October 9, 2014 (Municipal Advisory Committee)

MAC Meeting Wednesday October 9, 2014

Held at Islesford Neighborhood House

Present: Katelyn Damon, Chairperson; Cory Duggan, Secretary; Jim Amuso Jim Fortune, Assistant to Selectmen; Joy Sprague, Selectman
On Phone: Karen Whitney; Ron Axelrod; Ingrid Gaither

• Call to Order 4:03
• Review of agenda
• Ron A makes motion to accept June minutes, Jim A 2nds. Passes unanimously
• Update on Transportation Task Force
o Sam & Cory passed out surveys on a Tuesday morning in NEH to workers coming to the islands, 20 or so surveys and cover letters were handed out
o Ron will ask Charlie Norris to have his proposal for continuing to work for the town on the Transportation issues, his proposal will have to go as a warrant article
o The TTF will meet on Oct 14th at 4:00
• 2015 Budget process
o Jim doesn’t have the 2015 budget worksheets yet
o Division of labor on the budget worksheet
 Worksheets need to be completed by mid November
 Jim F went over a rough timeframe and process for budgets
 51-­‐10 Gen Gov. – Denise
 51-­‐15-­‐Gen. Gov. –Denise
 52 Public Safety-­‐ K Damon
 53 Health Sanitation and solid waste-­‐ J Fortune
 54 Roads/Commuter boat-­‐ Jim F & Ron A
 55 Schools-­‐ Ingrid G with School Board
 56 Donations-­‐ Karen with Selectmen
 57 Debt Service-­‐ Denise
 58 Facilities-­‐ Ron/Jim F/ Jim A
o Discussion about some of the items that will come up during the budget workshops
 Discussion of renovating the old fire house on Islesford as a new town office, and the School Board’s decision to hold on to their rights for the building, and not turn it over to the town
 Ron makes a motion, 2nd by Cory that the MAC produces a biddable set of drawings and documents by mid November for the old Firehouse on Islesford. Bids to be received by mid December, the BOS will then assure ownership of the building for the use by the town in early Dec. Passes unanimous

• Jim F will write a proposal and request that the idea of transferring ownership of the building be discussed at the School Board meeting on Oct. 15. At the Longfellow School.
o Communter Boat Contract
 Discussion about a 1 year contract instead of a multi year contract
with services
• Discussion of how to budget and pay for Oct.-­‐Dec 2015 since the contract ends in mid Oct. of 2015 with Sail Acadia
• We have a set budget number through April of 2015 with Downeast and a mid Oct. 2015 with Sail Acadia, because we have contracted with them though those dates.
• Discussion about negotiating with current services for a contract extension, which goes into effect April of 2015, since the TTF is working on Transportation issues and there is the possibility that needs may change. Further discussion will take place at the TTF.
 Jim F gave an update on the Grant Audit by the Maine DOT.
• The DOT had some issues with how we bid the contracts.
They suggest that we should have a better handle on the actual costs of the providers, so that we know that we are getting a fair price.
 Jim updated us that the BOS has asked the town attorney to
contact Steve Pagels to assure us that his boats are sound. Discussion about asking Pagels to haul the Island Queen for a thorough inspection of the hull, and have a new Coast Guard inspection. Jim F will call the Coast Guard and get information as to what their inspections entail.
• Joy suggests that in new contracts we include a cause that boats be inspected yearly. General agreement to this idea.
o No other business
o No audience communications
o Motion by Ron 2nd by Karen to adjourn at 5:17 passed unanimously.