School Board Meeting Minutes January 12, 2015

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Cranberry Isles School Board Meeting
at the Longfellow School on Great Cranberry Island
Monday, 12 January 2015
8:45 a.m.

Attendance: Kelly Sanborn, Amy Palmer, Cari Alley
Howard Colter, Tom Powell, Ingrid Gaither, Wyatt Alley

1. Call to Order: 8:45 am
2. Approval of Voucher: No voucher to approve
3. Approval of Minutes (15 December 2014): Correct spelling of “transpirtation” to “transportation” under bullet School-boat.
Under same bullet omit From “There is licensing” to “Heather suggested”.
Motion to accept the minutes as amended by Kelly Sanborn, 2nd by Amy Palmer. ALL approved.
4. Reports and Updates:
A. Principal’s Report: Heather reported it was the Middle School Retreat this coming weekend.
The Portland Pirates Chorus event was happening on the 23rd.
She is still working on the generator for the ABS.
Heather feels that there is progress with learning on both of the
islands during the Foul Weather days.
B. Update on Longfellow School Project: Discussion of removing items. It was asked if items could be removed and then brought back in prior to renovations? Kelly will call Robyn about bringing items back in after the walk through and prior to the renovations.
Storage options- We can use Nick Barton’s boat house. Tiffany Tate also has space in her basement for items. Kelly will call Nick Barton about compensation needed to store items for the School Board.
Discussions of items requested by the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society. We all agree that the GCIHS can have: Print: Birth of a Nation (unframed), Book-Daniel Webster, Book-Secret World of Kids, Book-Captain of Eleven, Book-Judy Jordan’s Discovery, Book-Hopalong Cassidy Takes Cards, and Book-BAbar’s Little Library. All items are upstairs on the ping pong table. As for the Blue Velour Life Chair- that is not the School Boards to give away. The GCIHS would like the downstairs piano if it is going to be thrown out. The large wooden shelf is in the “town office” part of the school. If the Town Office does not want it then the GCIHS can have it. It was discussed that there is community discussion around the piano and the connection it has to the school. Can the piano be repurposed?

5. Action Items:
A. Adoption of Fiscal Year ‘16 Budget: The School Board was given the reworked budget. Nancy and Heather have done an amazing job! Special Education has made a considerable jump. We also discussed Heating Oil price. Can we get a buy-in rate? The School Board also discussed raising the line of Transportation for Elementary kids from $15,000 to $18,000.
Motion to adopt the 2015-2016 School Budget of $558,351 was made by Kelly Sanborn. Amy Palmer 2nd and ALL in favor.
B. Adoption of Policy: EHB - School Records Retention Policy
Motion made by Kelly Sanborn to adopt the EHB - School Records Retention Policy. 2nd was made by Amy Palmer and ALL in favor.
6. Other Business:
A. Cari brought up for discussion that Beal and Bunker ferry system would like to have “Captain's Discretion” when transporting the school children.
“Captain's Discretion” means that if their ferry is running but it is limited runs or unsafe riding conditions, the Captain has the ability to say the school children should not ride the ferry for school which would result in a school day on each island.
The School Board discussed what transportation is and how it is currently working.
The School Board discussed the possibility of having a plan in place if the Great Cranberry students and teachers could not get off Islesford due to boat cancellations. The School Board feels that parents of GCI students should be encouraged to form an emergency plan with parents on Islesford.
The School Board also discussed that communication during the half days was not strong. Some parents were not receiving the text messages about the days. There should be a Phone Tree in place.

B. Next Meeting: 11 February at 11:00 am at the Superintendent's Office.

7. Adjournment:
Motion made by Kelly Sanborn at 10:40am to adjourn. 2nd by Amy Palmer and ALL in favor.

Respectfully submitted:
Cari Alley

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