August 22, 2014 (Transportation Task Force-Revised and Approved)

Transportation Task Force Meeting Friday August 22, 2014
Ladies Aid Community Building, Great Cranberry

Present: Ron Axelrod, Joy Sprague, Cory Duggan, Charles Norris, Skip Stevens

• Call to order by Ron at 4:03
• Purpose of meeting is to go over next steps for the group
• Bill Dowling would like to resign from the Transportation Committee per a disagreement with Ron A., Ron hopes to talk with Bill and come to a resolution/ common ground and not have the end result of Bill resigning
• Discussion and confusion about July 8th minutes, tabling the accepting of minutes of July 8 and Aug 12 until next meeting
• Discussion about the discussion of comments and questions from the TTF forums
o Worker population was not well represented in this survey, we could do better and should try to get their responses
 Discussion about how best to capture this information
 Cory & Sam volunteer to go to NEH on the morning of Sept. 23 (with rain date to be 25th) to hand out the survey to workers coming out to the island
 Cory will get a copy of the survey to Henry at EBS, he is the
warehouse manager
 A list of other companies to interview to gather opinions of was made
o Cory will talk with Islesford Market and Islesford Retaurant to gather their input, Sam will talk to the Great Cranberry General Store to gather their input using the existing survey as a guide.
• Discussion about how to talk with operators after the survey is returned from them.
• Discussed how we will break down the survey and interpret the information gleaned
• Skip will go over survey and general answers we have gotten from the survey
• Charlie will draft questions for the operators
• Ron will draft a cover letter for survey for providers
• Sam brought up the comments made on surveys pertaining to Sutton Island, Skip will address this in his task
• Next meeting Thursday September 4, at 4:00 at the INHA or by phone.
• Meeting adjourned at 5:45