August 12, Transportation Task Force

Transportation Task Force Meeting August 12, 2014
Held at the Islesford Neighborhood House on LCI

Present: Skip Stevens; Katelyn Damon; Joy Sprague; Ron Axelrod; Bill Dowling; Jim Fortune. On Teleconference: Ingrid Gaither; Sam Donald; Charles Norris

• Call to order @ 4:06 P.M.
• Discussion about the format for the transportation forums on Saturday. The Committee will explain how the survey was constructed and what the results of the survey are.
• It was determined by the Committee that it might take too long to go through an entire summary of the survey (all 55 questions) and people might lose interest.
• It may make more sense to do a brief summary and put the questions and results into groups for the presentation.
• The presentation of the summary would open up the discussion and get feedback about what people want to see for ferry service in the future. It will help give the Committee a focus about further planning steps.
• The presentation will go through the main topics and what the survey covered.
• People could then ask questions and offer comments about the survey and the future of ferry service.
• We could have a simplified version of the survey results, with the broader categories and groupings of questions. A full version and a condensed version can be put on the Towns website and made available at the forums.
• The main handout for the forums could be a main topics list with a summary of the survey results.
o Demographics: age, category (seasonal, year-round, etc.) months in residence, purpose, etc.
o Scheduling, including reliability
o Pricing, incl. price differentials, e.g., day-tripper vs. residential
o Safety
o Customer Service and Comfort
o Freight Handling
o Barging
• Ron will put a condensed version together as a draft and circulate by Thursday.
• Charles Norris will prepare a revised memo on the proposed planning steps to hand out at the forums.
• Transportation Forum will take place as follows on Saturday, August 12th:
o Ron Axelrod will produce a condensed/streamlined version of the survey results for the forum.
o Sam Donald will lead the presentation for the Committee at both forums (on GCI & LCI). Skip Stevens will assist.
o Charles Norris will present the next steps outline din his memo for the Transportation Committee.
o Jim Fortune will record the meeting with both an audio recording and written Minutes.
o Ingrid Gaither will set up the Community Center on GCI and provide coffee and muffins (or other light snacks)
o Jim Fortune will set up the Islesford Neighborhood House on LCI, and Joy Sprague will provide coffee and muffins (or other light snacks)
• Motion to adjourn
• Adjourned @ 5:50 P.M.