School Board Meeting Minutes July 28, 2014

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Cranberry Isles School Committee Meeting
at the Longfellow School
Monday, July 28, 2014
8:30 am


Attendance: Barbara Meyers, Kelly Sanborn, Cari Alley
Others present: Mike & Robyn Sealander, Howard Colter, Ben Fulves, Jill Levenworth, Phil Whitney

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 8:37 am

II. Approval of Voucher.

III. Review and Approval of Minutes 29 May 2014, 30 May 2014, 3 July 2014, and 16
July 2014.
● Barbara moves to accept May 29, 2014 minutes as written. Cari seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moves to accept May 30, 2014 minutes as written. Cari seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moves to accept July 3, 2014 minutes as written. Cari seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● Barbara moves to accept July 16, 2014 minutes as written. Cari seconds. All in favor. Approved.
● There was a brief discussion on how we, as a board, are required to post meetings and meeting minutes. Howard clarified you are required, as a public school board, to post your agenda well in advance of meeting - ideally a week prior. Your meetings are held in public, save for a short list of items that are covered in executive session, such as the evaluation of personnel. Minutes of your public meetings are to be made available to the public. Normally, a draft of minutes will be included in your next school board packet, and approved, then posted online and in the minute book for future reference.
Howard’s recommendation is not to post draft minutes. He stated every other town in the school district posts minutes in this same way.

IV. Review and Approval of Sealander July 16 Meeting Minutes. Attached.

V. Authorization to Encumber Funds from Capital Outlay. This had already been authorized at a previous meeting.

VI. Discussion Items: Sealander Architects:
● Discussion on coat room. Best use of space for coat room to also be used by the library patrons when school is not in session. Question of cubbies versus hooks. Barbara suggested there should be cubbies enough for at least 10 children in the connector. Some cubbies in the foyer for the older kids would be beneficial. Benches are necessary for putting on and off rain and winter gear.
● Discussion on the location of the sink in classroom #2.

● Thermal. Additional insulation. Barbara discussed what is currently in the building for insulation. Mike discussed improving thermal performance of the building by adding rigid insulation on the exterior under the new cladding materials. This would require removing and reinstalling the windows. Barbara mentioned the new windows had a hard nailing fin and would not require a flashing pan. Construction drawings will include a detail for leaving the windows in place and a bid alternate for removing the windows and reinstalling them.
● Ben explained to Mike and Robyn the electrical issues outside. For instance, there are excess dead wires outside that will need cleaning up. A connection in the entrance was damaged during the storm earlier that month and was repaired, but may need to be replaced for a better and more permanent solution.

VII. Other Business.
● Ben gave an ABS update. The work on the school was moving along on time and under budget.
● Discussion on keeping up with maintenance schedules for ABS moving forward. Ben suggested Heather ask the teachers and Jim Amuso for a list of maintenance issues every month or every quarter. Howard suggested a more straight line approach with following reporting protocols. He felt Audrey and Lauren should have some way of activating and registering maintenance repairs.
● Discussed the option of whether the Board should have an Owner’s Rep for the construction process. Barbara questioned if it may be a good idea to have a qualified person to oversee the construction and be able to address quickly any issues/questions that may arise. The board discussed keeping Ben Fulves on to act as Owner’s Rep as he has extensive knowledge of the building and the project. It was felt by Sealander that there was not an essential need for this. They felt they would be able to manage the construction aspect quickly and efficiently and reassured the board they would travel to the site as necessary when construction begins, at least once or twice a week. Ben suggested there was no money in the budget to pay him before July, with the construction project running essentially April-July. It was ultimately decided that there was not a need for an Owner’s Rep and the board and the architects would be available to handle any issues in a timely manner.

VIII. Next Meeting. To be determined.

IX. Adjournment. Barbara moves to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 am. Kelly seconds. Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

Longfellow School Renovation
16 July 2014
RE: Meeting #02
Mike Sealander, Sealander Architects (MS)
Robyn Sealander, Sealander Architects (RS)
Barbara Meyers, School Committee Chair (BM)
Kelly Sanborn, School Committee (KS)
Cari Alley (CA) via Facetime

ISSUE DATE: 18 July 2014
School Committee
Howard Colter, Superintendent MDIRSS
Heather Webster, Principal
Ingrid Gaither, Library Director
Nancy Thurlow, Business Manager MDIRSS
Ethan Rhile, Becker Structural Engineers, Inc.
Catherine Faucher, Allied Engineering, Inc.
Ian MacDonald, Allied Engineering, Inc.

1. Interior issues that were discussed.
Cubby area as shown is more like a walk-in closet and would not have room for changing. For wintertime there needs to be plenty of space for hanging of and changing into/out of coats, snow pants, boots, etc. so the kids are not sitting in icy puddles. The screened porch area can
mitigate some of the snow being tracked in. BM talked about the screened porch being used as an extension of the exterior space. SA will explore various treatments for the door: sliding, double and determine which is most appropriate. Shallow pitch of connector roof limits the options on the height of the screened porch.
We discussed the connector piece being used as a mudroom-type space since library traffic is lightest in winter when kids’ gear storage requirements peaks. The connector piece can and should be used by the school.
Classroom 2 has a greater need for a sink than Classroom 1, especially since Classroom 1 has access to breakroom sink. Classroom 2 sink would be used for art/utility purposes which would keep food/dishes in the breakroom.
Existing double doors between Classrooms 1 and 2 are fine as-is, but if a preferred design solution results in losing one of the doors, that would be acceptable. There is enough wall
space in Classroom 2 to maintain the double doors.
Existing light fixtures function. BM said that replacing them should be a priority.
High ceilings will remain in the classrooms, the foyer area and the stair. The smaller break-out rooms will have dropped ceilings.
The cubby area could be a storage area and cubbies can go in the connector. Cleaning supplies can be stored in a locked cabinet in the bathroom. Sensitive papers can be stored in a
locked file cabinet in the break-out room.

2. Exterior issues.
BM mentioned that there is an apple tree that may be impacted by the site work.
Site drawing shows guardrails. In some locations these can be retaining walls and/or seating elements.
BM brought up the idea of car creep and the need to keep cars away from kids Everyone liked the accessible parking solution.
It may make sense to have gravel along the long sides of the building. Basement is currently very wet. Gutters may alleviate some of the water infiltration.
BM said replacing the exterior stair at the rear of the Library is low priority depending on code requirements.

3. Next Meeting.
To be determined: SA plans to visit the building with consulting engineers on Monday, July 28 but will confirm and then schedule a time to meet with School Committee that day.

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