June 27, 2014

Transportation Task Force Meeting June 27, 2014
Held at The Community Center on GCI

Present: Ingrid Gaither; Sam Donald; Bill Dowling
On Phone: Cory Duggan; Skip Stevens; Katelyn Damon; Joy Sprague; Ron Axelrod; Charles Norris;

• Call to order @ 4:08
• Ron is adding to agenda the need for discussing the need for communication with SW Harbor
• Tabled acceptance of the minute for the June 17 minutes
o Possible that nobody took minutes
• Discussion about who has the responsibility for making sure the right
information gets out to everyone properly
o Purpose is so that inconsistencies are done away with.
• Sam facilitated the discussion of the rough draft of the survey
• Discussion about how to serve those who can’t submit form by the online form
• Went through survey question by question and made changes where necessary and suggested
• Discussed next steps for the survey
• Katelyn & Sam will input the questions into an online survey system
• Discuss of public forums will take place at the next meeting, tentatively scheduled 15th or 16th of August
• Next meeting will be on July 8th with the time TBD depending on the Selectman’s agenda; Katelyn will do this in consultation with Jim F.
• Motion to adjourn
• Adjourned @ 5:50