November 19, 2014 (Transportation Task Force)

MAC Transportation Task Force Meeting
November 19, 2014

Meeting being held at Islesford Library

Present: Cory Duggan, Skip Stevens, Jim Fortune, Katelyn Damon;
On phone: Ron Axelrod, Sam Donald, Chris White, Ingrid Gaither

• Meeting called to order 4:05
• Ron thanked Chris White for joining the MAC committee, taking over Malcolm Donald’s position.
• Review of previous minutes
o Ron makes a motion to accept minutes from Sept. 4 minutes 2nd by Skip passes unanimously
o Ron makes a motion to accept minutes from Oct 15 minutes 2nd by Cory passes unanimously
• Discussion of Charlie’s Proposal
o Ron gave a synopsis of how Charlie’s proposal is laid out using his flow chart
o Discussion about Charlie’s role this summer, Ron clarified for group;
 Charlie was hired as an advisor to get the TTF going
o Discussion about whether this project can be done without a paid consultant, and done by the MAC & TTF members using only volunteers
 Discussion about if the amount of money spent would be worth what we are getting?
• Charlie called in at 5:30 to help work through his proposal with the group
• Ron posed the question, do we want to pursue other funding options to help the current services with their operations before moving forward with Charlie’s proposal.
o Further discussion will need to take place
• How do we take the results from the survey and translate that into reality?
o This needs to be translated to the voters and to see if they want to make changes or not.
o Before asking the MDOT for funds, they would want plans, Charlie suggests asking the MDOT for funds to help pay for planning of a newer/better service.
• Skip will come up with a summary of what came out of the survey, to help explain to a possible funder what we are looking for and ask for funding to help in the planning such a service. 4 or 5 bullet points of how the boat services needs to serve the community better.
• No decision has been made as to how the MAC & TTF will carry on with this project
• Next meeting Dec 2 at 4pm.
• Meeting adjourned @ 5:50