September 4, 2014 (Transportation Task Force)

Transportation Task Force Meeting Thursday Sept 4, 2014
Islesford Neighborhood House

Members present: Ron Axelrod, Chairperson; Jim Fortune; Cory Duggan; Skip Stevens; Sam Donald; Charles Norris; Katelyn Damon, MAC Chairperson; Joy Sprague, TCI Selectman

• Meeting called to order at 4:07
• Reviewed Agenda
• Motion to accept Aug 12 notes by Ron, 2nd by Cory, approved unanimously
• Motion to accept the Aug 22 meeting minutes as amended, Added items highlighted in yellow made by Ron, 2nd by Skip approved unanimously
• Motion to accept notes taken at Aug 16 TTF forums on GCI and LCI, including Charlie Norris’ (revised from Aug 22) planning steps and next steps documents made by Ron, 2nd by Cory, approved unanimously
• Ron will create a cover letter to be handed out by Cory & Sam on Sept. 23 that can be handed out to workers.
o The cover letter will include the survey link.
o Joy will ask Ted on the mail boat how many workers travel on the boat each day and tell Jim
o Jim will print out an appropriate number of surveys to be handed out for those without access to the internet.
• Discussion about the survey for operators
o Some changes made, Charlie will update and send out to members
o The plan is to send out survey with a cover letter and then ask to meet with them to discuss how our needs would affect their operations.
• Discussion about Skip’s task of trying to document and quantify the comments made by survey takers
o Sam will be trying to do more analysis of the survey
• Discussion about how to gather comments from businesses on the islands and then how to put that information out with the other comments that were given
in the survey by the public.
• Next meeting:
o We’ll look over Charlie’s amended survey ideas for operators
o Look over Skip’s project of interpreting the comments and Sam’s further interpretation of the survey
o Discuss over the comments that Sam & Cory gather from island businesses
o Review Ron’s Cover letter to Operators & cover letter to Workers
• Next Meeting to be Sept 15 at 4 pm at the Islesford Library
• Meeting adjourned at 5:29