order: 6:00 P.M. by Chairman Stephen Philbrook
II. Review Application
Bonnie Sue and Christopher F. Nash
Tax Map 15, Lot 1
Fish Point
Great Cranberry Island

This property is located in the Low Density Residential District. The lot is 0.9 acres and was a pre-existing lot before the Cranberry Isles Shoreland Ordinance was enacted. The Nash’s are applying for an after-the-fact permit for a stone patio with stepping stones and a low wall. The Nash’s were sent a notice of violation by Code Enforcement Officer Kimberly Keene on December 04, 2004. According to the C.E.O., the patio is a structure or an accessory structure, located within the Cranberry Isles 100-foot shoreland setback. The Board of Appeals was asked to review the matter, and it ruled that the patio is an accessory structure but that it is not subject to the 100-foot setback because it is not a “building”. Under Section IX, B.- the Setback for “buildings” from normal high water is 100 feet. The violation has now gone past the thirty day time frames for recourse.

Steve Philbrook moves to approve the Nash permit after the fact. Bruce Komusin seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Bill Dowling. Motion passes. (3-0)
III. Other Business
· Members of the Planning Board agree that our ordinance is vague when pertaining to structures. In many places the word building is used when the word structure might be more appropriate.
· A suggestion was made that all abutters should be notified on all permits. According to the chairman, he spoke to the Code Enforcement Officer and she feels it would be burdensome to notify all abutters for all permits. At this time abutters are only notified under the site plan review, the subdivision ordinance, or when a Department of Environmental Protection Permit is required.
· Section XII, G of the Shoreland Ordinance gives the information for Appeals Board.
· Chairman Steve Philbrook requests a copy of the actual shoreland zoning map, as the one included in the ordinance is very hard to read.
· An amendment to the Planning Board By-Laws, adopted May 04,2004, reads as follows:
Planning Board Members who observe, or who may be advised by Others, of potential code violations, will notify the Chairman of the Planning Board. The Chairman will be responsible for contacting the Town Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) in a timely manner, to request a determination whether further investigation by the CEO is necessary. If the CEO determines an investigation is warranted, the Chairman will monitor the results of the investigation. If enforcement action by the CEO or other government entities is subsequently deemed necessary, the Chairman will brief the other members at the next appropriate Planning Board Meeting.
· Planning Board Members ask for Town Office Personnel to publish the Intent to Build Form on the and websites.
· A checklist for the Site Plan Review Ordinance is available at the Cranberry Isles Town Office. This list is helpful in preparing a complete application.

Steve Philbrook moves to accept the minutes for the July 25, 2006 Planning Board Meeting. Bill Dowling seconds the motion. Motion passes.

The Chairman requests that Deputy Town Clerk draft two letters of approval, one for the Williamson Dock and Shore Stabilization at GCI, and one for the Nash Patio after the fact permit.
IV. Adjournment- 7:00 P.M. Steve Philbrook moves to adjourn the meeting, Bruce Komusin seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Bill Dowling. Meeting Adjourns.

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