April 28 2014

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission
Meeting Minutes
Cranberry Isles Town Office
Monday, April 28, 2014 (at 4:15 P.M.)

• Jim Fortune opened meeting at 4:15
• Jim Fortune stated that we needed to elect officers for 2014
• Ron Axelrod nominates Katelyn Damon to be Chairperson, unanimous
• Discussion of what type of minutes are necessary
• Ron nominates Cory Duggan to be secretary, unanimous
• Agenda for this meeting discussed, where idea came from
• Katelyn would like to add to our topics the GCI Fire Station and it’s ability to house the 2 fire trucks and 1 ambulance easier. Currently 3 vehicles are in 2 bays; there is a third bay on the opposite end of the building. The building would most likely not be able to house a newer/larger fire truck.
o GCI FD and Public Safety Coordinator will develop a plan and can work
with MAC in the future on said plan.
• Ferry Service background & discussion started by Ron A.
o Ron proposes a task force group made up of former Transportation Committee Members that will develop a service, hire a consultant and seek more funding from the State of Maine over a two-­‐year process.
Skip Stevens, Phil Whitney,
o Option 2 approach David Bunker to discuss his plans and thoughts about the overall service
o Discussion of forming this new committee with Ron A. as Chair & Cory D, Ingrid G, Skip S., and Phil W.
o Phil declined the offer, Katelyn suggests Sam Donald
• Firehouse as a possible new town office
o Ron agreed to draw up some rough plans for this idea
o Ron’s plan could be used; the town would need an engineer’s stamp as well.
o MAC will put this plan to the selectmen, and they will take it from there.
• Road improvement Program
o At town meeting the voters voted 2 sections on GCI to be paved, so the town is committed to that, despite other roads on the SW Cole report that are rated lower on LCI and GCI.
o MAC questions where the funds are to maintain unpaved roads on both islands
o What are our priorities? We should prioritize the roads that are in the worse shape, not necessarily use the SW Cole assessment.
o We recommend instead of prioritizing roads that are not substandard but the roads that are substandard such as Main Rd on LCI.