School Board Meeting Minutes March 13, 2015

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Cranberry Isles School Department
School Committee Meeting
Library at the Longfellow Building
Great Cranberry Island
March 13, 2015 at Noon

In Attendance: Kelly Sanborn, Amy Palmer, Howard Colter, Phil Whitney, Ric Gaither, Richard Beal,
Karin Whitney, Ed Gray, and Cari Alley.
Joining the meeting via Zoom like: Mike Selander and Heather Webster.

I. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 12:16 p.m.
II. Discussion Item: Finalizing Details of Longfellow School Building Project.
Mike Sealander led the discussion with changes to the project. The screened sunroom entrance has been omitted from the project.
Is the project feasible at $459,000 or does it have to stay at the $450,000 number?
The removal of the shingles on the outside of the building is questionable. We discussed encasement of the existing shingles and what the lead concentration is on the existing shingles. If lead is below a certain number, encasement is an option, which will lead to lower cost of the project. The School Board at this time does not want to have vinyl siding on the outside of the Longfellow school.
It was discussed that the School Board could raise donations to help complete the work. All donations would have to be pre-approved by the School Board.
The floor was opened for questions and discussion from the public.
What is the project was put back out to bid? It is not optimistic that a better bid would come back at this time.
Can the building be run as a school without the lift? Yes it can.
Could the School Board create a mailing about the project and let community members know what is going on? Yes, the Board can work on that.
Why are the bids much higher that the proposed budget? Different costs and estimates are higher than expected.
There was an amazing discussion from the floor with the Board members about the costs of things and where to go from here.
We do not have at this time the funds to complete the proposed project for Longfellow.
A discussion that the lift, the outside clapboards and the alternate of support beams in the main classroom are projects that need to be included in the Longfellow project. It is proposed that those 3 jobs would cost approximately $45,000.
Richard Beal suggested that we approach the voters at Town Meeting on 3/14/15 to increase 18 of the Town Warrant from $42,555 to $87,555. A $45,000 increase.
Mike is to prepare a statement for Kelly to read about the project.
What is the backup plan? We continue with our budget of $450,000 and do what projects we can.
The School Board thanked all community members who attended the meeting and was grateful for their contributions to the discussion.
III. Other Business: There was no other business.
IV. Adjournment: Kelly made the motion to adjourn at 1:32 p.m. Amy second,
ALL in favor

Respectfully submitted:
Cari Alley, School Committee Member

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