December 2, 2014 (Transportation Task Force)

MAC Transportation Task Force Meeting December 2, 2014

Held at Islesford Neighborhood House

Members present: Cory Duggan (Secretary), Jim Fortune (Assistant to the BOS), Joy Sprague (selectman), Katelyn Damon
On phone; Ron Axelrod, Chris White, Ingrid Gaither, Charles Norris

Call to order 4:13

• Ingrid brought up that Jeff Berzinis has his business for sale; Ron will call and talk with Jeff for exploratory purposes.
• Motion made by Chris White to accept minutes from October 19, 2nd by Ron approved
• Discussion about our Ferry service in comparison to other services, including state run and other private services. Isle Au Haut may be the closest to our system, it is subsidized by state funding
o We should set a couple of people to investigate the Isle au Haut service to see what works for them and what doesn’t, and how their subsidies work for them
 Jim Fortune already has a relationship with one of their board members; Ingrid is willing to assist Jim in this task.
o Skip was tasked at the last meeting with contacting our representatives about possible funding options along with his
summary of the Transportation Survey
o Joy will research the mail contract, and see what options are available for the town participating in that process. Also to see if the contract could be awarded to the town versus the boat operator.
o Jim will contact the USPS representative in charge of the contracts o Ron will get in touch with Paul Pottle and follow up with MDOT o The point of these tasks are to initiate conversations with these people,
since we don’t know what amount of monies we need because we don’t
have a full planning plan in place.
o Discussion about earmarking a budget number for the budget, as a place holder in hopes that alternative funding comes our way and can be put towards the planning process
o Ron to draft a summary statement for need and use of planning funds.
o Jim going to write a warrant article for the $20,000 for planning of a ferry service
Next meeting scheduled for January 7 at 4:00pm o Katelyn makes a motion to adjourn, Cory 2nd passes