School Board Meeting Minutes July 16, 2014

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Cranberry Isles School Committee Workshop
at the Longfellow School
Thursday, July 16, 2014
8:30 am


Attendance: Barbara Meyers, Kelly Sanborn, Cari Alley via Facetime (partial)
Others present: Mike & Robyn Sealander

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 8:47 am

II. Approval of Voucher.

III. Review of Sealander Minutes. Attached.

IV. Discussion Items: Sealander Architects:
● Review of updated plans produced by Sealander. Discussed best use of space. Made revisions.

VI. Next Meeting. The next meeting is scheduled with Sealander for July 28th @ 8:30 at the
Longfellow School.

V. Adjournment. Barbara moves to adjourn the meeting at 10:46 am. Kelly seconds.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

Longfellow School Renovation
3 July 2014
RE: Meeting #01
Mike Sealander, Sealander Architects (MS)
Robyn Sealander, Sealander Architects (RS)
Barbara Meyers, School Committee Chair (BM)
Kelly Sanborn, School Committee (KS)
Heather Webster, Principal (HW)
Patricia Bailey, Heliker-LaHotan Foundation President (PB)

ISSUE DATE: 16 July 2014
School Committee
Howard Colter, Superintendent MDIRSS
Heather Webster, Principal
Ingrid Gaither, Library Director
Ethan Rhile, Becker Structural Engineers, Inc.
Katherine Faucher, Allied Engineering, Inc.
Ian MacDonald, Allied Engineering, Inc.

1. Schedule
RS presented project schedule which seemed acceptable to everyone. The Design
Development phase (September/October) will include outline specifications and a community

2. Presence during Construction
BM and KS both expressed their desire for Sealander Architects to be on-site at least once a
week during construction.

3. Project History
BM gave an overview of the history of the school and of the project. Use of the Ashley Bryan
School has necessitated it receiving most of the attention in the past 15 years. The Longfellow
School is first and foremost a school, and secondarily a community building. The vision is to
alternate use of the two school buildings but the details are still to be determined.

4. Program
There are two full-time teachers, plus Specials. HW said there was a need for two pull-out
spaces. She had a list of ideas from Lauren. Items discussed included: sinks and counters in
both classrooms; storage for PE, science and music; cleaning supplies need to be stored safely
away from children; need a locking cabinet for papers; cubbies for backpacks and coats; a blank
wall in each classroom for projection and Apple TV; 15 student desks plus a teacher’s desk; IEP
meetings can have six to eight people, this would happen in one of the pull-out rooms; larger
classroom could use space for a small-group gathering and a reading area.

MS introduced the idea of modifying the exterior grade to the extent that it could simplify
entrance into the building. We discussed modifying the connector between the Library and the
School. The garden can be re-created in a new location. Other planting materials can be

5. Security
HW liked the idea of a single entry to the school. The door into the school could have a bell so
as to indicate when someone enters. Windows need shades and doors need to be able to be
locked from the inside.

6. Code Issues
We talked about assembly occupancy and fixture counts. KS said Fire Chief is Blair Colby 460-

7. Next Meeting
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 8:30am at the Longfellow School.

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