January 21, 2015 (Transportation Task Force)

MAC Transportation Task Force Meeting January 21,2015

Held at Islesford Neighborhood House

Members present: Cory Duggan (Secretary), Jim Fortune (Assistant to the BOS), Joy Sprague (selectman), Katelyn Damon, Skip Stevens
On phone; Ron Axelrod, Chris White, Sam Donald, Charles Norris, Ingrid Gaither

Call to order 4:05

• Review of agenda
• Acceptance of minutes
o Discussion of a task to contact state reps. being given to Skip at Nov. mtg but it does not appear in the Nov. minutes
o Chris moves to accept min, Ron 2nd accepted
• “Chairman’s report”
o Ron spoke with Jeff Berzinis and spoke to him, Jeff does plan on continuing his barge services
o Ron Spoke with Paul Pottle who used to work for Maine DOT, he now works for a private firm in Portland. Asked what avenues for funding we might consider. Paul is working with some other towns currently on a municipal partnership initiative.
o Jim read the warrant that is being proposed by the selectmen to form a Municipal Transit Authority, Katelyn questions whether the town can legally do this. Discussion followed. Some suggestion to changing of wording suggested. Questions about it’s legal standing. Discussion about Casco Bay Transit Authority and how or potential authority might compare to theirs.
o Discussion of funds and it’s impact on the whole budget #
 The money needed to pay for a consultant has not been added to
the budget at this time.
 Suggestion by Ron to have funds to have FST Engineers draft the request to the Municipal Partnership Initiative funds, and to also draft ideas for dock design
• Jim Reports Kleinschmidt has already done this for us
o Question is do we need more than the $19,500 for Charlie Norris, yes if we want to do infrastructure development as well
o Revise the proposed warrant article
 Discussion of the words “authority” and “Transit District” and
what it means to be an entity, and how that will translate to the voters in the warrant article
 Revised Article: To see if the voters of the Town of Cranberry Isles will vote to authorize the municipal officers to appropriate
and expend $20K for consulting and other professional services in

order form a plan for passenger and freight operations for the Town; and do all other things reasonably necessary to accomplish the purpose of this Article.
 Skip move to send this article as revised to the selectmen, 2nd by Ron, unanimously accepted by those voting. Ingrid obstained
o Charlie says we still need to consider the operations side of any plan, and whether we need a multi service plan. He could create models to see how different plans work in different seasons.
 We would need to have funds in order to accomplish this.
o What we need to next
 Ron: follow up with MDOT on Municipal initiative
 We would like for Charlie to work on developing Skip’s service specification a little more, Charlie can compare it to the scope of work to see if we need to look at any other
options in that category.
• Chris says we need to consider the harbor committee and their work on the LCI dock extension plans. Harbor committee has agreed on a plan, but that’s it.
o Next meeting Wednesday Feb. 4th 4pm
o Meeting adjourned 5:40