May 24, 2014 (Transportation Task Force)

Transportation Task Force Meeting May 24, 2014
Held at Cranberry House

Members present: Ron Axelrod; Cory Duggan, secretary; Skip Stevens, Ingrid Gaither, Bill Dowling
On Phone: Sam Donald; Katelyn Damon Guests: Phil Whitney; Karen Whitney

• Call to order 9:16
• Ron opened meeting with intro to meeting.
o Joy Sprague has been added to the task force
• Need to come up with a mission statement, and develop a two year plan for any changes that could benefit the Town of Cranberry Isles
• This task force is a result of the Selectmen recognizing the need for changes
• Ron has put together a rough draft based on the Casco Bay Ferry Service as a potential target to hit as a service to emulate
• Discussion as to whether or not to include Newman & Gray in the discussion with the three other services we have
o Phil Whitney shared his understanding of the NEH harbor history on their allowances of boats that use their facilities
• Discussion about forming the statement, and what it should include:
o The mission of the Transportation Task Force is to improve the quality of water transportation service by identifying the needs of the people of the Town of Cranberry Isles and by developing a plan to provide for those needs, with the goal of presenting a proposal for service to the MAC by the end of October, 2015.
• Discussed that our mission dovetails with the Harbor Committee’s project of exploring the extension of the LCI town dock.
• Discussion of survey for gathering information from residents
• Kaitlyn will help us to find a survey service that will work for our needs of having both an online survey and a hard copy survey for those without computer access.
• Ingrid will be custodian of records, she has the surveys from the Transportation Task Force in 2008-­‐9
• Cory, Ingrid, Sam & Bill will be the group that creates the survey questions, Sam volunteers to lead this group. We will all come up with at least 5 questions each.
o 3 weeks to put together this survey, and then present this to the MAC
o To be presented to the Transportation Task Force on June 14th for a meeting of the taskforce meeting on June 17th at 3pm at the INHA
• Budget for taskforce
• Seek a transportation consultant that will design a scope of work on this project, Ron suggests Charlie Norris. The town has history with Charlie, and he is familiar with our situation.
o Ron’s estimate would be $4500 to pay for 30 hours of consulting fees.

o Discussion of the needs of a consultant and whether the money is worth the expenditure.
o Motion made by Skip Stevens, 2nd by Ingrid Gaither that the Transportation task Force request funds in the amount up to $5,000, to cover expenses for 2014. Passed unanimously.
o Ron will put the motion together in writing and forward it to Katelyn who will present it to the Selectmen at their June 3rd meeting
o Cory makes motion to adjourn 2nd by Ingrid at 10:51 passed unanimous