June 17, 2014

MAC Meeting Tuesday June 17, 2014

Held at Isles ford Neighborhood House

Present: Katelyn Damon, Chairperson; Cory Duggan, Secretary; Jim Fortune, Assistant to Selectmen
Guest: Joy Sprague, Selectman
On Phone: Ron Axelrod; Ingrid Gaither; Karen Whitney; Malcolm Donald

• Call to Order 4:20
• Review of agenda
• LCI Dock extension update
o Jim F gave report for Harbor Committee meeting
o Committee recommends option 1E from report made by Kleinschmidt
 Would like to add more wave attenuators than the plan has
 Committee is not interested hiring FST, would rather Jim F contact Kim Keene our CO
 Would like to go forward with plans to make repairs to dock
 Would like to put a hoist on the dock
 Would like to pursue the ship grant
• Ship Grant update
o Would assist financially with dock repairs
o Discussion about whether to apply for grant to cover just repairs or to include and ask for funds for extension as well.
 Repairs need to be made ASAP, and so it makes sense to send in the grant for funds to make just the repairs
• Transportation Task Force Update
o A draft of a Transportation Survey was shown
o 26th of June a revised version of Survey will be done
o 27th of June MAC will review revised version
 This will be passed onto Selectmen for review before their July 8
 If survey is accepted by Selectmen it will go out immediately to community
 Forums will be held in August to discuss the results
• Roads Survey
o Katelyn and Jim will make up survey questions with help from Ron
o Katelyn would make up the survey
o Not a high priority, shoot for end of July to have survey done
• Old Firehouse/Town Office
o No update
o Ron will be here in July, and can make up a plan & drawings then for presentation to MAC, then selectmen

• Manset Updates
o Update next meeting
• Other Business
o New GCI bathroom is up and running as of today.
o The door lock is being fixed, on Monday.
o Some feedback has come back to Jim F from some community members
• Audience communications
o Shared by Joy
 July 24th is a Postal Meeting with officials from the USPS
• Motion to adjourn by Katelyn, 2nd by Karen; unanimous
• Meeting adjourned at 5:09