October 14, 2014 (Transportation Task Force)

MAC Transportation Task Force Meeting October 14, 2014
Town Office, Islesford

Present: Jim Fortune, Cory Duggan, Joy Sprague; On Phone: Ron Axelrod, Ingrid Gaither, Charles Norris

• Call to order @ 4:00
• Review of agenda
• Minutes tabled
• Discussion of budget and warrant proposal of Charles Norris’ service
o Discussion about long term plans and short term plans and the pros and cons to both options
o Determined we need a task force work plan and a consultant work plan
o Charlie will recast his proposal to include a TTF work plan
o Cory Skip and Sam have been tasked to be a subgroup that will work to synthesize the data gathered from the survey to present to the
larger TTF group.
o Ron will summarize what has been decided to do between now and March.
• Next meeting date: Nov. 5 and Dec 2 at 4:00
• Meeting adjourned 5:06