Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes January 12, 2015

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2015
Islesford Post Office

Richard Beal, Chair, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Richard Howland, IVFD Chief
Bruce Fernald, Islesford Harbormaster
Miklos Pogany
Susan Valdina Krasnow
I. Call to Order: 8:20 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
Selectman Charles Dunbar is absent at today’s meeting due to a prior commitment in Brunswick. Richard Beal and Florence Joy Sprague represent a quorum of the Board of Selectmen for today’s meeting.
II. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Selectman Sprague questions two items on the school warrants:
• $300 rent: This is the rent paid by the Teacher who resides in the teacher apartment.
• $840 special boats: This question is not able to be answered at today’s meeting. The School Board will be inquired for the answer.
2014 Warrants:
Warrant # 62: 6,044.11
Warrant # 63: 6,436.50
Warrant # 64: 27,845.20 (school)
Warrant # 65: 14,013.69
Total: $ 54,339.50
2015 Warrants:
Warrant # 01: 5,618.39
Warrant # 02: 23,561.07
Total: $ 29,179.46

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen. The Solid Waste Contract will be discussed at the February BOS meeting. At this time, $30,000 is proposed to be budgeted for 2015.
Chairman Richard Beal signs the permission letter for the annual Town audit by James W. Wadman, Certified Public Accountant.
III. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: December 02, 2014
Florence Joy Sprague moves to accept the December 02, 2014 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
IV. New Business
A. Appointment: Animal Control Officer
The Board of Selectmen approves the appointment of Cari Alley as Animal Control Officer (ACO) for the Town Of Cranberry Isles, appointment to expire December of 2018. The ACO receives a $1,000 stipend per year.
B. GCI Float (Bids due by February 02nd)
One bid was received for care of floats and gangways owned by and located in the Town Of Cranberry Isles:
• Roy Hadlock
$26,500 annual sum for three years
$25 / hour to furnish labor for repairs beyond routine maintenance
Florence Joy Sprague moves to approve the bid from Roy Hadlock. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.

One bid was received for care of floats and gangways owned by the Town Of Cranberry Isles and located in Southwest Harbor, ME (Manset):
• Chalmers Enterprises, LLC
$7,500 annual sum for three years
$50 / hour to furnish labor for repairs beyond routine maintenance
$215 / hour for barge rate
$50 / hour for additional crew
Florence Joy Sprague moves to approve the bid from Chalmers Enterprises. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
C. Manset Property: Abutting Property to Spar Lane
Southwest Harbor property owner Bob Brown has a 0.42 acre lot of land, which abuts TCI Manset property, for sale. The property is accessed off Spar Road and the sale price is $398,000. The property owner’s ultimate goal is to sell the lot, but in the interim he has asked the Town if it would lease the property to use as an overflow parking area. At this time, TCI has no urgent need for more parking in Manset. No action taken.
Southwest Harbor property owner Len Lisewsky has written an email to the Town Of Cranberry Isles regarding the possibility of him purchasing approximately 600 square feet of land that abuts the walkway at the TCI Manset property. Mr. Lisewsky is offering $10,000 and would be willing to pay the surveying and filing fees. His interest in this purchase would be two fold:
1) The front of his structure is 12.5 feet from the property line. The house is “grandfathered”, but would make his lot “clean”.
2) He could landscape the entire area and not just partial.
There is a chance that sale of this strip of land could impact future expansion to the Town’s property. James Fortune is working on getting answers to this before the annual Town meeting when voters will be asked to decide whether or not to allow the BOS to sell up to 600 feet of this land.
D. Broad Band Internet Proposal
League of Towns Representative Tom Powell is not able to make it to today’s BOS meeting due to a previous Fire Department commitment. The League of Towns is sponsoring a survey regarding interest in the Tillson agreement that the Town of Mount Desert is participating in for acquiring broadband internet. There is a price for each participant to pay for inclusion. James Fortune is requested to find out the exact amount, which could be due before the Town budget is approved in March. It is also suggested that discussion should take place with the current internet provider (Redzone), due to concerns over the internet service being offered at this time. James Fortune will write a letter to Redzone on behalf of the TCI. Redzone start up costs were subsidized in the beginning stages by the Town Of Cranberry Isles.
Further discussion takes place over Fairpoint service and the fact that Islesford is currently running on only one line of the cable from GCI for telephone service. Richard Beal will draft a letter to the Public Utilities Commissioner regarding concerns over the power cable. State Representatives will be carbon copied (cc) on the letter.
E. Municipal Transportation Discussion
Selectman Beal suggests that the Town propose a warrant article for creating a legal Transportation Authority, a legal subset of the Town Authority for control over use of docks and boat contracts for passenger ferries. Recent concern over safety and dependability of boat transportation has prompted this suggestion. MAC Chair Katelyn Damon reports that a more formalized proposal needs to be prepared for consideration of the voters. Any grant funding may create huge expenses for the Town in light of dock safety requirements. Transportation consultant Charles Norris has requested $19,500 for 2015 as consultant to assist the Transportation Task Force. Bruce Fernald asks when the next four year mail delivery contract comes up for bid. Florence Joy Sprague will get this information. Discussion will take place at the next Transportation Task Force meeting on January 21, 2015.
F. GCI Bathroom Custodial Services Employment Agreement
It is reported that Karin Whitney has been working above and beyond her current contract for custodial services at GCI. It has taken more hours than contracted to do the job (GCI public restroom and GCI shed). A rate increase is proposed to be budgeted for 2015 to $3,500. This increase is pending voter approval at the annual Town meeting (line item budget).
Richard Beal moves to extend the current contract with Karin Whitney. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion passes.
The custodial contract for the Manset restroom will appear on the April BOS agenda.
G. Budget Workshop
• Department 52-02, Public Safety / Fire Department Zone 2 (Islesford): 15-28, Cistern: increase proposed amount for 2015 to $45,000.
Richard Beal proposes to budget the total amount for the cistern project. American Concrete estimate for the cistern is approximately $41,000. Zone 2 Fire Department currently has approximately $21,000 in their personal checking account. Trucking (18 wheelers) is included in this estimate for the cistern, but barging is not. Katelyn Damon estimates the barging to cost approximately $20,000. Goodwins may be able to help with donation of some time and trucks. Other incidentals may be needed for the project. Susie McNamee has agreed to allow the IVFD use of her well for water. Ms. McNamee does not want a permanent easement but is willing to work out a license with her attorney at the Town’s expense. It is questioned whether use of the well may cease if the McNamee property were ever to be sold. No road construction is necessary as the well will be used for pumping only to fill the proposed cistern. This would be presented to the voters as a warrant article. The Town Treasurer advises that the proposed budget is already up without the addition of the school numbers. IVFD does not have a 501 C3, non-profit status at this time.
Richard Beal moves to increase department 52-02, 15-28 to a proposed $45,000. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion passes.
• James Fortune reports that the gate at the Islesford Transfer Station is in need of repair or replacement. It is suggested to inquire of a local carpenter for advice.
Department 54-14, Public Transportation / Garages: 25-15, maintenance: increase to $3,500.
• Department 58-20, Municipal Facilities / Wharves / Floats / Ramps, 30-20, General contract: increase to $34,100.
• Richard Beal suggests a five minute break at Town meeting to discuss the proposed Islesford Town Dock extension. A proposed warrant article will ask the voters if they will vote “to authorize the Municipal Officers to appropriate fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) to be placed in capital reserve fund for a proposed future extension of the Islesford Town Dock.”
H. Town Report Topics
• The Town meeting warrant articles will be printed on yellow paper.
• Photocopies of the Fay, Spofford and Thorndike inspection report of the Islesford Town Dock will be available for voters at the Town meeting. This inspection report is also available for review at the Town Office before Town meeting.
• Photos are still being accepted for consideration of inclusion in the Town report. Of special interest is a photo of the students at the first day of school, and a memorial photo of Hugh Dwelley.
I. Warrant Article Discussions
• A proposed article is being written to ask the voters “to authorize the Municipal Officers to form a Municipal Transit Authority, that would oversee and direct municipal transit and ferry operations and service for the Town; and do all other things reasonable necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Article.” This warrant article is in draft form at this time.
V. Other Business
• Selectman Beal and Selectman Sprague sign an authorization letter to Bar Harbor Bank and Trust for closure of the Hazel Stanley Peterson Cemetery Trust Fund. The funds will be given to the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society’s Committee to Preserve Stanley Cemetery. These funds will be used to do some much needed repairs on the grounds of the cemetery.
VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A)
None requested.
VII. Audience Communications
• Ted and Ray Road resident Miklos Pogany requests from the Selectmen that his road be plowed as needed. Ted and Ray Road is a private road on Islesford. Selectman Beal advises that if the road were to be accepted as a Town Road, a formal letter from all the road’s property owners must be presented to the voters for approval. If the road were a Town road, it would be plowed as other Town roads are.
• Voters will be asked, by public request, at Town meeting to consider a repeal of the current Vehicle Importation Ordinance. Islesford resident Bruce Fernald asks if the Town has a junkyard ordinance. The state has a junkyard rule that is hard to enforce here as it requires the Hancock County Sherriff’s Department to enforce it. Selectman Beal suggests that if anyone has a complaint over junkyards, to start by taking photos.
VIII. Adjournment: 11:25 A.M.
Florence Joy Sprague moves to adjourn the meeting. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.

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