School Board Meeting Minutes September 24, 2014

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Cranberry Isles School Committee Meeting
at the Neighborhood House
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
8:30 am


Attendance: Barbara Meyers, Kelly Sanborn, Cari Alley
Others present: Robyn Sealander, Howard Colter, Heather Webster, Katie Fernald, Nan Hadlock

I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 8:35 am

II. Approval of Voucher.

III. Review and Approval of Minutes 7/28/14
● Cari moves to accept July 28, 2014 minutes as written. Barbara seconds. All in favor. Approved.

IV. Reports & Updates
● Principal’s Report: On File. Some highlights include:
● Inter-Island Event
● 10/1-10/3 Sea Camp for 5th and 6th graders
● 10/1-10/3 Quebec trip for 7th and 8th graders
● There are 14 students this year, with 6 new students.
● Facility Updates: ABS: Heather has spoken with Jen Macomber regarding drainage for the walkway. The estimate for that work is $6000. Howard stated we need to discuss the drainage further. It will be on the agenda for the next meeting. Heather suggested the option of making the basketball court an ice skating rink in the winter months. Longfellow: Nothing new to report at this time aside from a beehive that had made a home on the gym door. However, the beekeeper next door was notified and was able to remove the bees. There is currently a half tank of fuel in the building, with Coastal Energy expected to deliver any time now. There was a brief discussion on the problems Longfellow had last year running out of fuel. Robyn discussed the new heating options going forward and the potential use of propane. Nan advised to be cautious with the heating that is chosen as propane has been very difficult to get out to the islands.

V. Project Updates: Sealander Architects
● Robyn discussed the structural engineering on the second floor, with the load capacity being a concern. She discussed the differences between dead load, live load, static vs. active load. Although it is not required to beef up the structure on the second floor, they are recommending to strengthen the structure for active load. Robyn recommended putting in a bid as an alternate and determine if funds will allow. She also suggested putting the exterior work in as an alternate bid. Robyn stated they had plans that needed reviewing and approval and asked for a meeting. The board agreed to set up a workshop at MDHS in the Superintendent’s Office 10/9 at 10:00 am.

VI. Discussion Items:
● Heather discussed curriculum goals for 2014-2015, with a focus on: Focus and literacy, data to use instruction, healthy eating choices, transition to High School (helping kids get to know mainland kids, etc), and developing a maintenance plan. She also made suggestions for areas of improvement and goals for herself being: Better communication, more observation days, and offering further support for the ABS teachers.
● At Special Town Meeting on 9/23/14 the town voted yes to support changes to the Article previously voted on in March lifting financial restrictions and allowing the board to move the money around the project as needed as opposed to being confined to a certain amount in specific categories.
● Discussion regarding the request from Jim Fortune to the School Board to transfer the Old Fire House Building to the Selectmen for the use of a new Town Office. Barbara stated she was not sure what the exact process was for the Town, but they were starting with the School Board and assumed it would need to go before the town at Town Meeting. She went on to state that she did not necessarily feel that there was a great need to simply transfer the building over in the event the school needs to utilize the building in the future. Perhaps it would be better to lease the building to the Town for $1. She indicated there were two town buildings for school and as school would only be held in one school at a time conceivably town business could perhaps be held in rotation with the empty school building. Cari stated she was sure that the town employees needed to get out of the building they were in and that she could foresee trying to alternate between two buildings on each island for a town office could be labor intensive. Katie Fernald indicated this really needed to go before the voters. Howard agreed that a long-term lease would be preferable, but also agreed with Katie that this ultimately needs to go before the town with all the costs involved. It was ultimately decided that the Town should do some more research and present a plan to the Board for their costs and plan to have this brought to the voters before the Board decided to go ahead and transfer the building.
● Cari discussed she had knowledge of a permit request for a new home that abuts the ABS. She questioned if the school had been notified in writing of this request as there was a 14-day action limitation. Howard agreed to get in touch with Kimberly Keene on this issue.
● Barbara publicly thanked Ben Fulves for 4.5 years of service to the town as adviser for the Longfellow and Ashley Bryan Schools. It is his expertise and devotion that helped us recover from a backlog of maintenance issues. The board thanks you. Ben was given a gift on behalf of the board in appreciation for his hard work.
● AOS Board Meetings. Barbara had been attending. Kelly agreed to make every effort to take over going to the meetings that are held at the High School Library every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30. It is important that the islands are represented at these meetings.

VIII. Action Items:
● Cari made a motion to accept Barbara Meyers resignation as School Board Member and Chairperson effective 9/24/14. Kelly seconded. Approved. The board and central office thanks Barbara for her years of dedication and service on the board. Howard advised that upon resignation the board should post the open seat and make every effort to appoint a new member at the 10/15/14 School Board Meeting. Any interested party should submit a letter of interest to the board. Upon appointment the board will reorganize the positions. This appointment is valid until the next Town Meeting in March where the voters will vote in a new member for a 3-year term.

VII. Next Meeting. 10/15 Longfellow School at 8:45 am.

IX. Adjournment. Kelly moves to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 am. Cari seconds. Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Sanborn, Secretary

Longfellow School Renovation
28 July 2014
RE: Meeting #03

PRESENT: Mike Sealander, Sealander Architects (MS) Robyn Sealander, Sealander Architects (RS) Howard Colter, Superintendent MDIRSS (HC) Barbara Meyers, School Committee Chair (BM) Kelly Sanborn, School Committee (KS) Cari Alley, School Committee (CA) Ben Fulves, Heartwood Builders (BF)

ISSUE DATE: 1 August 2014

School Committee Howard Colter, Superintendent MDIRSS
Heather Webster, Principal Ingrid Gaither, Library Director
Nancy Thurlow, Business Manager MDIRSS Ethan Rhile, Becker Structural Engineers
Catherine Faucher, Allied Engineering, Inc. Tony Davis, Allied Engineering, Inc.
1. Cubbies
Cubby area in connector should be completely functional for at least ten kids, possibly some additional cubby areas in the foyer for older kids. ABS has single-height hooks. BM said cubbies would be better than just a shelf and that benches are necessary.

2. Classroom 2
Location of sink optimizes wall length.

3. Insulation
BF said there is nominal 4” blown-in cellulose. MS discussed improving thermal performance of building by adding 1” to 1-1/2” rigid insulation on the exterior, under new cladding materials. This could require removing and then reinstalling windows. BF said the new windows are Andersen with a hard nailing fin which would not require a flashing pan. Construction drawings will include a detail for leaving
the windows in place as well as a bid alternate for removing and reinstalling windows.

4. Electrical Service
A connection at the electrical service entrance failed during a recent storm and the building was without power for a few days. This has been repaired. Replacing the connection may need to be included in project scope.

5. Next Meeting
To be determined.

Longfellow School Renovation
24 September 2014
RE: Meeting #04

PRESENT: Robyn Sealander, Sealander Architects (RS) Heather Webster, Principal
Howard Colter, Superintendent MDIRSS (HC) Barbara Meyers, School Committee Chair (BM)
Kelly Sanborn, School Committee (KS) Cari Alley, School Committee (CA)

ISSUE DATE: 1 August 2014

RECIPIENTS: Mike Sealander, Sealander Architects (MS) Howard Colter, Superintendent MDIRSS School Committee Heather Webster, Principal Ingrid Gaither, Library Director
Nancy Thurlow, Business Manager MDIRSS Ethan Rhile, Becker Structural Engineers
Catherine Faucher, Allied Engineering, Inc. Tony Davis, Allied Engineering, Inc.

1. Heating System Fuel
There is currently half a tank of oil. Last winter the tank ran out twice. It is unclear whether that was due to the system using more oil than in previous years or because of supply problems. RH Foster and Acadia Fuel both deliver propane to the island. There have been supply problems in the past.

2. Structural Issue
RS said that existing structure, if built today, would not meet current building code. Structural upgrade to mitigate the issue will be included in the construction documents as a bid add alternate.

3. Exterior Work
RS said that a simplified version of the exterior work will be included in the construction documents as a bid alternate.

4. Schedule
RS said we are on track for a winter bid.

5. Next Meeting
Workshop on Thursday, October 9 at 10:00am at Superintendent’s office to review entire drawing set.

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