Municipal Advisory Commission Charter (Revised 2007)

Town of Cranberry Isles
Municipal Advisory Commission Charter
(Revised March 12, 2007)

A. The Municipal Advisory Commission (MAC) is a volunteer body, made up of property owners or registered voters of the Town Of Cranberry Isles, that serves to inform, advise and assist the Board of Selectmen. The Commission shall have the following duties, responsibilities, and authority:

1. Inform, advise and assist Board of Selectmen on matters relating to municipal
activities and operations within the Town Of Cranberry Isles, including owned or leased properties in other communities.

2. Inform, advise and assist Board of Selectmen on matters relating to budget and warrant preparation and oversight.

3. Review and provide an advisory opinion on all significant lease agreements or contracts under consideration by Board of Selectmen, prior to signing.

4. Identify specific issues, interests, and concerns of Town residents and make recommendations regarding priority actions requiring attention of Board of Selectmen.

5. Identify reputable outside resources and members of the community with specific expertise that might assist the Commission and/or Board of Selectmen with operations or special projects.

6. Provide monthly status report briefings to Board of Selectmen regarding the Commission’s activities.

7. Maintain minutes of Commission meetings and submit copies of those minutes to the Town Clerk for distribution to the Board of Selectmen.

8. Provide annual report of activities and recommendations for inclusion in Town’s Annual Report, as requested by Board of Selectmen.
B. Commission meetings may be conducted by teleconferencing in order to achieve a high level of participation and communication.

C. Seven members will be elected by vote of the Town for three-year terms with members
able to serve more than one term. The Board of Selectmen has the authority to appoint additional members, as deeded appropriate and prudent: appointed members of the Commission shall serve until the next Town Meeting.

D. The members of the Commission shall elect a chair at their first meeting after the
Municipal Election at the annual Town Meeting; the chair shall serve a one-year term.

E. When there is a vacancy among the elected members of the Commission, the Board of Selectmen have the authority to appoint a qualified individual to serve until the next annual Town Meeting, at which time the voters will elect a new member to fill the unexpired term.