February 4, 2015 (Transportation Task Force)

MAC Transportation Task Force Meeting
February 4,2015

Held at TCI Town Office

Members present: Cory Duggan (Secretary), Jim Fortune (Assistant to the BOS), Joy Sprague (selectman),
On phone; Ron Axelrod, Chris White, Sam Donald,

Call to order 4:10

• Review of agenda
o Adding discussion of Chris’ ideas
• Acceptance of minutes
o Chris makes motion to accept, Ron 2nd. Passes with unanimous vote
• Funding Sources for Planning and Consulting Services
o Ron thinks we should use the possibility of receiving MEDOT sponsored Municipal Partner Initiative funds for the possible extension of the LCI dock instead of for a planning project
o Chris wants to be sure that the harbor committee is also on board with any extension project, there needs to be a consensus on this.
 Jim F responded, there has been agreement to the extension plan of 40’ by the harbor committee
 Ron spoke to some of the hang ups of this project
• Discussion of what may need to be done to move this project along,
• We need to have the chairman of the MAC send a request to the BOS and have them try and get Paul Pottle to meet with the harbor committee, this is an integral part of providing a reliable and safe year round ferry service
• Ron is willing to draft this note to the BOS on behalf of Katelyn, and email a copy to everyone.
• Warrant article #22, Ron wrote
22. To see if the voters of the Town of Cranberry Isles will vote to authorize the Municipal Officers to appropriate and expend sixty-two thousand three hundred and fifty-two dollars ($62,352.00) and enter into a multi-year contract for the continuation of the Cranberry Isles Commuter Ferry Service. The new contract will cover the 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 Winter Seasons and the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Summer Seasons.
Passage of this Warrant Article will authorize the Selectmen to negotiate and sign a new 3-contract with the current boat operators, or new operators, to continue the Cranberry Isles Commuter Boat Service.
o Suggestion from TTF to the BOS would be to change the warrant article to not be so rigid with having to be a multi year contract and that it should say that we could enter into a multi year or single year contract. Jim will add this idea to this warrant.
 Jim will rewrite the warrant article to add, “if financially advantages.”
• We will approach Charlie’s adjusted plan at our next meeting, he wasn’t able to accomplish it this week.
• Chris White sent out a perspective on TTF efforts, We will discuss it at the next meeting after everyone has a chance to digest it
• Next Meeting Thursday February 26 at 4pm
• Ron will share any info he receives from ME DOT
• Discussion of David Palavanchuk’s house being for sale, not pertinent to this meeting, brought up as an side conversation.
• Meeting adjourned 4:55