GCIVFD Meeting Minutes, February 17, 2015

Date: February 17, 2015
Time: 4:30pm
Location: Great Cranberry Island Fire Department

Attendance: 08

Tyler Kuester, Chief
Tom Powell, President
Sam Donald, Vice President
Michael Westphal, Treasurer
Katelyn Damon, Secretary
Mark Alley
Jake Kuester
Phil Whitney

  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 4:34 pm by Tom Powell.
  2. Review Minutes from 12/08/14 and 12/29/14.
  3. a. Phil Whitney moves to accept the 12/08/14 meeting minutes as written. Tyler Kuester seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.
    b. Phil Whitney notes a mistake on the 12/29/14 meeting minutes. Tyler Kuester is listed as attending an academy, when Tom should be the one listed. Katelyn will make the correction.
    Phil Whitney moves to accept the 12/29/14 meeting minutes as amended. Tyler Kuester seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

  4. Financial Report:
  5. Checking Account Balance as of December 2014: $971.37
    $225.00 Bucksport Firefighting Academy
    $195.94 Hose adapters & Gaskets
    $135.29 Jake Kuester- HCFFA expenses
    $ 114.29 Tom Powell- Bucksport Academy expenses.
    $1000.00- Donation
    $250.00- Donation
    $.06- Interest
    Checking account balance as of 2/16/15: $1013.32
    Savings account balance as of 2/16/15: $11032.95
    Phil Whitney moves to accept the treasurer’s report. Mark Alley seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

  6. Old Business:
  7. a. Fundraising Update
    Fundraising has slowed.
    The department has raised over $7,000 to date.
    b. Budget Update
    Discussion of budget submitted for 2015.
    Discussion of timeline for truck replacement. Department would like to ask for new truck in 2016, after making upgrades to the station.
    Also discussion on Bucksport fire academy budget.
    Katelyn tried to secure return trips for Tom with Josh Gray. Josh was not available to do the trips, but Beal & Bunker was.
    Beal & Bunker charges $100 for a special trip. Katelyn has added funds to the budget to show additional costs of transportation plus lodging in the event that Tom must spend an extra night off island plus have a special boat home.
    Mike Westphal moves to authorize an additional $500 to the budget for transportation. Sam Donald seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.
    c. 501(c)3 Update:
    Sam Donald has been working with Carl Brooks to apply for 501(c)3 status for the GCIVFD.
    Sam thinks that we may need to make some minor changes to the by-laws to meet federal 501(c)3 regulations, especially concerning how the department is to dissolve.
    There was also discussion about forming a separate association from the department that would raise money on behalf of the department.
    We want to extend a huge thanks to Sam for taking on this task. It is incredibly time consuming and we appreciate the time you are spending on this task!

  8. New Business:
  9. Fire Academy Updates:
    Tom updates the department about his training in Bucksport. A lot of his class work is completed at home so that time spent in Bucksport is spent on hands on training.
    Katelyn and Jake have been attending the Hancock County Fire Academy. This academy is held every other weekend from January to May. Emphasis is placed on hands on training with some classroom work completed.

  10. Other Business
  11. Setting of Action Items
  12. Katelyn to contact Coastal Energy to discuss their process for delivery.

  13. Future Agenda Items
  14. Next Business Meeting:
  15. Monday, March 16, 2015; 4:30pm

  16. Next training date:
  17. February 23, 2015- Training at Great Cranberry Island Transfer Station.

  18. Adjournment
  19. Michael Westphal moves to adjourn the meeting at 5:20pm. Tyler Kuester seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katelyn Damon