School Board Meeting Minutes March 05, 2015

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Cranberry Isles School Department
School Committee Meeting
Superintendent’s Office
March 5, 2015
12:30 p.m.

In Attendance: Kelly Sanborn, Amy Palmer, Mike Sealander, Howard Colter, Nancy Thrlow, Heather Webster and Cari Alley

I. Call to Order: 12:35 p.m.
II. Review Bids for Longfellow School Project:
The discussion was opened explaining that when the bids were opened, Robyn and Mike Sealander, Howard Colter, Nancy Thurlow and one representative from each company were present. The bids were hand delivered to the meeting and were opened on February 25, 2015.
The two bids were close to each other but both were above our budget.
The two bidders were Dunbar and Brawn from Bar Harbor and Gordon Contracting from Sangerville.
Mike discussed with the Board how he contacted both companies to discuss the bids.The project can not be built for the bid price.
It was discussed that the Dunbar and Brawn company supplied the wrong amount for the lift due to they projected a cost for an actual elevator.
We discussed the removal of the lift from the project and referred to the State Fire Marshal report from February 10, 2014. There is no mention in the State Fire Marshal report of needing a lift at this time.
Mike recommends that we engage Dunbar and Brawn as the contractor for the Longfellow project.
Discussion of where we could possibly cut costs in the project. The sunroom entrance, sprinklers instead of fire door for library, encasement of shingles instead of removal and replacement, eliminate the concrete in the basement, remove the Braille signs, handrail material, different choice of lights, mechanical controls and the lift.
Motion made by Kelly Sanborn to award the contract to Dunbar and Brawn after the revision of the bid is completed and is within the scope of $450,000. Amy Palmer seconds, ALL in favor.
III. Other business: No other business was discussed
IV. Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m. Motion made by Kelly and Amy second. ALL in favor.
Next meeting date: Friday March 13, 2015 at noon in the Library on Great Cranberry Island.

Respectfully submitted:
Cari Alley, School Committee Member

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