Municipal Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes May 21, 2008

DRAFT: Subject to approval by the M.A.C.

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Held at: Ladies Aid/Community Center, GCI
Attending: Richard Beal (BOS); Eric Dyer (Facilities Supervisor); Eve Harrison; Lise Pratt; Frank Reece (Chair); Dan Lief (BOS); Chris White
Not present: Malcolm Donald; Malcolm Fernald; Jason Pickering
Members of the public in attendance: Phil & Karin Whitney (GCI); Alyson Mayo (Island Institute)
I. Call to Order: 8:55 A.M.
Meeting agenda was posted on new town website
II. Review/Approval of previous Meeting Minutes
April meeting minutes approved as submitted. Lise will coordinate with town office staff in getting MAC meeting minutes posted on town website.
III. Old Business
A. Facilities Supervisor Report
Primary projects for MFS at this time are the GCI dock repairs and the municipal garage on LCI. For more efficient use of Eric’s time and meeting time, no further details were given. A full report of activities and progress from MFS is given at monthly BOS meetings and reported in minutes (posted on town website).
B. LCI Parking Lot Improvements
A few volunteers (Steve Philbrook, Richard Howland, Lise Pratt, Eve Harrison) are assisting Eric on this project. The area has been measured out, options considered, and a preliminary design developed. Further discussions will take place with the Fishermen’s Coop to designate areas for additional parking and for temporary storage of lobster traps. The Coop will be considering options at their board meeting on June 1. To alleviate congestion, use of the gravel pit for satellite “long-term” parking will be proposed. Specific policies need to be developed and communicated to the public. Further exploration of current ordinances relevant to parking is needed. It was suggested that a plan be presented to MAC at June meeting, then to public for further review and comment.
C. Employee Benefits
The data Chris and Eric received from MMA regarding health insurance benefits was given to BOS for their consideration as a personnel issue. It was impressively thorough, and BOS sees no need for more research. Data helped BOS assess where TCI stands on salary and benefits in relation to comparable towns in Maine and to other towns in MDI region. Data reveals benefits other than health insurance to be considered as part of compensation package, such as sick days and holidays. The question as to employee status re: hourly or salary should also be revisited. BOS are expected to propose new personnel policies in the near future. They will consider best course to communicate their proposal to the public.
D. Contracts
Eric requests help with contracts for snowplowing and floats. The contract for GCI plowing needs wholesale changes; these include compliance re: registration/insurance of vehicle, other equipment requirements, use of materials, and use of town property (specifically the gravel pit). Due to complexity of issues, Richard asked Eric take current contract with list of issues/concerns to town attorney; MAC could then review. A prolonged discussion ensued re: inappropriate and unacceptable use of GCI gravel pit, e.g. park vehicles, store materials and deposit debris. (Dan, Richard and Karin briefly left the meeting to conduct a site inspection.) Dan pledged on behalf of BOS to get it cleaned up. Chris requested copy of recently adopted plan for GCI gravel pit to identify specifically where use has strayed from plan; he would then assist in remedy. It was emphasized that requests for usage of town property are to be directed to MFS; BOS are consulted if further questions. No independent citizen has authority to issue permission. In drafting float contract, it was suggested that Eric consult with harbor committee to ensure coordinated effort.
E. Grants
Progress continues with Barbara Donovan re: DOT grant. She is working on contract to proceed with project. BOS must sign authorization to validate accessibility plan; town needs federal approval re: accessibility. The schematics for the ramps are being sent to Barbara for approval. Lise will look into state grant programs for sand/salt sheds. In future, Frank will advise Lise of any grant information he receives from Denise.
F. Marsh USA Building
The lease is up this summer, with various extension options. Tenant wishes to sub-let; BOS has approved sub-leasing top floor. There are significant maintenance needs (e.g. furnace). Current lease is unclear re: maintenance responsibilities. It was reported that tenant has fallen $13-14,000 in arrears in re-imbursement to TCI for property taxes paid to SWH. Denise should compile full accounting; then accounting and other pertinent information should be shared with town attorney in drafting new contract. Michael Phillips should be contacted to see if he would review new contract.
IV. New Business
A. Sand/Salt Sheds
Chris suggests that interior additional sheathing needs to go up further in GCI s/s shed; he has observed material spilling over. He also suggests putting more gravel in front of shed. In building new shed on LCI, these improvements should be repeated. Also, consider orientation of building in relation to prevailing wind and weather factors.
V. Other Business
A. Town Garage
Eve asked for more information about the bidding process on town garage project. Eric and Dan shared a spreadsheet used for comparisons, discussions, and selection.
VI. Audience Communication
• Phil reported that Pagel’s boats are still in slots; he should be informed they need to be moved. Several coping stones were plowed into the ditch over the winter, presenting a potential safety issue. Eric will take care of both these concerns.
• Karin reported the public bathrooms at GCI and Manset require attention.
VII. Setting of Agenda for Next Meeting
Frank and Lise will confer re: best approach to setting monthly agendas. In meantime, all MAC and BOS members are encouraged to submit agenda items at least one week in advance.
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, June 18 at 8:30 AM at Neighborhood House, LCI.
VIII. Adjournment: 11:05 AM
Respectfully submitted
Lise Pratt, MAC Secretary
June 7, 2008